FE5 Negative Growths

Negative Growth patches have been around for some time now but they were always missing a little… something. The basic idea of a Negative Growths patch is that rather than gaining stats on a level up, you lose them instead. Now with this new FE5 patch, the biggest problem of a hack of this sort is solved! You can finally have a game where you randomly lose movement on a level up and experience real pain!

This patch contains 2 different versions: One where scrolls still increase your growths and therefor also increase the chance of losing stats titled “UnforgivingScrolls” and one where they decrease your growths and give you a higher chance of keeping your precious stats with the name of “HelpfulScrolls”. Pick the one you prefer.

In addition to that you can find a couple of standard Lil’ Manster optional patches in the “Optional” folder found in this download link but also two new ones. The first sets all movement growths in the game (including Dáinn’s Scroll which would increase the move growth by 5%) to 0% so you don’t get massively screwed over by a bad level up. The second guarantees that a staff will hit since losing skill on a level up can also ruin your hit chance later on in the game. But you have to keep in mind that all the enemies will also always hit with their staves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Download (v1.02)
(You apply the patch the same way as the Lil’ Manster patch; onto an unheadered japanese ROM)

If you happen to find any bugs or glitches just send me a DM on Discord (Ultimage#6308) or join the Lil’ Manster discord server (link in its post)

  • v1.0 Release

  • quick v1.01 Update
    - the Crit% wasn’t being displayed during combat

  • v1.02 Update
    - fixed a luck underflow bug


Leif with negative growths. You truly enjoy pain, don’t you? XD


This is great, tons of fun! I was wondering, is there any way the nightmare script (or whatever program was used) would work with FE4 as well? (Obviously not like patching an FE4 game with this patch, but would the same type of coding be transferable). I’ve been looking for an FE4 one for a while, and I would love to hear how you made this

I wrote custom ASM code in build files to make this patch. In theory its also doable to make a negative growths patch for FE4 but since the game has way less documentation than FE5 and is a HiRom game instead of a LoRom game, it takes a lot more poking around to find the routines you would have to edit.