[FE14] Fates Conquest Gen 2 Edition

This is a hack that replaces every non corrinsexual in conquest with one of the fates children.



Download Link v1.3

Important notes

  • Every child units’ reclass option is the one that their fixed parent would give them normally. Because Kana doesn’t have a fixed reclass option they were given Wyvern Rider.

  • Siegbert and Forrest have been given their parents’ personal weapons, and Ophelia was given her personal weapon

  • All unit slots that were previously green (Mozu, Nyx, Keaton) are now blue

  • All castle structures that aren’t some kind of shop or the prison are now free

  • Every child replaces their parent if they’re in conquest with the exception of Dwyer who replaces Mozu, and both Kanas who replace Felicia and Jakob

  • All Corrin S supports are removed so you don’t end up with a 3rd Kana

  • Nina has Niles’ personal skill as a normal skill

  • Corrin can promote into both Nohr and Hoshido Noble

Known Issues
  • Branch of fate crashes the game on cartridge.
  • Both Kanas are unable to support Corrin

Tried this from both fresh save file and branch of fate, it crashed both times when I was about to start a map. I’m playing on an OG 3DS, patching using luma, with a physical CQ cartridge. I put the romfs folder in luma/titles/0004000000179600 like I was supposed to. Any idea what would cause the crashes?

Hey sorry it took so long to reply, but I managed to fix the crashes you were experiencing. The patch has been updated so please download it again. If you experience any more crashes on cartridge then let me know. As to what was causing the crashes, for ch 6 it seems fates doesn’t like when the guest royals are replaced (although interestingly enough this is only an issue on cartridge) and for the prologue I have no idea. I didn’t change anything with the prologue so the fact that it was crashing was incredibly strange.

Made an update to this that fixes a few noticeable bugs.

  • To start with chapter 6 is properly fixed now, so the replacements are back on that map and it wont crash because they weren’t the original fates royals.
  • Nina has Niles’ personal skill as a normal skill like she was supposed to, so the prison isn’t completely worthless anymore.
  • Kana can reclass back into Hoshido Noble now. (Side note: removing the flag that made that class route locked had the unintended effect of letting Corrin promote into it.)

I know its been awhile on this but i just found out about this hack and its really good so far, well done! Its definitely a refreshing take on conquest. I just have a quick question, why did you give all children +2 to their bases? I’m playing on hard and im just steamrolling through. Is this meant to be played on Lunatic?

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To be quite honest I’m not really sure why I did that looking back on this, maybe I thought that their stats wouldn’t hold up in lunatic or something? Regardless I went ahead and made a version of this without the stat changes so feel free to give that a try!


Thanks! I was only like 2 levels ahead of some enemies and I was killing in one round while they were doing like 5 damage to me lol Quick question, would I have to start a new game for the stats to lower on units I already have?

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Nope, the changes will be automatically applied as soon as you start using the new patch.


Cool, thanks again! It’s already more challenging since I’m doing good damage still but taking way more damage. You wouldn’t think but that 2 extra defense and resistance made a pretty big difference for me lol