Fire Emblem GAM: Great Amazing Mix - FE2+3+4

You’ve seen many builds of this before. Now, it has another one. FE3GBA? What’s that? FE2+3+4 is where it’s at! It’s all merged into one super project mixing all three of the mentioned games, complete with a traditional RPG battle style! This is the ultimate Fire Emblem game, complete with choices that actually matter! Are you excited to see Marth’s newest adventure? The wait is over!

Come and get it! (And don’t forget to install the RPG Maker RTP for maximum enjoyment.

And in the wise words of the original concept,
my great friend, i asure you that there is no herpes in the gam, thus your computer will not recieve them.


I haven’t downloaded this yet, but 100% it’s a rick-roll hack. I know you.

Edit: Correction, it’s not a hack.