Cancer Emblem: Don't Play This Stupid Hack - By Fatih and Klokinator

Welcome to an all new, fully complete 65 chapter hack.

This hack has one premise: “What if every player and enemy unit had the Lunge, Dazzle, Canto+, Counter, Magic Counter, and Galeforce skills?”

That’s it.

That’s the hack.

Either Eirika or Seth will have to discard a skill when you first start. Apparently, this does not apply to anyone else. Choose wisely.

This hack is awful. It’s stupid, dumb, and will probably make your family disown you. Don’t play it.

One final note: The non-combat classes have different, still-cancerous skills. This means clerics, bards, and gorgon eggs.

Enjoy. Or don’t. Fuck you.

Alt download:


This hack is a masterpiece. Hack of the year definitely.

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This is the new golden standard in romhacking. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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I must ask, why?

Why not?


Good point

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This is the skillset curates have.

Honestly it’s a simple hack, but I’ve found it’s really pretty difficult. It’s harder than HHM in many ways, since your army is perpetually at 1HP and at the brink of death. The stronger the unit, the quicker they die, even. Seth becomes the ultimate glass cannon.

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This is literally vanilla FE8 with all units having six skills.

That’s it.

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Aww, so I don’t get to suffer 65 chapters? Anyway, messed around with it a bit and managed to get the hang of playing. It helps that foes won’t counter damage of an attack that finishes them off.

I’m working on the sequel to Cancer Emblem.

#Cancer Emblem 2: Prognosis - Terminal

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I think dealing with enemies constantly lunging is part of the fun of these cancer emblems. It adds to the fear and tension, making it so you can never underestimate even a tiny group of enemies. If you get stuck on a mountain or in a locked room, you’d better have a flier nearby or some options prepared!

Yup I noticed that, it’s pretty hilarious haha

Keep playing and give thoughts when the new one comes out! I’ll probably release it today or tomorrow. Should be super cool. I’ve been having a blast figuring out how to defeat minmaxed enemies that are all endgame levels of threat.

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Oh right, this is the sequel topic.

I won’t be updating Cancer Emblem anymore since it was just a one-off thing made as a joke.

how do i delete someone else’s fire emblem romhack