[FE8] Fire Emblem - Dragon of Apocalypse [Complete but needs playtesting]

Got demotivated on some of my previous hacks so I made some kind of activity for myself. This is a self blitz meaning I’m gonna push myself making a fully pledged rom hack as fast as I could only on days that I had a time for this. I’m gonna post every end of the day to show how much progress I had. It’s free to playtest the current progress of the hack.

Story is same as fe1, lord forms an army to kill the final boss the evil dragon. So yeah that’s pretty much it.


  • 21 chapters goal total
  • Canto before attack
  • Capturing
  • Thracia trading
  • Steal weapons that aren’t held
  • new classes and class changes
  • Weird and rushed story
  • Tons of bugs

gameplay full release

Previous Versions

Day 1 Blitz:
day 1 blitz patch

Day 2 Blitz:
day 2 blitz patch

Day 3 Blitz:
day 3 blitz patch

Day 4 Blitz:
day 4 blitz

Day 5 Blitz:
day 5 blitz

Day 6 Blitz:
day 6 blitz


Live Progress (Day 1):

Prolouge = 100%

Screenshot (238)

Chapter 1 = 100%

Screenshot (239)

Chapter 2 = 100%

Screenshot (240)

Chapter 3 = 100%

Chapter 4 = 100%

Chapter 5 = 100%

noon break

Progress halted for a while

Chapter 6 = 100%

Chapter 7 = 100%

Chapter 8 = 40%
Chapter 9 = 40%
Chapter 10 = 40%

Characters = 30%
New items = 30%
Patches = ???

Dary 1 Blitz now finished for up to chapters 1-7 of progress at 7:53pm 1/30/22!(asian time) You might encounter some bugs but i’ll have to fix some tonight.
day 1 blitz patch


The first thing I’ve already noticed is that the maps are way too big.

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that’s also the goal of the hack to make it feel like binding blade’s gameplay since its my fav game from the series and It can get bigger all through the lategame.

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Yes, but FE6 had a crapton of enemies on its map. You have a FE7 sized squad fighting like 20 enemies on a map the scale of FE4.
The rule of a thumb is if your map requires you to walk you units for a turn with no enemies to fight, it’s too big.

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Live Progress (Day 2):

Chapter 7 =100%

Chapter 8 = 100% (done in 24 mins)

Chapter 9 = 90%

noon break

Chapter 10 =40%
Chapter 11 = 10%
Chapter 12 = 0%
Chapter 13 = 0%

Characters = 40%
New items = 80%
Bug fixes = 80%
Balancing = 80%

Times up on day 2 8pm 1/31/22. There we’re tons of delays and only managed to finished for 2 chapters. yeah so that was day 2 but im glad i have free time for now lol. i hope i could get 4 or more chapters on the next day so that i could end this hack.
day 2 blitz


OH BOY Day 3:

Chapter 9 = 99% made some changes i even forgot to add the boss some weapons .Putting it to 99% cuz something still feels fishy

Chapter 10 = 99%

Chapter 11 = 99%

noon break

Chapter 12 = 99%

Chapter 13 = 99%

Characters = 60%
New items = 80

Day 3 ends… nothing to comment actually.
day 3 blitz


Day 4

Chapter 14 = 90%

Chapter 15 = 90%

Chapter 16 = 90%

Chapter 17 = 80%

Chapter 18 = 0%
Chapter 19 = 0%

Characters = 60%
New items = 80%

day 4 blitz ends. I restricted chapter 17 cuz i need to plan out for the story on whats going to happen all through the end.
day 4 blitz


Hey, unfortunately I have to agree with Jay about the map size, I know the feeling of wanting to capture the feel of FE 6 [I too love FE 6] but just looking at your maps in the provided screen caps, almost all look like it takes 1-2 turns to even see any combat.

Your chapter 2 exemplifies this, those brigands are unlikely to reach the player with their move and, I assume the armours don’t move but, if they do that just turns it into turn 1 move everyone down turn 2 fight knights turn 3 move units, turn 4 move again or fight soldiers [depending on soldiers A.I].

This is the problem that I believe Jay was getting at the density of enemies leaves a lot of down time [and not the good kind] the closet FE 6 map I can think of is it’s Ch 2,

FE 6 Ch 2 Map

fe6 ch2

In that chapter you are right up at the first group of enemies and most of your army can reach them to either tank on enemy phase or you can take them on right away, fe6 Ch 2 also features the Dieck squad, once the Diek squad shows up they immediately face enemies and this improves this map in two ways

  1. It encourages the player to hurry due to the Dieck squad’s limited healing [but not too harshly since it’s Ch 2]

  2. It has the player face combat on the down turns moving in the Roy squad. Fe6’s Ch 2 is also very much smaller than your Ch 2 and catching up to the Dieck squad also only takes one to two turns [usually] after your done with the first enemy group this further alleviates the down time

Point 1 doesn’t matter too much since you seem to have a grasp on anti-turtle but point 2 is very much applicable as many of your chapters have low enemy density compared to the map size

The FE 6 map has 19 enemies in a 19x19 area however, it uses much less actual space the top 3 rows of tiles are mostly cosmetic [aside the Armory] and the centre mountain cuts 1/3 of the map making more dynamic and purposeful

Compared to your map of about 20 enemies and a size of 24 across by 18 down, your map tries to use many more tiles as actual map space drastically decreasing the enemy density compared to fe6’s map by default your map is also larger increasing the issue

I see two easy solutions for this map

  1. Add more enemies [especially before the armours]
For example


  1. Remove some tiles across [and add a couple enemies before the armours]
For example


[The red tiles is what I would remove][I’d also move the village up a little bit]

Overall most of the maps are a good staring points however remember to look at enemy density don’t focus on big maps to match FE 6’s style I did this in my hack and it was not fun

Reworking of my Ch 1
From this

To this

mych1 2

Enemy density and size where the main issues The amount wasn’t altered too much but the smaller more focused design makes the map more fun [IMO anyway I haven’t gotten any feedback yet]

Regardless good job on doing as much as you have any way it is admirable especially since this seems to be more of a fun do it quick hack and those have their place.
Your doing it right if your having fun.

[Please tell me if this analysis sucked my opinions may be bad]


thanks for the feedback i’ll rework it once this hack’s maps are fully completed cuz this is a blitz you can tell that the maps are pretty much rushed lol


Wow that wounds like a pain in the ass.

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yeah thats what desert chapters are

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No, but this sounds like a one of these stupidly annoying chapters where you move one space per turn.
What I’m saying it’s I think it’ll be very unfun.

day 5 !! i hope i completed this today

chapter 17: 99%

chapter 18: 90%

chapter 19: 45%
chapter 20: 0%

chapter 21x: 90%

Screenshot (268)

characters: 70%
new items: 80

day 5 blitz ended got delayed by tons of things tho but i hope i can finally finish this hack tomorrow.
day 5 blitz


day 6 almost there 2 chapters left

chapter 19 = 95%

chapter 20 = 95%

maps are finally done!!

characters = 90%
new items = 90%

the hack is now playtested up to 11 chapters fixed some softlocks, bugs, changes, etc. now playable in all modes. Chapters 11 further aren’t so feel free to playtest cuz i am now tired lel.
Also becareful of using capture system bugs might occur make sure save a state. Ignore for the story just wanted to make a fun and challenging fe hack game.
day 6 blitz


None of my business, but why the rush to get this Hack done so quickly? Is someone holding a gun to your head? Or are you afraid that covid19 will get the better of you? Wouldn’t it be better to do things with proper calm and care, aiming instead for quality of execution and innovative features?
After all, there are already plenty of mediocre FE Hacks; we can do without another one. :wink:


Well, doing it as fast as possible IS what a blitz is about, think of it as more of a challenge than a method to get 100% perfect quality, still, Blitzes can produce fun hacks too.


mainly blitz reasons it’s like community blitz but just one person doing all the stuff though this hack still in progress I still want to have some changes, fix potential bugs and softlocks, portraits, rebalancing, etc.


gameplay full release!
now playable up through the end and i have now made late game brutally challenging it has a really high difficulty spike so be wary late game starts at chapter 16

edit: also supports are 100% vanilla and unedited

also made a poopy title scrren!


Are you still working on it ? Idk why when i use jaeger’s bow he turns into a nomad