FE 6 The Royal Army- Sequel CH: 27 Complete

Hi everyone, I decided to recreate this mod from scratch, this was my first project using Fire Emblem Builder and I wasn’t very practical, but now that I am much more practical I decided to come back to create something better.

This is a sequel to Fire Emblem 7 Path of a Hero.
To play you will need to have this ROM:
Fire Emblem : Fuuin no Tsurugi [Japan]
For the dialogues I used an online translator, if you find errors please notify me.

The story is set 20 years after the events of the previous chapter and sees Lilina and Roy as protagonists.
Lord Hector one of the heroes who defeated the darkness along with his comrades in arms, has a beautiful daughter named Lilina.
Knowing that it is the right time for his daughter to leave and gain experience and then be able to govern Ostia, as he did in the past,
he decides to send her along with an escort formed by her best men by his friend Eliwood to introduce her to Roy, Eliwood’s son.
The meeting between these two boys will create the basis for peace and prosperity on the continent of Elibe.

Part 1:
Roy and Lilina decide to visit The Academy of Hope, built by Roy’s father 20 years ago after Nergal’s defeat. During their visit, however, they learn of an obscure truth. Our heroes leave for the Pains Gorge also known as the Cursed Mountains to discover the truth about what is happening in the alliance.

Part 2
Our heroes do not manage to find the truth they were hoping for, so after being saved by Perceval, one of the protectors of the academy from the attack of some shady individuals.
Our heroes are escorted to the sacred temple, during the journey our heroes will discover the rot that lurks in the clergy and in the academy.

Part 3:
Arriving at the Holy Road, our heroes are attacked by a group of heretics whose purpose is to discover the truth behind the attacks carried out by the clergy on some villages and on the kidnapping of some people, during the battle the high priest is kidnapped and our heroes leave to rescue him, but upon their return to the Holy Road they will discover a terrible truth.

Will a girl’s strong desire to recover what she has lost due to humans’ thirst for power, be strong enough to defeat our heroes?


Lilina: Daughter of the Marquis of Ostia, a kind girl with a heart as pure as that of a rose. She is sent to her father, Hector, by his friend Eliwood to meet his son Roy.

Karel: One of Ostia’s best swordsmen, he is commissioned by Lord Hector to escort his daughter to Pherae. Behind him lies a sad and bloody past.

Roy: Boy with a noble soul, son of Eliwood Lord of Pherae. He trained from an early age at the Academy of Hope with the aim of rebuilding the world now corroded by war and poverty.

Lyn: Marquis of Caelin, her soul burns with an intense fire, she leaves the castle of Caelin to find her brother and stop a shady individual who is sowing war in the alliance.

Clarine: Friend of Princess Lilina, she decides to accompany her friend in this trip and protect her.

Astolfo: Mercenary of Ostia and great friend of Lord Hector, it was Hector himself who asked Astolfo to join in the princess’s escort, he has an exuberant character.

Geese: Friend of Lord Roy since the days of the academy, he decides to leave that place to follow his friend as a shield.

Hugh: Boy who does not like to work hard, he is saved years ago by Roy and Geese and is now part of Lord Roy’s guard.

Cath: Funny girl with a weird grin always on her face, likes to play all kinds of pranks on her friends.

Igrene: Soldier belonging to the old guard of Santaruz, she helped during the reconstruction of the country, has a grumpy and aggressive character.

Fir: A girl who has decided to become a thief to survive due to the poverty in which the world is now falling due to the war, she is very shy and withdrawn.

Juno: A former priestess of the ruined Akrenia temple, she loves love stories and believes in destiny.

Sin: A member of the sword clan of Sacae, he joins the princess’s escort to meet Karel.

Sue: A girl who is part of the Sacae Bow clan, travels to become stronger and to overcome her father in battle.

Hard Mode

Hard Mode is recommended for veterans or those who have completed the story at least once.
The difficulty level will be similar to Maniac Mode.
This difficulty in addition to making enemies stronger, will increase the number.
These new enemies will be very dangerous, will have better AI and equipment and will modify the strategy you will have to use to win.

The game has undergone severe rebalancing.

Modified Weapons

All weapons have uses +10 and tomes +20 (most)
Swords: have a higher accuracy and allow you to inflict many multiple hits
Iron Sword: HIT 90 POW 5 WGT 4 CRT 0

Spears: they are the most balanced weapons between attack and defense
Iron Lance: HIT 85 POW 7 WGT 7 CRT 0

Axes: deal heavy damage but are heavier and have less accuracy
Iron Ax: HIT 80 POW 9 WGT 10 CRT 0

Bows: They are the weapons with the highest accuracy but they are also very heavy and take many multiple enemy hits.
Iron Bow: HIT 100 POW 8 WGT 8 CRT 0

Tomes: They are very useful weapons both at range and up close but have poor accuracy.
Anima Tomes: Very light and have multiple uses, excellent balance between defense and attack
Fire: HIT 80 POW 6 WGT 3 CRT 0

Dark Tomes: Very powerful, they can inflict altered states such as poison.
Flux: HIT 80 POW 10 WGT 5 CRT 0

Light Tomes: Very light and have a good critical hit, can hit from three spaces.
Lightning: HIT 80 POW 4 WGT 2 CRT 10

Daggers: They are indestructible, depend on magical defense, are very fast and increase critical chance
Steel Dagger: HIT 90 POW 3 WGT 0 CRT 5

Long Tomes and Ballista:
Iron Ballista: HIT 80 POW 8 WGT 10 CRT 0
Bolting: HIT 80 POW 9 WGT 10 CRT 0
They are much more lethal and their use has been increased.

**Shields: They increase the user’s HP\DEF\RES allowing a high defense to who held it, but can cause backlash if used for offensive purposes.
War Shield: HIT 60 POW 12 WGT 15 CRT 0 Give HP+5 RES\DEF+3

Magic Sword: They have various effects, if used well they are lethal
Sapphire: HIT 85 POW 12 WGT 9 CRT 5.

Staff: Their experience bonus has been changed, and some new staff have different effects than normal.

Five Weapons Triangles:

Normal Weapons Triangle:
Spears\Swords Axes\Spears Swords\Axes:+-2 Damage\10% Evade

Triangle of Force:
ALL:+-15 Evade
Anima\Swords Swords\Dark
Light\Spears Spears\Anima
Dark\Axes Axes\Light

Thief’s Triangle:
Daggers\Spears Axes\Daggers:+-2 Damage\10% Evade
Dark\Daggers:+-15 Evade

Distance Triangle:
Bows\Fly: Triple Damage
Fly\Bows: Double Damage
ALL: +10 Evade
Anima\Bows Dark\Bows Light\Bows

Master Triangle:
ALL:+-2 Damage\10% Evade
Magic Swords/Swords Spears\Magic Swords
Magic Swords\Anima Dark\Magic Swords


All classes have undergone balance changes and some carry new weapons.
The characters have been better balanced and will start with more differentiated stats and will have this Level UP

Character Level Up: HP\LCK +60% STR\DEF \RES+ 30% SKILL\SPD+ 40% MOV+ 1
Level Up Enemies: HP\LCK+ 65% STR\DEF\RES+ 35% SKILL\SPD + 45% MOV​​+ 1
Roy and Lilina: HP\LCK+ 65% STR\DEF\RES+ 35% SKILL\SPD+ 45% MOV​​+ 1
Additionally, the two of them inherit their parents’ abilities in Path of a Hero
Roy: Critcal Plus\Lilina: Canto Plus
Guardian Units: HP\LCK+ 70% STR\DEF\RES+ 40% SKILL\SPD+ 50% MOV​​+ 1

Roy will now start with the Warlord class and will have a different animation.
Warlod: A capable lord who uses magical swords and swords in battle, has a high critical rate, a +2 MOV and a +2 start to all stats.

Lilina will now start with the Wizard class and will have a different animation
Wizard: A capable lord who uses tomes and staff in battle, has good stats, can move after performing an action (except attack) and his heals are 50% more powerful, also can use ancient magic.

Griffon Rider: Equipped with high defense, he soars into the sky and quickly hits the enemy Use Sword and Bow

Demon Dragon: A person who has lost himself due to exposure to an arcane power, can kill the enemy in a single hit and can only be wounded by epic weapons. Use Opal Stone

Assassin: Fast and deadly class, it can deal powerful critical hits and has a high dodge. Use Dagger

Guardian: General who has been given the task of protecting the Holy Road from infidels.
He has received the sacred seal and can use the powerful epic weapon Balmug.

Dragoon Lord: Lord of the skies who hits the enemy mercilessly, has a high physical defense, magic and attack.
Use: Axes and Swords

Maiden: Promotion of Lilina.
A maiden who can use any magic in battle, this class is the only one who can access Magna Luce magic.
Use: Anima, Light, Dark, Staff, Manakete Stone

Blade Lord: Lyn class.
Very fast, she almost always deals double hits, can take down flying enemies using the bow and take down wizards using the Simha sword.
Use: Swords and Bows

Knight Lord: Roy’s promotion.
Great knight who use the triangle of weapons to its maximum potential, he also has a very high mobility.
Use: Axes, Swords, Spears and Magic Swords

Great Lord: A class with excellent defense and attack, it destroys enemies with one hit but is weak to double hits and magic.
Use: Axes

Tactician: Powerful fighter with high dodge, he can strike four times with the sword or from three spaces with magic.
Use: Magic Swords and Anima

Terrain Bonus

Forest: EVADE 10% DEF+ 1 RES+ 1
Fort: EVADE 15% HEAL 20% DEF+ 2 RES+ 1
Sand: EVADE 10% RES+ 2
Pillar: EVADE 20% DEF+ 2
Mountain: EVADE 20% DEF+ 3
Cliff: EVADE 30% DEF+ 3
Gate (Boss): EVADE 20% HEAL 30% DEF+ 3 RES+ 2
Village: EVADE 5%

New Weapons:

Short Spear: Identical to FE 7 (But it wasn’t in FE 6)
Venom: Dark tome that inflicts poison on the target
Melchior: Dark Tome that ignores part of the magical defense and has a Brave effect
Oblivion: Very powerful Dark Tome that can kill the enemy in one fell swoop
Flash: Tome of Light that hits from 3 spaces and increases critical chance
Sapphire(Roy start weapon): Magic Sword that has various effects in battle
Vahra(Lilina start weapon): Anima Tome that affects many enemy units
Myar(Only Roy): Very powerful magic sword, effective against flying unit
Elfin Bow: Long Range Bow, Long Bow upgrade
Steel Dagger: Usable only by thieves, allows you to always inflict multiple hits, thanks to the fact that it has 0 of WGT
Cura: It recovers HP from many spaces away, but it is very heavy, whoever carries it always gets double hit.
Vulnerary: +15 HP
Guard Sword: Sword that increases defense
Battle Spear: Spear that increases the attack
ALL EPIC Weapons: Uses have been increased, have several bonuses and are much more useful
Shields: They protect from blows, but do not allow you to counterattack and you can take backlashes if you use them for offensive purposes
Maelstrom: Magical sword capable of annihilating any enemy, always hits twice.
Blizzard: Tome of Ice that deals heavy damage to enemies and protect the user from critical hits.
Anemone: The Sword that bind the fates
Simha: Sword of one of the three heroes, has a great effect against wizards.
Vrsabha:Spear of one of the three heroes, it is very effective against dragons.
Leviathan:Axe of one of the three heroes, it is very effective against dragons.
Emerald:Roy’s ultimate weapon, it allows you to hit four times and ignores the critical chance of enemies.

Graphic\Soundtrack Changes:

All enemies and allies have been recolored, their classes have been changed and they have a new battle animation.
The battle screen has been recolored, backgroud has been added from FE 7 to make the mod more modern and the soundtrack has been modified by adding music from FE 8 and FE 7 (More from FE 8), to adapt to the new maps and the new history.
The maps have all been strategically modified and some will be recolored, partially modified and totally modified with the addition of new maps to suit the story.

Game Contain

The story has been created so that the player better understands the Path of a Hero storyline which can seem a bit confusing for some player. In addition to the insights, the story will tell you about how it all began.
The purpose of this mod is to create a link between Path of a Hero and the final sequel, so don’t expect a mod with a long and deep story and a meaningful ending.


Fire Emblem Builder
Wyvern(Axe): Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon
Cavalier(Female): Flasuban, Team SALVAGED
Lilina Staff: IS, Shin19, SHYUTERz, Jeorge_Reds
Griffon Rider: Blue druid Maiser6
Class card Griffon Rider: EldritchAbomination
Tactician: Marlon0024, Asael
Lyn Adult portrait Credit- MonkeyBard
Cavalier Sprite Female Salvaged
Demon Dragon Leo_link
Dragoon Lord: Mycahel, Nuramon, The_Big_Dededester


Watch it only if you’re curious, as it may contain story spoilers.

By clicking on the tutorial, you will be able to play a special chapter whose purpose is to tell you about the past of one of the secondary characters in the story.
The supports will activate based on the chapter you are in, and will activate even if you decide not to take that character into battle, because for the story once that particular character has joined your team it is as if he always fought at the your side during the war.
I recommend using the gameboy emulator called ‘‘Vba’’ to play this mod, for the simple reason that players have said they have trouble with combat animations using another emulator.

If you have problems with the installation please read the readme file or notify me

Link Prequel: FE 7 The Path of a Hero CH: 60 True Ending+Side Story, Complete Version+ DLC(Working in progress)

Now the mod has a discord server, please join to give your opinions and advice on how to improve the mod or help me during development.

Nups: (You will need it to install the mod)


Never been a fan of Roy solo I’ll give it a try
Ps: and hey posting a Rom is against the rules.

Is this the epic FE6 Lilina mode?

Check the west Mishima.

Sorry, I must have mistakenly put the various files in the folder. I solve the problem.

I don’t know if the mod will be epic, but I worked hard to create it. So I hope you at least enjoy playing it.

The rar in the download doesn’t extract correctly.

I guess Roy isn’t in this game…?


I double-checked the file.
It works for me, could you tell me how you tried to extract the rar file?

That’s right, in this mod Roy has been replaced as the protagonist with Lilina. The adventure will be completely different.
I tried to recreate the entire story of FE 6 from 0, making the story unfold without Roy, his father and Guinevere.

I managed to get the rar extracted, but now I can’t apply the patch to any of the FE6 ROMs I have (both the original JP ROM and multiple english translations).

Even with the ROM you linked the patch is incompatible for me.

Do not post links to ROMs on this website. This is your final warning.

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Welcome to FEU, enjoy your stay fren

Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

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Please mention which rom you used in your post, I used the old translation and it seems to have worked without forcing the patch on.

Demo update.
.Fixed some errors of the events of some chapters
.Added new Talk events between characters
.Added the part of the story about the seer
.Replaced Tutorial with a background story chapter

Demo Update.
Changed some character colors.
Fixed the Geese’s character battle animation bug.
Added three new chapters and completed the narrative arc concerning the seer.
Added some new support conversations.
Changed the stats, weapons, and animation of the Wizard class, Lilina’s final promotion.
Fixed some errors with the combat animations of enemies and NPC.
Fixed some enemy descriptions.

Update demo.
Added three chapters and started the narrative arc concerning the defense of Ostia.
Added a new class: Royal Guard (usable only by enemies).
Adjusted the coloration of some enemy bosses.
Fixed some talk events.
Added new support conversations.
Changed Zephiel’s final weapon.
Improved and recolored the battle UI.
Fixed some errors with chapter 1.
Fixed and improved the introduction of the game.

Fixed the description of all enemies.
Fixed description of enemy ranks.

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Make a pair ending or support c-a of Liliana x Karel please TvT