FE7 Allegiance Reversal+ (Up to ch16x, discontinued)

Folder with patch, screenshots and savestates
Youtube playlist, includes alternate playthroughs of some chapters to show how things can go differently based on RNG and strategies.

So you’ve played FE7 before, used the good guys to beat the bad guys, pretty easy right? But can you use the bad guys to beat the good guys? Well, that’s what you’ll find out with this allegiance reversal. I started working on this in June, on the side to take a break from my other main hacks, and it was made with FEBuilder.

Instead of playing as Lyn and standing up to Batta the Beast, you’re the generic bandit trying to help Batta. Instead of protecting Natalie for a couple of turns…you have to defeat Natalie within a couple of turns. Instead of defeating the boss, you have to make sure the boss isn’t killed…and so on.

But that’s not all, I didn’t just change blue units to red and red to blue, hence the + following the name. There are other gameplay changes that from my point of view, made the gameplay more fun, or at the very least, more unique and not just switching sides. The “+” changes are listed below, but if you’ve even a little interest in trying the hack out, I recommend finding out as you play:

-Some placements were changed, you’ll get a simple example right in the prologue. Changes things from vanilla a little and added different strategies you could take.
-Former enemies are split between blue and green units. This makes it so you can’t just bring all your generics together into a ball of death formation and cheese the maps, not as easily anyway. It’s a team game, cooperating with the green units is very imporant, especially considering all non-generics are green units.
-Trading is disabled. After all, the enemies weren’t able to trade with each other in vanilla FE7, so why should you be?
-Weapons and magic have infinite uses, other than siege ones. Forget about weapons breaking and units being unable to do anything.
-Mines and light runes have 2 uses, and are often part of the generics’ inventories after a certain point. The enemies are stronger than you now, sometimes you just have to wall them off, or catch them by surprise, to have a chance at winning.
-Heal and Restore staves can be used by anyone, but have much less uses. This gives units some more versatility in what they can do, but this is basically a way to emulate the AI using trade, they’ll just use those staves on their allies instead.

Things to keep in mind:
-Dialogue is unchanged. Some dialogue repeats but it doesn’t affect anything.
-Although I’ve beaten all the levels so far, they are more RNG dependant than vanilla, so I’ll be providing savestates in case people want to play a specific chapter but don’t want to go through preceding ones.
-Lyn normal mode will freeze in the prologue due to tutorial, so play that on Hard.
-Eliwood mode goes from Ch11E directly to Ch28E and then it ends. Didn’t want to deal with alternate placements for the rest of the game. To play the others, start on Hector mode. While I think I made Normal and Hard mode placements be the same, they were tested on Normal mode, so I recommend playing that to avoid surprises.
-Sometimes, the AI may refuse to move and if you don’t have any playables left, this can cause a softlock.
-There’s a low limit to green units in a map. More can spawn, but if you resume the game, the ones after that limit will disappear.
-I discontinued work since as the chapters progressed, it was more difficult to make them interesting. Enemy numbers were the main issue, the player would either get a lot or little playable units, as well as placements, which were making things annoying to plan without drastic changes. Since it started to stop being fun to play and design, I decided to stop. That, and I don’t want to split (the little) focus with my current project, the Sengoku “series”.

Long post, think I didn’t forget anything. Hope you have fun playing.