[FE8] [Complete] Bandit Emblem

The duchy of Lansford is not in peaceful times. Its citizens are ravaged by bandit raids, the mighty Empire to the north marshals its armies for conquest, and a dark cult grows behind the scenes. Young Prince Adonis, son of the ruler Duke Athaulf, enters his first taste of adulthood as he sets out to return peace to his land.

You’re the bandits he kills in the Prologue.

Play through six chapters of unique level design, featuring inversions of common gimmicks, fourth-allegiance units, and loads of playable generics, as you discover what exactly happens after the player gets a Game Over.

Alternatively, send the patch to your friend and surprise them when Army of Verdane kicks in. That works too.

Design Notes

Bandit Emblem was intentionally made using the free-to-use Archetype Blitz portraits from Mugging Blitz 8. As they represent archetypes, I decided to lean into them to create an incredibly stereotypical Fire Emblem game (which you see from the other side).

One interesting note is that this hack was made at an incredibly fast pace: the whole thing took me just one week to put together, from start to finish. The minimal writing and free-to-use assets were probably a major part of that, but I’m still impressed at my own capability of pulling together everything, from map design to playtesting, in that little time.


BE Screenshot 1BE Screenshot 2
BE Screenshot 3BE Screenshot 4
BE Screenshot 5BE Screenshot 6

  • Armor animations: Team SALVAGED
  • Cavalier animations: Flasuban, Team SALVAGED
  • Fighter animations: Black Mage
  • Lord animations: DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211
  • Mercenary animations: Team SALVAGED, The Blind Archer
  • Paladin animations: Team SALVAGED
  • Armor map sprites: Team SALVAGED
  • Brigand map sprites: Flasuban
  • Cavalier map sprites: Team SALVAGED, Flasuban
  • Fighter map sprites: Alusq
  • Lord map sprites: Teraspark
  • Mercenary map sprites: Flasuban
  • Adonis portrait: Zaim
  • Alessia portrait: Flasuban
  • Athaulf portrait: Dave
  • Aveline portrait: Flasuban
  • Barbara portrait: LaurentLacroix
  • Caligo portrait: Auto
  • Davit portrait: Vlak
  • Eurwen portrait: Zaim
  • Jess portrait: Sme
  • Nekhris portrait: LaurentLacroix
  • Sheremi portrait: Feier
  • Taarg portrait: LaurentLacroix
  • Ulrich portrait: LaurentLacroix
  • Yanndahl portrait: Levin
  • Army of Verdane theme: Sme
  • Boss (Super Bomberman) theme: pandan
  • Clash of Two Virtues theme: Sme
  • Defense theme: MrGreen3339
  • Disquieting Steps theme: Hypergammaspaces
  • Enemy Attack theme: A_Reliable_Chair
  • Join Us! theme: Tristan_Hollow
  • March to Deliverance theme: Hypergammaspaces
  • Mount Crystal theme: A_Reliable_Chair
  • Roar of Dominion theme: MrGreen3339
  • Searching the Enemy theme: SurfingKyogre
  • Strike! theme: Sme
  • Updated Cave Tileset: Zoramine
  • Updated Village Tileset: Zoramine
  • Assorted FEBuilder Patches ASM: Agro, Alusq, Brendor, circleseverywhere, Hextator, Stan, Tequila, Zane, 7743
  • Fourth Allegiance ASM: Kirb

The download link for the hack is here. I hope you enjoy playing!


As of this writting I’ve only seen the first 4 chapters, but this hack is not just some simple gimmick, the cleverness and execution of this hack is something really special! You did great work Random.


please tell me you used my raid hack :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


As the bandits say,


Just finished it and I thought it was really good and unique. Very reminiscent of an FE8 hack that came out a few years back called Barry’s Bandits, another relatively short hack (8 chapters) where you play as bandits and control a lot of generics.

What I love about this hack is that it never got stale. Every chapter is a different fun challenge, and it knew exactly when to quit. The maps were clearly playtested and it never felt like I didn’t have enough options. Such a breath of fresh air in this current era of FE hacking.

Your hack doesn’t need to be 30 chapters long to be great. This hack accomplished what it set out to do and quit.


Will give it 10/10 if it has ma boi Varosh

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Torag and Varosh were in the much earlier draft of this basic concept (play as early-game FE bandits), but due to that game’s more normal-FE style of gameplay, it required more filler player units, which this doesn’t. Really, the only parts of that original game that survived into this released version (beyond the vague overall concept) were Zylvin, Galan, and the bandit lair map layout. If you want, you can pretend Torag and Varosh are somewhere in the first map’s generic group.

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Would people be interested in playing a version of this hack from the normal player perspective? As in controlling Adonis, going along the normal storyline, the works. I don’t expect the gameplay or story to be incredibly special from that, but I’m curious if anyone would want that sort of intentionally generic experience.


Blitzed through the whole hack in something like 2 hours, I had quite a bit of a fun.
The whole ‘subversion’ to regular Fire Emblem gameplay was rather well executed, and managed to make the chapters continue to be enjoyable despite how different it is.
Each chapter felt distinct quite distinct, with its own gimmick, I particularly liked the appearance of the 4th faction in the tunnel which allowed for some ‘interesting maneuvers’.

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Wow thats some great hack
Except the talk option is absolute troll
Might be better if the boss requires less luck to kill (hell lots of restarts 4 me)

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