Silver And Steel (SRPG studio game)

Hello, everyone. My name is Briver and I’m currently creating a standalone Fire Emblem fangame in SRPG studio. Forgive me if there’s anything wrong or boring with my post, this is my first time making a thread.

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You can download the game here.

About the project

This game aims to make use of a more historically-inspired fantasy style, especially with its weapon and costume designs. I really like my medieval history and I’d love to show off some beautiful historically accurate designs. The game is meant to be comedic, character-focused, and engaging. Me and my writer aim to make funny and likable characters in a sad and harsh world. The main character is Dag, a 25-year-old prince who looks 50 due to insane amounts of stress. He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s a good guy. The story features a war between two nations, the events of that war, and the way it effects the people that live in this world. The game currently has four playable chapters, eight playable characters, custom map tiles, custom weapons, placeholder custom character illustrations, and some medieval guns. An often forgotten weapon in medieval games.

Planned features
  • A new ranged weapon triangle consisting of bows, guns, and magic.

  • A ransom mechanic to allow players to gain more money from ransoming captured units

  • Advanced siege mechanics. Use of siege ladders, trebuchets, and more will be possible in specific chapters.

  • Completely custom assets in place of the default SRPG studio assets.

  • Skill system

Known bugs and planned changes
  • When capturing a unit, the characters stats may be set to the same as their capturing stats permanently.

  • Chapter 4 is planned to be reworked in terms of map design and a bit of dialogue

  • All of the map animations, battle animations, backgrounds, etc. are planned to be replaced by custom art. Custom portraits are in place, but they are placeholders from when I was much worse at art, and I still have much to learn. So the plan is to redo them near the end of development.

  • Music is planned to be replaced once a good musician can be hired.


silver and steel screenshot 3


Project lead: Briver
Head writer: Tristen watts
Additional coding: Goinza
Additional pixel art: Claris

If you’d like to join our community, please click here to take a look at our discord server


Sounds awesome!

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