Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Rebalancing Patch

A pet project of mine I’ve been working on since I made the Nightmare Modules for this game. I was going to post it up on the forums for TKOL, but they don’t seem to exist anymore, so I figured I’d post it here instead. Someone will probably get some enjoyment out of this.

Here’s the link.

Changes includes:
Most classes base stats/growths have been changed.
Spell lists for most classes have been changed.
Emblem/stat requirements for Warlock have been changed, now matching Siren.
Special characters, as well as your starting team, now come with several Emblems, making them more useful.
Mermaids, Gorgons, and Angel Knights now have access to magic, and use MP
Level scaling for enemies has been adjusted, and some enemy placements are different.
Added a new Bane spell, Fascination, which was previously the Witch’s ability.
Bandits are now recruitable.
Radlum (named Alfranz in the system) appears during the Rimmon battle, and if he survives he joins as an Ench.

I’m sure there’s probably a few more minor changes I’ve made here, but I can’t remember them. Anyway, have fun!


This is definitively something to give it go to. Loved the PS1 LUCT and this version TKOL. Gonna start this weekend.

Wait what patch is this?

Small update to fix some things I missed (Ariel having a different spell list than other mermaids, Alfranz appearing in multiple fights as an unrecruitable enemy and not showing up with the proper emblems when recruited, enemy mermaids not having access to all their spells).

Also I’m going to add a change list to the first post detailing new stat growths and spell lists for all the classes, and since I can’t change text some of the weapons that were changed from 1 to 2 handed or vice versa display incorrectly in their descriptions. Nothing I can do about that yet.

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oh damn a TKOL patch! I will definitely give this a go!

(This is a patch for hack?
If yes how to download the hack?)
I dont think i see the thread

It’s a patch for Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Apply it with NUPS.

insert that one gif of Obi-Wan saying "Hello there

Hey, what a pleasant surprise! TKOL is such an underrated gem, and I adored it growing up. Good to see it getting some love. If I may, I’d suggest submitting your hack to RHDN so it can get more visibility.

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Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Once I get a comprehensive list of all the changes and some screen shots, plus a little more tweaking (the necromancy spell just…stopped working? I’m not sure why, since I didnt touch it), I’ll putit up there.

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Hi bro, I can’t patch it to rom, which rom can I use for it? My base rom: 0432 - Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis (U).gba.
If convenient, can ya give me a patched one?
Thank you so much.

It’s not dead, just on a gigapause.

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thank you so much for that i love this game i just get mad that it is very slow

Sorry to say, but this project is pretty much dead in the water. My laptop completely quit on me a while back, so there’s little to nothing I can do with this right now. Sorry to anyone who might have been looking forward to this, hopefully it’s something I can revisit in the future.


I’ve been talking to the devs on their discord. I’m very hyped for this release!

Oh this topic that was two years old got crazy bumped lel

Oh man what a shame… I’m making maps of Let Us Cling Together in case you’re interested in the distant future.


I’ll keep you in the loop. You did excellent work on the maps you made, it would be a shame for them to go to waste.


Thats Let us Cling Together.
Knight of Lodis is a prequel available only on the GBA.
Also a shame its dead rip.

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Always Rebirth to cling hope to. I mean it’s probably just LUCT again, but we can dream of more games finding new footing.

Hey, I love your hack.

I have a smaller TKoL hack of my own, but I’m having a little bit of trouble. Could you tell me the program you used to edit text? I want to give it a try but have no idea where to start.

I’m about to finish Tactics Ogre Reborn and am going to start my play through of this one. Do you recommend playing through vanilla first or is this close enough to vanilla that it won’t be drastically different experience?