Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

Note: This topic is ONLY for submitting resources. Questions, concerns, and any other issues with the repo or anything posted in this thread should be directed to the Repository Discussion Thread.

This topic is for the Graphics Repository, a collection of free to use sprites. Those sprites include battle animations, class cards, map sprites, weapon/item icons, portraits, maps, tilesets, and many other things. This repo is currently maintained by a team of the fandom’s animators and organizers. Anything you post here will be added to the Github linked below, posthaste.

All we ask is that if you use anything from this repo in your hack or FE game project, be sure to credit the creators who made these graphics! All creators are linked inside the file names and descriptions!

There are tons of animations available. As a few examples:

And many others! All of them are free to use, provided you give credit when releasing your hack. If you want to contribute to the repo by making your own animation, just post it in this thread. If you’re not sure how to start animating, jump into the Repo’s Discord server where the FE artists will help you to learn!

Want to browse the Repo’s files in an easy-to-read manner?

Install a ‘Markdown File Reader.’ This one is for Chrome, it’s what I use. There’s likely something appropriate for Firefox, Edge, or whatever you might use.

Now, just open a link to the resource you want to browse.

  1. Battle animations
  2. Portraits
  3. Class Cards
  4. Map Sprites
  5. Item Icons
  6. Maps
  7. The entire BG Folder

Also, the Music Repository is now a separate Github repo, because it’s almost as big as the current repo.

:arrow_right: If you wish to submit resources to this Repo, please follow the guidelines I outline in this post. :arrow_left:


Visit and Download the all-new Graphics Repository!


Bounty List: These are animations, map sprites, or class cards needed to fill holes or that exist but aren’t formatted properly.

Serra Cleric with Sword by Raiden

Serra Mercenary by Raiden

Serra Thief by Raiden


Contains the horse, ice dragon, staff falco knight, and I believe the two missing female paladins. Didn’t remember I did the horse and Ice Dragon.

Let me know if there are any issues.


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Black Pegasus and Falco Knight
Female Berserker
Brigand on Horse
Female Master Knight

The berserker and brigand aren’t really that great and probably could use much needed improvements. This is all I have from the bounty list.

I thought I had the female pirate, but couldn’t find it.


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It’s done.

I added the download link to the OP.

Google Drive is the worst thing I’ve ever used in my life and I say that having once broken both of my arms in an awful bike accident.

Big thanks to Peerless for also donating his weapon icons from Tellius, Jugdral, and even some customs!

From now on, this topic stands on its own. I’ll eventually get around to that TODO list but I’ve taken three days off from my work which pays me money, so I’m good for now.

However, below the download link in the OP are 6 things I’d love if people could help me with, even if just a bit at a time. Those, in addition to the Bounty list.

Any help is appreciated. Now get to downloading!


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I’m currently adding a few more things to the repository.

-Background CG’s. These are more useful for FEXNA and FEXP users than anyone else.

-Every GBAFE face sprite formatted for GBA, FEXP, and FEXNA. Additionally, three Lyn mugs created by our very own Monkeybard, based on her FEH appearances! Give credit if you use them, please.

-Oh and the tool you can use to convert GBAFE mugs to FEXP style. It will format the image to FEXNA style, but coordinates won’t work. Hopefully we can fix that in FEXNA itself when it releases in 2050.

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I think you are missing the Gaiden Style Sage animation

I also didn’t see the animation for archsage in there

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Added a new animation, Roy Lord with Magic, by Pikmin. Note that I’ve also merged Roy T1 and T2 since they’re literally the exact same pose and everything. Sword and Sealed Sword are just variant animations, so it makes sense to put them in the same folder.


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Since this threat shall become the place to go for graphics and alike, I’ll post this here xD

Over the last three months I tried to hone my skills to make custom animations.
That resulted in a few animations I want to share with you guys.

Do not expect too much and bear in mind I’m still a beginner to this stuff.

Anyway, lets get down to business :smiley:

[details=Marshall Zelgius]
Credt: @Nuramon and CipherLee (took Alondite from the BK)

The package contains 3 animations (sword, unarmed and Alondite), map sprites and a mug. Also please read the readme :wink:[/details]

[details=Sniper edit]

  • male
  • male generic (also credit to Swain)
  • female
  • Rebecca (also credit to @Temp)

[details=General w/ shield]

Comes with animations for Spear, Axe (normal and swing), Handaxe, Sword and unarmed
Credit to the Blind Archer for the alternativ Axe animation

[details=FE10 armored knight]

  • Iscaneus on DeviantArt for the battle sprites (and the permission to animate them xD)
  • @Nuramon

At the moment I only finished the Spear and unarmed animations but Sword and Axe will follow :wink:

-edit: added Sword animation (22.02.18)

These animations ar F2U. All I ask for is to give me credit.

Hopefully there are more to come xD


OH wow so it’s totally different, that’s awesome.

As for the snipers, I just had no idea what to mark them as. I’ll list them as ‘Assorted Sniper with Quivers’ or something similar.

Edit: Some GIFs.


Fixed version of the Fem Paladin Bow animation:
I’m still missing specific frames for the critic, sor for the moment it’s using same animation as normal attack. I think that Der is doing the frames ?
Anyway, that’s still better than the actual version of the script uh.

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First and foremost, a fix for the Bow Paladin

And then, the best thing of all.




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Unarmed Zephiel. That’s all. Meanwhile, I’ll go back to work on the lance animation.


It took me about 6-7 hours to format an old friend to be insertable. I’ll probably work in a repalette after going through rehab and doing things.

Includes a very minor critical hit animation as well (consistent of just Wil closing his eyes before firing, now in the Ballista animation as well).

Download here.

All credit goes to greentea/qiuzf007 for creating Sniper Wil, I just formatted.