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[FE8] Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir

Getting the FE8 spells out of FE8 has proven to be very much the Sword in the Stone, and it feels like in many ways it will be confined to the rest of us chuckleheads waiting around until Arthur yanks that sucker out.


Does anybody have Blazer’s other FEDS rips? Just the raw frames.

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Testing out Mikey’s DS Thunder. It’ll occasionally get a mismatch for a flash of a second, but this recording went off without a hitch.

It’s slightly off-center.

EDIT: I fixed it and the download link was updated.

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Learn from the master of rippage.

[1:52:41 PM] Arch: Can you teach me how to get these perfect rips and put them into gifs/compress them perfectly and everything myself? and then I can stop bugging you for stuff while I’m on my spell animation crack fix
[1:52:58 PM] BwdYeti: I basically just turn off layers and animget the frames
[1:53:07 PM] Arch: hahahah
[1:53:09 PM] Arch: so the shit I did
[1:53:12 PM] BwdYeti: and if some hud element is in the way I go to its image data and delete it
[1:53:21 PM] BwdYeti: oh the one important thing though
[1:53:51 PM] BwdYeti: I have to watch the effects layer alpha blend
[1:54:09 PM] BwdYeti: and force it to full opacity sometimes, so I can manually set the opacity for accuracy
[1:54:13 PM] BwdYeti: like healing for example?
[1:54:17 PM] BwdYeti: how it fades in and out?
[1:54:21 PM] Arch: yeah
[1:54:29 PM] BwdYeti: it’s just one graphic with the palette cycling
[1:54:38 PM] BwdYeti: and then the opacity increases and decreases and the animation goes
[1:55:51 PM] Arch: how do I set that full opacity?
[1:56:09 PM] BwdYeti: so like mend doesn’t actually have a frame that looks like http://puu.sh/ajR6R/bd3812765f.png or actually it would look worse because GBA color limits
[1:56:36 PM] BwdYeti: it looks like http://puu.sh/ajR8D/62b2e90f7e.png but has 25% opacity
[1:57:35 PM] BwdYeti: http://puu.sh/ajRee/cf6a1e4ad0.png like the frames that look like this
[1:59:18 PM] BwdYeti: http://puu.sh/ajRmb/64cf92424a.png really it’s this or so
[1:59:29 PM] Arch: yeah, that makes sense
[1:59:32 PM] BwdYeti: uh I use artmoney/cheatengine to find the address and then fix it to 16 or whatever
[2:00:07 PM] BwdYeti: VBA dynamically assigns the GBA ram so it can be a bit annoying to find but I think cheatengine can be told to redirect the pointers automatically to find it
[2:00:56 PM] BwdYeti: in FE7 it’s 0x30028B4 in the GBA ram
[2:01:21 PM] Arch: do you know 8’s?
[2:01:45 PM] BwdYeti: no but I think it’s the same
[2:02:15 PM] BwdYeti: 0x30028B4 is one byte for the opacity of the effect, 0x30028B5 is one byte for the opacity of the stuff behind the effect
[2:02:24 PM] BwdYeti: with a range of 0x0-0x10, so 0-16
[2:02:35 PM] Arch: okay so I got cheatengine and “screenget” which is animget2 or sth
[2:02:39 PM] BwdYeti: how it works is
[2:03:45 PM] BwdYeti: for each non-transparent pixel of the effect, first it multiplies the B5whatever value as a percent by the color of the pixel behind the effect
[2:03:56 PM] BwdYeti: then it multiplies the B4 one by the effect itself
[2:03:59 PM] BwdYeti: adds them together
[2:04:03 PM] BwdYeti: and that’s what it draws to that pixel
[2:04:18 PM] BwdYeti: so 0x10 in both bytes means full opacity for both, so it adds their full values together
[2:04:31 PM] BwdYeti: which is what makes them bright, it’s the additive blend mode
[2:04:58 PM] BwdYeti: 0x10 for the effect and 0x0 for the background stuff means it’s 100% opacity non-blended
[2:05:09 PM] BwdYeti: basically a flat sprite, blocking what’s behind it
[2:05:20 PM] BwdYeti: since the effect is fully visible but the stuff behind isn’t
[2:05:33 PM] BwdYeti: 0x0 effect and 0x10 background you’d just see the background
[2:06:00 PM] BwdYeti: any combination of the two numbers that adds up to 0x10 is basically using the opacity slider in a graphics program
[2:06:16 PM] BwdYeti: so 0xC effect and 0x4 background is 75% effect
[2:06:20 PM] BwdYeti: 0x8 0x8 is 50%
[2:06:21 PM] BwdYeti: etc
[2:06:53 PM] BwdYeti: but anything where the values are more than 0x10 is some degree of additive and will be brighter than normal
[2:07:16 PM] BwdYeti: and when you’re ripping you’re basically fixing the first value to 0x10 so it’s fully visible at the correct colors
[2:07:29 PM] BwdYeti: you could fix the second value to 0x0 but the layers it’s on should be turned off anyway
[2:07:32 PM] BwdYeti: so it shouldn’t matter too much
[2:11:14 PM] Arch: simple enough, lol
[2:11:37 PM | Edited 2:11:56 PM] Arch: then the halfsizing compression and arranging them into easily changeable gifs like you do?
[2:13:11 PM] BwdYeti: once I have all the frames ripped (generally one image series for the sprites layer and one for the effects layer) then I import them into FIreworks, get the frame timings, synch up the sprites with the effects, and stick in a background layer and such to make sure they look right
[2:13:13 PM] BwdYeti: yeah
[2:13:25 PM] BwdYeti: and from there yeah I can halfsize for GBA
[2:13:53 PM] Arch: adobe fireworks?
[2:14:02 PM] BwdYeti: yeah
[2:14:18 PM] BwdYeti: it usually serves me best as a gif editor
[2:14:19 PM] Arch: >opens pirate bay
[2:14:21 PM] BwdYeti: pf

These are the CheatEngine files for FE7 and FE8; just open that up (compatible with VBA 1.8.0, no betas or any other versions). And set these values to 10 00 and check the X:

This disables the opacity effects so that you can get clean rips of background layers.


I went to the mountain and prayed to the great Apostle Yeti. He has shown me the way.


Spent my evening ripping from FE8. I got a better rip on Aircalibur, and tackled the monster spell animations (Evil Eye, Crimson Eye, Demon Surge, Shadowshow) and two S-rank dark spells (Naglfar and Glepnir, mostly because you can creatively chop them into parts for other animations).

And a hint of things to come as I start to play around with Adobe Fireworks (Tornado/Blizzard spells, dawg).

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I’d like to note, Naglfar re-uses a lot of stuff from previous games, some of the effects are from Apocalypse, and the damage doing frames are from Aureola(though recolored to be purple). Gleipnir also uses some effects from Gespenst. (Though Naglfar reuses the most stuff)

IDK if that is helpful info, but just sayin.

…Dat tornado

(recolor Gleipneirs meteors to make Ragnarok from FE2 pls)


I have no freaking idea why it’s “too many tiles” on your end.

I remember it working here:


My goal for the moment is to have a complete set for an anima split:


  • Fire (GBA)
  • Elfire (DSFire)
  • Pyre (GBAElfire)
  • Meteor (DS)
  • Bolganone (DS)


  • Thunder (GBA)
  • Elthunder
  • Bolting (GBA)
  • Deimvolt (DSThunder)
  • Thoron (DS)


  • Wind (GBAAircalibur)
  • Elwind
  • Shaver (DS)
  • Blizzard (GBASplit Fimbulvetr)
  • Tornado (GBASplit Fimbulvetr)

For Ragnarok, I’d recolor the meteors and make them background layer with a slight blend and have the Glepnir rocks playing in the foreground simultaneously. I think that’d be pretty legit.


I have an improved Aircalibur rip here.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t look nearly as nice as that screenshot (since we’re blowing everything up vertically x2), but Tornado is done and the animation’s been added to the archive.

Shitty youtube quality but w/e

Tried out the new Aircalibur - looks way better, but BGM kills pretty much at the start.


Just change the “C010648” and “C010748” in the script (It uses imported sounds, that’s why it kills the BGM)


For Tornado, couldn’t you make it less transparent just a little to give a better effect?
From the way it is in the video, it’s like it’s not even there.


The opacity ranges from 0x00-0x10, it’s already at 0x0C but I could play with increasing it to see how that feels.

In other news, I starting derping around with that bootleg Ragnarok animation. The rocks and meteors work fine, but I’m looking for some sort of effect after the hit to extend the animation.

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Maybe we could recolor all of Aura’s damaging frames to look something like this?

It could symbolize the “fertile rebirth of the world” mentioned in Norse mythology.
Also, what magic type will Ragnarok be classified as?


Maybe I’ll throw in Ivaldi’s rays of light for the ending. Originally I was considering it as an anima spell - the more think about it, it’s kind of a fusion of all three types. Rocks (nature), the meteors (destruction), and rays of light. It’d be kind of cool to have an S-rank tome that all magic classes could use regardless of their specialization.

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Double-post for RAINAROCK (still needs SFX and that FEditor glitch fixed but w/e). I decided on a bit of aurora borealis for the ending, and some Naglfar lightning to kick shit off.


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This is really late, but don’t forget screen shake. Never forget screen shake.


Do you guys have any plans to rip Apocalypse from FE6? That is one of the coolest dark spells I know. Would be even greater in FE7. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll look into grabbing the FE6 S-ranks. Forblaze’s pieces might be useful for making new fire spells, and I can’t remember if Aureola’s different but if so more light pieces are also a blessing.