The 'Fill in the Repository's Open Gaps' Drive! (FROG)

Hey everyone! Klokinator here.

@JeyTheCount Just finished a massive undertaking. He created a spreadsheet listing ALL the characters from every single mainline FE game and all the other tangentially related series that are currently represented in the Github Resource Repository.

This sheet, linked at the top of the OP, will allow anyone to look at and fill in the gaps listed in the Resource Repository.

I would like to get at a minimum, one portrait for every single character in every single game, with frames, into the repository. Anyone of any skill level can contribute. A spliced Merric is better than no Merric at all. A full custom halfbody Merric complete with eye/mouth frames, in addition to a GBAFE-insertable version, is the gold standard. Quality will be subjective, and artist styles will vary. That is fine!

To start with, I think the simplest path of least resistance would be:

  1. Any portrait marked in Blue. These portraits simply have errors, are missing mouth/eye frames, or otherwise have issues that can be resolved.

  2. Any character missing a portrait entirely.

  3. Any portraits missing halfbodies. These are lowest priority, since they take the most effort.

Don’t have any spriting capabilities? No problem! If you work a job, consider commissioning a spriter to make a F2E portrait we can put in the repo. Even $10, $20, or $30 will go a long way!

This is not a quick project, but a mainstay I’d like to see get worked on over time! When you have portraits you want to contribute, post them here, or post them in the main Resource Repository thread!

To all the people who regularly contribute to the Repository, thank you very much! You help the whole community when you submit F2U and F2E resources. I hope that, at the very least, this helps spriters to see what characters have no representation in the community. Let’s diversify the Repository’s portfolio!


Well not this. Only the mainline games.


Ooooh, if you get time, can you add those too, then? If it’s represented in the repo, it should probably be on the sheet :sweat_smile:


The Kaga games have like 2-3 characters from them so it would be all red. Other properties include such a varried array of IPs that determining which characters we want would be impossible. I’ve sticked only to official FE titles and still did cut most of generic chapter bosses that aren’t reveleant to the main stories.

The idea is that we want a Navarre mug before we go into spriting all the generic generals and way before we make a halfbody of Mario.



Absolutely phenomenal work you two. Hopefully we can get a few proper portraits for my favorite obscure “bad” units that nobody cares about now. Might do some myself if i find the time to do it, even if it’ll just be Donquality.




Weird, I don’t seem to have him in my copy of the repo.


Edain or Aideen or whatever.
(From FE4)


I have this, I reformated the half-body for them.

Castor (flingforp, Nickt)Astram (Grated Shtick, CardCafe, Nickt)
Barst (Nobody, Glaceo, Nickt, ReykRS)Athena (Unknown)
Darros (flingforp, Nickt)Linde (MK404)
Draug (Lenh, PK_Water, Nickt)Maria (Zelkami)
Julian (Glaceo)Medeus (Frigid)
Roshea (Alusq, DerTheVaporeon)Norne (MK404, Nickt)
Nyna (Squidorsky)Sedgar (DerTheVaporeon)
Oguma (CircleEverywhere, Nickt)Wolf (DerTheVaporeon, Nickt)
Vyland (Zmr, Peerless, Blueey, Nickt)

Marth's Tale - Google Drive


Edit: ^^ Those formatted halfbodies…
… Some of them cut off at the sides. LOL curse the hackbox, amirite

F2E Academy phase body bases would speed up FE3H fills by a lot. I’m kind of loath to finish this Annette because I don’t want to deal with the uniform lol

I’ll decide whether I want to finish her after work, and if I do, I’ll edit the body into a more neutral pose for a F2E base…


Great additions so far. I’ve added all of them to my repo version. Not sure if I pushed the update, but even if I didn’t, they’ll be included in the next one.

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i think nickt had made a perfect arran
i mean, compare with this

okay …here you go:
F2E if u want

also ,Myrmidon Emblem may have some mug u needed (navarre,hana,hisame…etc.)


may be you can ask the creator for usage.


If you’re sure they’re F2U, please post the mugs at the main repo topic.

There are certain Myrm Emblem portraits that haven’t been publicly released (namely FE2!Deen, Shigen, Vega, Berwick!Faye, Catherine and both Byleths).
These portraits were used in Myrm Emblem because I asked the creators directly and they allowed me to use them, so do not add these portraits to the repo without their author’s permission.

Other portraits, like Hisame, Volo, Fuga and Yoda were made by me and I may submit them to the repo in the future if I feel like it.

The other portraits that I didn’t mentioned should already be F2U.


I’ll wait for the creators to submit them in the repo topic, assuming they want to.


I edited Hardin’s portrait from GFE1R to make it fit into the hackbox

Also made an edit of it to make Emperor Hardin from FE3/12
Emperor HardinEmperor Hardin2

Here’s the zip


Just post it to the repo

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trying to splice Arlen WITHOUT splicing Erk
also F2E
Edit :fixed frame error


I just pushed an update to the Repo that adds all of these mugs, plus a bunch of animation fixes by Pushwall and some other stuff. Enjoy!

And as such I’ll update the doc