Two Hour Blitz

Two Hour Blitz


  • Start with :icecream: vanilla fe
  • Create :bookmark: a chapter
  • You have :clock1: 2 hours*
    *or any amount if you feel like it
  • Use community :free: to use assets
    • (eg. graphics, music, asm hacks, etc. :white_check_mark:)

This means you can cheat! :cool:

  • If you make and share an asset, it is fair game :ok:

Honour System

  • :customs: We won’t know how long you spend, cheater
  • You could remake :recycle: a previously completed chapter
  • You could do something for your project, but please don’t shill it too much :sweat_smile:
  • If someone’s chapter is better than yours, they probably cheated anyway :warning:


  • :new: map, characters, and dialogue
  • Draft your chapter by :clock130: 70 minutes
  • Playtest it at :clock10: 100 minutes and fast-forward :arrow_double_up:


If you’re new to FEBuilder, this might help. I make a chapter in 14 mins, so you can make one in 120.


:scroll: :pen: Describe how the session went

  • Share pics/gifs/videos of it here :metal:t2:
  • Include how much time you spent :timer_clock:
  • Write a list of credits :credit_card:
  • Post the final .UPS :file_folder: if you want, or don’t. It’s about the experience, not the result.


:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

  • We can vote on our favourites :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • People might :heart: like your post

(I will not be LPing these, sorry!)


  • Most-liked reply :love_letter:
  • Top-voted as favourite :100:
  • Fastest any% :snowboarder:t2: (and probably crappiest hack)

The real reward was the :rainbow: friends chapter you made along the way. You could touch it up and re-use it as a chapter in your own hack, for example. Quick drafts are rough, but makes for a great starting place.


    Sorry, not really.
  • Nov 30th, 2021 :spiral_calendar:
  • It’s just a few hours of your time, so don’t procrastinate plz.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: :hourglass:

Pick one
:checkered_flag: :white_flag:

tl;dr 2 hour hack.Vesly discovers emoji


Oh yeah! It’s that time again! Looking forward to making a solid entry once again!

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I could never find motivation to work on a hack for more than a few days, so this was a perfect opportunity to actually finish one.
Presenting:, my first hack. Took 2:03 hours to complete (everyone cheats, right?)

  • A unique gameplay goal, where you cannot kill any enemy (not enforced, but it is possible & the main goal of the hack). Sleep, Capture, Corrosion (doesn’t work) and Steal your way to victory!
  • One custom, horrible portrait. F2U & F2E!
  • Terrible story!
  • Distant Roads as Enemy Phase music!
  • A ton of bugs.
README - please read before playing
  • Turn off battle animations. The game will just freeze on the first enemy attack otherwise.
  • Releasing captured enemies is not considered killing them - to win, you should capture & release the boss.
  • Brigands can’t counter or be countered - you don’t have to worry about accidentally killing them on enemy phase.
  • Play on Normal. The others are untested.
Known Issues
  • Corrosion doesn’t work. I have no idea why - this is my first experience with Skill System. Just use sleep & capture instead.
  • The boss conversations (O’Neill) uses the king’s portrait instead of the duke’s portrait.
  • Micaiah’s portrait is bugged.




Portraits: Atey, RandomWizrd, Smokeyguy77, Capibarainspace, GratedShtick, Eldritch Abomination
Bowser portrait by me (Frog)


2:00 - Activated timer, opened FEBuilder
1:43 - Finished adding characters
1:04 - Finished Bowser portrait & finding other portraits
0:38 - Added the map, playtested for the first time
0:08 - Finished playtesting, began working on events
0:03 - Finished start event
0:01 - Finished end event
0:00 - Couldn’t add preparations, messed with music instead.
-0:03 - Fixed Dook AI.


Seeing as I’ve had a very slight improvement in my abilities since the 1hr blitz (to the point where I actually am working on a proper project behind the scenes), I went ahead and gave the 2hr blitz a go almost immediately. This turned out to be a bad idea, as I wound up having to add in another half-hour or so to my time because I was so tired that progress was really slow.

Don’t hack while tired, kids.

But yeah, onto what this hack has. You’re bandits attacking a military outpost, and as such every single player character’s mug was pulled from the Generics section of the portrait repo. Other features include…

  • Skillsys, because I’m not evil.
  • Music from the Music repo, because no one needs to hear Distant Roads again.
  • A horse that can walk on mountains. Just the one.
  • Heavily nerfed peaks, both in terms of movement penalties (for you, at least) and defense bonuses.
  • A camera that occasionally moves around.
  • A less wacky tone than my 1hr Blitz submission.

With that out of the way, everything you’ll need is right below. Patch to a normal FE8U rom.

Known Issues
  • Death quotes and the boss quote were never written.
  • There are, indeed, reinforcements to the south. The camera just doesn’t move to show them.



Map: Me (In FE Map Creator)
Portraits: RandomWizard, LaurentLacroix, SphealNuke, Capibarainspace
Patches: Circleseverywhere, Alusq, 7743, HyperGammaSpace, Hextator, Agro/Brendor
Music: Sme, RandomWizard, MrGreen3339, A_Reliable_Chair, RSflame



I’m so glad to see people who aren’t as well known in the community (not yet, anyway :wink:) participating in this. I look forward to checking out your project(s) in the future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well… I tried my best to get it down within 2 hours…

I basically finished the map without playtesting it at that point…?

I decided to playtest once through before publishing and realized I had not given the 2 dracozombies any weapons meaning I did make a change post my two hour deadline tragically. I am aware of some little issues like a number of enemies not having mini map icons and being just distorted.

This was a fun thing to try to spend a night on, I made a simple CQ like “escape with all units” which was pretty liberating to make completely separate from a pre-existing project.

The only patches I used outside of that were just generic skill system (though I hardly used it lol) and some QoL patches. (Though I just assumed Skill Sys just had innate Thracia trade + I didn’t remember to enable convoy for prologue…). So credits goes to Circles 7743 and everyone else who goes and continues to make FEBuilder a wonderful program for anyone to use.

The cast was just vanilla FE8 royalty just because I liked em and thought it gave me a solid base to start around without needing to worry about what portraits to import lol. Music is just default FE8 ost but just using Truth Despair and Hope because it’s just my favorite FE8 song lol.


Patch Link

(This was also the first image I imported into a title screen and I think I did a really good job)


Using the power of unused (a map of mine I never used which saves a lot of time :p) and f2u assets (all of them stuff I had lying around in my computer), I present to you…

bungus badventures.emulator-0
“Home By Winter “Gaiden””: Bungus’ Badventure.

Took me this long to make:
Actually finished the map in just under 2 hours, the last 17 minutes just adding some bells and whistles like the title screen, graphics, and music. also fixing a bunch of weapons having 0 uses Also I may or may not have paused the timer while taking a bathroom break and forgot to resume the timer for a little bit. Cheating B-)

Follow Bungus’s adventure in stealing the ultimate spear… All 4 lines of dialogue.

  • Saunion
  • Land boat with Cerulean Coast-inspired lunge ballista
  • Skill system…without the skills
  • gameplay

bungus badventures.emulator-1

bungus badventures.emulator-2

bungus badventures.emulator-3

bungus badventures.emulator-4

bungus badventures.emulator-7

bungus badventures.emulator-6


Dropbox - bungus - Simplify your life


Portraits: LaurentLacroix
Music: Sme
Patches: 7743, circleseverywhere, Stan, Tequila, Hextator, HyperGammaSpaces, Zane, ipatix, Sme, Scraiza, Monkeybard, Black, Rossendale, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1, Blaze, Alusq

EDIT: I forgot to change Lina’s Prf to 1 range so uhh enjoy lol


After a lengthy process (in which I also tried to record the making of the hack), I finally finished it! Here is the (not so) long awaited sequel to The Sacred Macguffin:

Screenshot 1
Featuring a nice little night time map (with an inn!)

Screenshot 2
The man, the beast, the legend: Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series!

Screenshot 3
And some random portraits I took from the repo, because I enjoy seeing community work from others in hacks.

Link time:

Big thank you to these people for making this a thing:
Richter (Castlevania) by Obsidian_Daddy
Quelana (Dark Souls) by Nobody
A dancer/bard girl by LaurentLacroix 3
A peasant by Toa
Jeff by Zmr

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Sorrow_s Distortion by Dolkar
Castlevania II Simon_s Quest - Bloody Tears by Sme
Castlevania Circle of the Moon - Big Battle by RandomWizard
Castlevania Circle of the Moon - Awake by RSflame
Castlevania 4 - Simon_s Theme by A_Reliable_Chair
Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears by a_Reliable_Chair

I’ll try to edit the recordings I made into one tidy nice little video, so that people can catch the stages the hack went through.


As I promised, I put the creation process into a nice video. The video goes over everything done for the romhack: research at the start, getting a map and resources ready, making the hack and finally playtesting.

I’m a bit sad that the recording software was so stubborn during recording. Some parts of the footage have been lost to time because of that. I did not want to do everything over again, so some bits look a bit weird.

Anyway, I hope that this gave some nice insight. It was rather fun to record my mindbrain doing its job to make a nice result!


The final battle between Vyland and Matthis is here, to see which red-and-blue cav from Archanea is truly superior (hint it’s vyland)

Blade - Lena Mug
Glaceo - Julian Mug
Sme - Luigi Mug, Liberation .s, For Whose Sake .s, Attack .s
AuraWolf - Map
DerTheVaporeon & Alusq - Roshea Mug
DerTheVaporeon - Sedgar Mug
DerTheVaporeon & NICKT - Wolf Mug
Patches - circleseverywhere, 7743, Hextator, Zane, Pandan, Scraiza, Alusq


Here, I decided to try my hand at one.

No fancy title, and no story; just an attempt to whip up something resembing a fun chapter, with some Aesthetics:tm: to boot.

  • An actually playtested and possibly fun chapter with actual anti-turtle incentives!
  • DS Avoid!
  • 2-3 range bows!
  • Several new, gimmicky weapons!
  • 1-3 range sleep staff!
  • Cool music from Ogre Battle!
  • L i g h t r u n e



Bryswick portrait: Memestaralbert, WAve, LaurentLacroix
Carnelion portrait: ZarG
Brawle portrait: RandomWizard
Klazro portrait: NickT
Hawthorn portrait: SSHX
Boniface portrait: LaurentLacroix
Taen portrait: Levin64
Jerrid portrait: RandomWizard
Yevaud portrait: Toa
Garhvon portrait: RandomWizard
??? portrait: L95

All Custom Item Icons: GabrielKnight

Map: AuraWolf
Map Palette: JustLu

Player Phase Theme: Alusq
Enemy Phase Theme: RandomWizard

Assorted FEBuilder Patches: Agro, Alusq, Brendor, circleseverywhere, Hextator, Hypergammaspaces, Lord Reyson, Pandan, Scraiza, Tequila, Zane, 7743


Fun map I liked the idea of using the thief in a short hack here to open up the path to stronger allies! but idk i found this just confirmed to me how much cooler faster smarter and prettier matthis is vs the chump Vyland

(also while making this set up I checked growths, i liked ur attention to detail on them)

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Starring Marth and Sheeda as themselves, it’s



Governing a continent is difficult, so the imperial couple decided to take some time off. Unfortunately for them, Gazack was the owner of the luxury resort they booked out, and he wanted revenge for being defeated on Talis all those years ago.

Based off Quirino’s translation. All other work is my own.
Apply patch to a clean FE1 rom.

The chapter was done and playable at the two hour mark, but I took another hour to insert something resembling a story. It’s been a while since I’ve went at FE1, so getting some of the cobwebs out was nice.


Did this like a week ago and forgot to post it. woops.

I have a handful of joke hack ideas floating around on the backburner, and I thought now would be a fun opportunity to try bringing one of those ideas to light. I also felt this would be a good opportunity to stretch my rotting hacking muscles a bit. I haven’t had access to FEBuilder in a year and a half thanks to COVID-related stuff, so I’m definitely more than just a little rusty lol.

So uh, here’s the fruit of my two .5 hour labor, with the tentative title of “Replacements No More”, or alternatively “how the hell do you pronounce ‘muirne’”.


  • Waaaaaaaay too much dialogue and altered texts for a 2 hour blitz.

  • Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 11.04.51 PM

  • A ton of dumb references and callbacks to FE4

  • Bare-minimum gameplay and balance testing

  • Two, count 'em, TWO unique boss conversations (have the lord fight the boss!)

  • Blatantly advertising FE characters I love under the poorly hidden guise of a joke blitz hack

  • Clement is here for no reason, as per usual

Notes on development

This is the first time I’ve done this kind of thing, and it was a fun little experiment.

Most of my time was spent absolutely speedwriting the story bits and editing text, to the point where I barely did any gameplay tweaks past my initial enemy arrangement setup and my playtesting was in the last three minutes and ended up going like 23 minutes overtime but sssssshhhh. I definitely overestimated how much time it takes to set up events, as I had far too many event ideas that never reached the final product.

Known issues
  • If Scathach dies during enemy phase, the event that follows can sometimes act up
  • The event on turn 3 is a bit weird if it’s skipped
  • Gigaphysic is aesthetic only and has no functionality
  • Warp’s description is too long and might cause some graphics issues, but this won’t affect gameplay at all
  • For one reason or another the “Convert chapter titles to text” patch refused to work for me, so the chapter title is still The Fall of Renais lol
  • The title screen makes it clear that this is the first time I have ever inserted a title screen
Screenshots I guess

Resources used

this would not have been possible without the incredibly generous f2u efforts of melia and surfingkyogre

FEBuilder: 7743 and crew
Portraits: Melia, Zoisite, Yangkai
Music: SurfingKyogre, Tristan_hollow, Saxor_the_nobody, Sme, MrGreen3339, Pandan
Map: Aura Wolf, from the f2u expo
Patches: Circles, Tequila, Alusq, 7743

in the likely event i forgot someone, lmk if you want ig


I forgot to remove difficulty uhhhhh play on normal

I hope this works


1 week left to do this!

Love seeing all the entries :ok_hand: