FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

To make the main FE Repository thread easier to browse, that thread is now for submissions only, and all comments/discussion from that thread have been moved here. Want to compliment a submission, point out an error that needs fixing, or offer critique? Post it here, and quote and/or @mention the submission post in question.


Google Drive is slow as molasses. There are 108,000 files in my drive, and it took 6 hours to do 50k of them. That probably sounds like a lot of files, but in total the entire folder is 250mb on disk and 600mb total storage. My internet is slow, but it’s not that slow.

When I used Dropbox to upload my repository for SD9K, it only took 35 minutes to upload the entire thing. 6 hours in and Google Drive is only half done. I can certainly say that the storage may be superior, but the speed is inferior.

I’ll leave it to upload tonight and see if it’s done by tomorrow. Other than renaming map sprites, adding spell animations, and giving credit to authors, I’m almost done!

Excellent :slight_smile: Now I get to stay lazy and continue to let my hack rot

Thanks for putting this all together Klok.


This great, thanks for taking initiative with this Klok


Are you going to include the animations from the japanese forums as well?

Thanks, Blademaster!

DDDHunter, if you mean F2U animations released on those forums, yes, but only the ones I know about. If you know of others, turn them in or tell me where they are.

If you mean things posted by spriters that we don’t know the permission statuses of, no.

Edit: Google Drive is absolute ass. Once this is done it may be great, but I have never used an uploading service this slow in my life. Dropbox was a thousand times faster.

It’ll be a while for the link.

I emailed the developer of the Yugodora hack, the one who made its animations:

He sent me this response.

So there you have it! If you use any of the Yugodora/Yggdra animations, make sure to credit Aruku18kin!

EDIT: Actually, he sent another email. Credit just “Aruka”.


The FE 10 style Knight sprite is from a former member of Feplanet named Zomaxiee. It was in 2010ish so I’d don’t if they are still around. Anyway here a link to part of the original.

I’ll try and contact him/her. Did you know them personally?

No just remember seeing back in the day.

We were having a hell of a time finding the creator, either way. Thanks a bunch!

Edit: I can’t find Zomaxiee anywhere online. At some point he changed his username to Zoa, which is WAY more generic and difficult to find, so… yeah.

I forgot to mention that this was done with the help of a guy named Starter. It would be fair for him to be credited, too. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous work on this repository anyway, gg Klok!


The promoted Katt from FE7if (the bat girl) doesn’t seem to have anything in its folder.

I took a quick look through this and noticed that the folders you have for the frame rips of my animations seem to more frames than they’re supposed to
for example the magic attack animation of my monk recolor with seems to have 208 frames in here when it only has 52 frames. I assume whatever you’re using to rip the frames from the animation is making multiple copies of each frame.

Just pointing this out because if it’s doing this for all the animations it will probably cost you a lot more space than it should

Also why are you using some thing to rip the frames when i already included them in the downloads for most of my animations

Because FEXNA won’t be able to import anything you make manually. It only imports things dumped by FEditor with certain machine code.

I ripped the anims with FEBuilder, so it probably duplicates frames.

Also thanks Felix, I’ll be sure and add it :slight_smile:

Yup. It’s in there. If you’re ever curious, use the search function to check for original creator-chosen names. All animations have been renamed and standardized. For classes that are edits of other classes, like how the Trueblade is an edit of Swordmaster, the class will be named their ‘true’ class name, followed by (Specifier).

In this case, Swordmaster M T2 (Edgy Trueblade Edit).

Also, thanks for giving me the rest of that wyvern, Solocross :slight_smile:

Since you’re doing face sprites, I’ve made passable blinking frames for all the main FE6 characters. I haven’t checked your dump yet to see if anyone else has made them, but if you want them I can send them over.

Definitely do so, please.

I am opposed to this motion. The Great Knight is called the Great Knight. BwdYeti is one member of the greater Fire Emblem fangame community. Sure, he calls them cataphracts. But there’s far, far, far more people who call them their actual name in IntSys Fire Emblem. 99% of the community do not have FEXNA access, and renaming classes to match XNA naming schemes just comes off as arbitrary and confusing for the majority of the users. Why should we bend to Yeti’s standards? If consistency is so important, why shouldn’t he change to the standard names?
(Heck, I feel including XNA stuff in general is a waste of time and space, but that’s neither here nor there.)
Not to mention there’s no guarantee Yeti will even release any of his animations. He made them, and if he wants them private, private they will stay. You’d end up with a bunch of renamed classes for some strange sense of “consistency” for a thing that will never come out. Why even bother?


Why? Because there are too many classes with knight in the name, for one.

For the other, saying “if yeti releases his animations” is good and all, but I might know a thing or two about that.

Also, did you actually look at them in the repository?

Nice catch! One of the discord dudes is or was working on a female necromancer, but I didn’t realize I added the folder. I’ve marked it as empty for now.