Four Hour Blitz

Four Hour Blitz


Theme (optional)

Feature one or more if you want

  • Timeskip :open_book: (eg. flashback, premonition, or intertwined events)
  • Someone is scouting or scheming :interrobang:
  • A mourning or misguided creature :orangutan:

Patch ideas (optional)

Try something new


  • Start with :icecream: vanilla fe
  • Create :bookmark: a chapter or two
  • You have :clock1: 4 hours
  • Post about it :partying_face:


  • Use community :free: to use assets
    • (eg. graphics, music, asm hacks, etc. :white_check_mark:)

This means you can cheat! :cool:

  • If you make and share an asset on the repo thread, it is fair game :ok:
  • :man_shrugging:t4: You can pick out assets beforehand if you want to cheat but just a little bit
  • Buildfiles are slow, so set up in advance you cheaters :smile:

Honour System

  • :customs: We won’t know how long you spend, cheater
  • If someone’s chapter is better than yours, they probably cheated anyway :warning:


  • :new: map, characters, and dialogue
  • Draft your chapter by :clock130: 3 hours
  • Playtest it at :clock10: 3:30 and fast-forward :arrow_double_up:


If you’re new to FEBuilder, this might help. I made a chapter in 16 mins, so you can make one in 240.


:scroll: :pen: Describe how the session went

  • Share pics/gifs/videos of it here :metal:t2:
  • Include how much time you spent :timer_clock:
  • Write a list of credits :credit_card:
  • Post the final .UPS / link :file_folder: if you want, or don’t. It’s about the experience, not the result.


:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

  • We can vote on our favourites :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • People might :heart: like your post


  • Most-liked reply :love_letter:
  • Top-voted as favourite :100:
  • Fastest any% :snowboarder:t2: (and probably crappiest hack)

The real reward was the :rainbow: friends chapter you made along the way. You could touch it up and re-use it as a chapter in your own hack, for example. Quick drafts are rough, but makes for a great starting place.


    Sorry, not really.
  • Sep 30th, 2023 :spiral_calendar:
  • It’s just a few hours of your time, so don’t procrastinate plz.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: :hourglass:

Pick one
:checkered_flag: :white_flag:

tl;dr 4 hour hack.Vesly discovers emoji


Are the “Themes” and “Patch Ideas” required to be incorporated into the project?

no, they are not required; they are just prompts that might help you get started.

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Would we get bonus points if we streamed the full 4 hours

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you get bonus points if your hack is good

but you can stream it for fun


My hack: Unnamed Villager Hack
Time: Hopefully not too much more than 4 hours if you don’t count the time I wasn’t working on it
I streamed most of the creation here


Sterling Glovner
Magrika is now Canon
FE8 Girls
All the SkillSys devs
and any wizards I may have forgotten

  • Trainees with Canto+
  • Unique gimmick weapons
  • A skill tutor
  • Basically nonexistent writing
  • Tower defense style enemies of dubious possibility
  • Very little playtesting
  • The wrong character being labeled as the lord as he gets loaded first
  • Turn autosaves that don’t happen when you lose units
  • Leadership stars that grant 10 hit and no avoid


My hack: “Blitz Emblem”
Time: 3 hours 50 minutes-ish
7743 - FEBuilder
StanH, Zane, Circles, Teq - Patches
Pikmin/Der - L’arachel Map Sprite
Struedelmuffin - L’arachel Battle Sprite


-1 chapter, 10 units
-Hilariously bad romhack soldier
-Berserk staff
-Set in Magvel so I could use vanilla mugs
-Writing doesn’t exist lol, artifacts of vanilla events are probably still there
-Sacae-looking map


Blitz Emblem.emulator-1
Blitz Emblem.emulator-2
Blitz Emblem.emulator-3
Blitz Emblem.emulator-4
Blitz Emblem.emulator-5

(Here is the hack.)[Blitz_Emblem]


My Hack: Scion Blitz


Had 4 different Hour long sessions give or take 5-10 minutes. I also did all my engine setup with a buildfile during the “planning” phase. Counting that it took me about 5 Hours but that’s just because I don’t mainly use Builder anymore. But if we’re just counting the “time it took to make the Units/Map/Events/Skills” then yeah abut 4 hours.


Unique Weapons
4 Custom skills (these took up so much time lol)
No Exp
Generic playables!!!
Very little writing
Plays like a horde game
Enhanced Weapon Triangle
A bangin’ Soundtrack!!!
Aesthetic weather
Galeforce scrolls
Actually helpful green units

Known Issues

As per my single playtest I know for sure you can make it to the end.
Sometime the game will freak out when targeting, quitting and reloading usually fixes it
At max mov the game will stall for a sec why you pick Vel.
As a result of poor planning not every enemy drop what they should be dropping
DM me any other issues you find.


1 of the 3 skills!
Suck for that guy
That’s Double Lion!

Tips & Extra Info

CHARGE VEL’s MOV. this unit is really fun but only if you get a kill on Player phase.
Only Vel needs to live
When enemies are asleep you can kinda forget about them, just be careful they wake up eventually…
Stat boosters give passive boost but there is No Supply ACCESS so try to use them.
Rogues are trying to escape
Dreadnoughts aren’t THAT scary. You can even get one of your own(Unintentional But funny as hell)

Extra Info

There are a few references in this hack to games I like lol.
A lot of the generics/ideas here are being tested for my actual hacc so please TRY EVERYTHING
I’m gonna come back an polish this, its fun!

Story Context

This takes place in the same world as my (hopfully soon to be relased) Hack . In it my Lord L’Arcade is 1 of 26 children of the King. In this hack you meet one of his sisters, Veldora, and one of his brothers, Syrlach. The family isn’t always close but several sudden assassination attempts kinda fix that. This hack depicts Veldora’s assassination or attempt at such depending on how you did. Its hard but she CAN die if you’re not carful

Thank you so much for reading any amount of this. Please tell me what you think, I’ll be taking feedback for what to add to the polished release (Eventually :tm:)


Departure at the Beach
Download here

This was an interesting challenge. Of course, it’s not quite where I’d want it to be, but it is what it is.

Screenshots of Final Product



SkillSystem developers and contributors (as of August 10th, 2023)

Battle stats with anims off: Tequila
Chapter Names as Text: circleseverywhere
EventRescue: circleseverywhere
Fixed Autolevels: nat
MultiTileMarker: 7743
Per chapter quotes: nat
Show Heal Amount: Tequila

Alusq: Valentius
Goldblitzx: Naima, Siddel, Alden
JiroPaiPai: Jerome
LaurentLacroix: Kaitlyn, Welf
Levin64: Darrion

Alusq: Tearing Ring Saga - Knights of Lazeria

The Process

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering how I would both work on this and get all of this stuff down, I paused the timer whenever I needed to write benchmark notes down down/collect screenshots (I’m not a time management beast).


  • SkillSystem from August 10th, 2023
  • Added eventing macros
  • The “mourning or misguided creature” prompt appealed to me, so I planned on starting around that. I initially thought of using some sort of FE8 monster that would seek revenge in their sorrow, but couldn’t come up with anything. Before continuing to try and fall asleep, I jotted down a brief idea (no lines/characters/names determined) that read as follows:
    “Mercenaries hired to escort mother and dead son to beach. Assassins attack them.”

00:04:44 - map (draft 1)
00:15:35 - put player units on the map, boss is an Assassin

[5 to 10 minute break]

00:19:54 - removed skills except Canto and Crit +15, gave Assassin Crit +15, added Hero to player units and made NPC a Swordmaster
00:23:58 - enemy units wave 1 (draft 1)
00:32:01 - player stats (draft 1)
00:45:16 - enemies (draft 1), moved boss to the beach
00:53:50 - item stats [lowered silvers to B rank, javelin & hand axe -1 mt and +10 hit, steels have +5 hit; are all D rank; and have less wt], asm [added MultiTileMarker, changed vulnerary healing to 15], adjusted player inventories (draft 1)
00:56:25 - added FixedAutolevel, increased generic unpromoted enemies level from 10 to 13
01:00:45 - increased general’s stats, slightly increased a few other player unit stats, moved second wave of enemies slightly to the left
01:10:50 - first playtest

[60 minute break]

01:16:12 - +4 skl and +2 lck to player units, added ShowHealingAmount and UpdatedLButtonCycling, fixed FixedAutolevel not adding unpromoted levels to promoted levels (this was a change I made for LLF)
01:58:30 - inserted portraits, names (made through, and descriptions
02:29:16 - wrote text for the opening, boss fight, boss death, and the ending

[90 minute break]

02:48:08 - inserted text, made assembly to check if mother and son are on tiles during talk conversation
03:02:31 - map (draft 2)
03:07:58 - adjusted assembly for checking mother and son to also check action data
03:12:04 - set son’s hp to 0 during BeginningScene
03:15:27 - “fixed” son’s eyes being open by pasting closed eyes frame over portrait and blinking frame)
03:23:00 - added PerChapterBattleQuotes (don’t ask me why I didn’t just take the macros included with it), inserted battle and death quote lists
03:26:15 - added text explaining win condition and game over conditions
03:30:27 - changed text above, removed world map event
03:35:51 - added music to cutscenes, inserted Tearing Ring Saga - Knights of Lazeria as map theme
03:40:39 - added hardcoded check for son, set avoid to 0 if true
03:43:50 - general rescues son before chapter begins
03:53:10 - second playtest
03:53:56 - removed crit from swordmasters and assassin, set Darrion’s max hp to 1
03:55:49 - removed crit from Thunder, increased hit by 5
03:58:37 - changed status text to reflect actual win condition; this was the last thing I did for development (after this, I just had to get a few more screenshots and make the credits list)

Screenshots of Process






Seven Warriors
Link: Fire Emblem - Seven Warriors (UPS).ups - Google Drive
It took me around 3 hours to finish + 10-12 minutes to revise and playtest it. Probably the hardest part was deciding which of my many “one-map” ideas shoukd I choose to make for this, and this was the fastest to make. It may bane is that it ended up having a pretty easy gameplay.


In a little town, seven travelers of different backgrounds will have to team up to defend the locals against a raid of barbarians.

  • Seven Playable charaters
  • Relatively good equipment (probably too OP for the kind of enemies that are here)
  • Personalized portraits
  • Relatively big map

Beowulf vs. Grendel
Fire Emblem - Seven Warriors

  • Patches: circleseverywhere (Chapter tittle text converter, skip new game text), Fati (Skip game Opening)
  • Portraits: Levin64, Roxannity, Random Wizard, BoneManSeth, MeatofJustice, Sterling Glovner, Tom776

Dimension Dungeon


Download here

One day, Link was wandering around the world when he stumbled upon a dungeon. Naturally, he had to explore it. However, things made no sense within: people from all across time were waiting within, hoping to help Link. On the other hand, the many monsters lurking made perfect sense. Link knew something strange was going on, and he had to get to the bottom of this!

This entry features free movement to make a simplistic Zelda dungeon. It’s not perfect, and in order to get things working properly without random vanilla things appearing where they shouldn’t it took longer than I’d like. Trying to keep focus on one thing for four hours is a difficult task: I don’t blame people for taking extended breaks, and I think I’d have less dev time overall if I had taken one about halfway through. Every room had been created at the four hour mark, but due to the nature of the submission the eventing bugs took longer than anticipated to fix, especially in the combat rooms which revert to standard FE gameplay. Overall I probably spent about five hours actually getting the game winnable.

With the nature of the submission, there was certainly not enough time to implement maps and compasses. I’ll provide a map here.





Final Stand
Link: Dropbox - Final - Simplify your life
This took me 3hr 58min to complete, my development thoughts got kind of long so I separated them into a hidden section.
Features: skills, 8 playable units, O’neal, and a lot of skeletons.

Notes on the project development

I had to cut a few things out and barley had time to fix bugs right at the end. Unfortunately I was not able to give all the player characters unique battle pallets. I had an idea of one big survival map, I had initially planned for events, talks, and Easter eggs, but the clock ticked away quite a bit quicker than I expected. However I am still really happy with the results. It really forced me to prioritize, which was nice as I normally take forever to finish any of my projects. I will most likely revise it a bit and add the things I ran out of time for later on.

I had a few thoughts of the idea of starting with just one or two units and having to rush to villages for supplies and recruitable units whitest fighting the undead horde. Initially I was going to even use normal classes but recolor the enemy default palates of them to be very zombie feeling. (green/gray skin for the people and horses, etc.) But I decided that would take far too long to implement so scrapped the idea. I did keep the zombie theming however.


After the great calamity the dead now rise from their graves and torment the living during the hours of night. Only a few bastions of humanity remain, all the major cities have fallen to the horde. Those that remain live in the ruins of cities or live in tents in nomadic tribes, hiding in the mountains or forests. Beth the leader of one of a group that lives in the ruins of a castle with her allies. Must survive one final night before reaching the city across the mountains. Which is the last of civilization, or what is told by the wandering tribes. When day breaks the dead will skulk back to the caves and tombs deep underground, and the path to new hope will rise in their place.



Music - Radomwizard (Enemy) Zoramine Fae (Player), SME (battle), Psyche (Title)
Portraits - JeyTheCount, MeatOfJustice, Nobody, Its_Just_Jay, CapibaraInSpace
Soilder (F) - Alusq, Maiser6, JeyTheCount
Wyvern Lord - Nuramon
Hero (F) - IS, Pikmin1211, Pushwall, St jack
Lich - SkidMarc25; map sprite - EldritchAbomination, SkidMarc25, Blood; class card - SkidMarc25
Bonewalker Axe - {MrNight, RenOokami, Orihara_Saki}, {Vilkalizer, Orihara_Saki}
Wight - Teraspark, Wan.


FE: Jimmy The Dragon.
UPS: Click Me!
This took me aboouuut 4 hours and one minute…


A dragon! His names Jimmy!
Four distinct Factions!
Snappy music!
An original map theme composed by me!
Cool and unpaletted battle animations!
A solid story…?
Did I mention a Dragon named Jimmy?



Mugs: Dutch Introvert mrGreen3999

Music: Meilu ShinKuma 7443 AlfredKimon SaXor

Battle Anims: Mikey Seregon khrene kleaver, khardros Pushwall Norkins

Patches: Agro Contro circleseverywhere jjl2357, Blademaster, Hextator, Tequila Stan Vesly HyperGammaSpaces Snakey1 Kirb Leonarth Zane Avernathy Pandan Scraiza Alusq

Misc: 7743: For FEBuilder and Patches. BwdYeti: FE Map Creator.

Making of the Project

Ok, I started with the map, I wanted to go with something different for this project, so I decide to go for the Snow theme for this project.

After that, and with the map generated (and heavily tuned up), I had to spend a good 15 minutes on trying to get the river/ocean anims in. The last image in the river anim strangely broke during the import. But with a quick re-import, the map was ready.

Then Four straight hours on taking one 20 minute break to grab a quick bite to eat, of FEBuilding, making the characters, events, items, tweaking the levels, enemy placements, promo bonus’s, and procasinating on if Jimmy The Dragon should have a Jar of Ghost Peppers, or just a plan ol’ wretched Breath Reskin.

I might get into more detail at a later date.

Let me know of any bugs, or uncredited assets.
And a very special thank you to Vesly for hosting such a fun event.

Now to go touch some grass…