[FE8] Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir


There us a .ups patch in the opening post. Use NUPS to patch it to a clean FE8U ROM. This goes for just about any project with a released product.

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Not sure if you guys are aware of it, but if the Sentinel class misses while equipped with a melee range axe, the game freezes, in the demo.


Weird. Have you joined the Discord? There’s a channel for bug reports. As well as a few other channels that would gladly accept your input. :slight_smile:


No, but i’ll do so now, in case any other bugs come up or have been addressed.


Are the magical animations free to use? I was planning on adding a Tellius Anima triangle to a hack I’m working on, and I needed spells.


All imported spells that we’re using are free to use and open source. You should be able to find them in the Ultimate Graphics Repository or the Spell Animation Achive.


v1.2 is out! Check out the changelog if you’re interested in what’s changed.
At this point, all chapters are considered polished, and each route finishes with a good/bad win condition. Although we’d still love playtesters to try it out, the mercenary path is largely finished. Next up is work on the military routes. :wave:



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Mini-update: Fixed a couple pretty significant bugs in both second chapters that slipped under the radar. Thanks to those who caught it, and sorry 'bout that.


Progress Update
It’s been a while since we’ve shown off any progress because we’ve been working hard on the military routes and various spooky things.
A special thanks to @A_Reliable_Chair for formatting some great-sounding music for us. Take a listen. All of these are recorded in-game: not a Sappy recording!

Another special shoutout to @feels for a custom mug for Jasper (far left) and @Zmr for a custom mug for Derek (far right). Thanks again for the hard work, and we’re always looking for more muggers! Join the Discord if you’re interested.

A few teasers for the military paths:

(We’re using improved knights and improved soldiers. Knights now have axe access.)
(We’re working on integrating prep screens in some chapters in military and mercenary paths. Hopefully no more spending valuable turns managing items.)

Finally, @1st_lieutenant_noguchi and I finally got around to another LP of a mercenary path.

We had a lot of fun (for the most part), and we hope you enjoy it.
Look forward to an update in the near future with various fixes to the mercenary paths, but for now, we’re making great progress on military chapters.
:wave: Have a great day… or night… or whatever it is in your timezone.


“all we nerdy people who hack Fire Emblem”

I am so fucking offended right now.

!reee intensifies

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don’t be so offended chair, it’s just like y’know


Despite the big maps, I’m enjoying this hack so far

I’ve run into an issue though.

In Chapter 7: Retribution (Route where you go to Shizon and kill chapter 6 boss), I killed the boss of that map and uh I don’t know where to escape

Can you guys tell me where the escape point is because it seems the ingame cutscene bugged out when the cursor was trying to show that…

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Fixed. It’ll be released with the next update. Caused just by my usual stupidity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the report, but un the future, please report bugs in our Discord server or DM me.

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Just released a large update fixing many things in the mercenary paths and including some fun new things, including prep screens, lots of music, new animations, and other things. Check the Changelog for details.

No military chapters are ready to release yet, but we’ve been making great progress.

Thanks again to our spriters, musicians, playtesters, the wizards who have helped out, and anyone else I’m missing. Thank you also to the community for all of the support we’ve gotten. We’re very grateful.


You forgot to thank me : )

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for what :roll_eyes:


Guys guys guys I found the secret DLC final boss of Avenir secretly hidden in the game’s files.