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This topic is ancient and very out of date. Refer to the Ultimate Graphics Repository for up to date animations, map sprites, and other such graphical assets.

Palette Modifications

Great Knight

Credit: @dancer_A

Credit: @dancer_A

Pirate + Smoothing

Credit: @2WB

Palette Samples
Credit: @BlueDruid

Credit: @dancer_A

Black Beauty Falcoknight
Palette Samples
Credit: The Blind Archer

Pegasus Knight Palette Edit
Credit: @OreoStyx

Female Bishop Palette Edit
Credit: @EldritchAbomination

Bishop (FE6) Palette Edit
Credit: @EldritchAbomination

Female Shaman Palette Edit
Credit: @MarkyJoe1990

Hector/Great Lord Revision
Credit: @Temp

Knight Lord Revision
Credit: @Temp

Wyvern Lord

Credit: The Blind Archer (axe animation), @Feaw

Wyvern Knight

Credit: @Feaw

Wyvern Rider w/ Bow Palette Fix
Credit:Credit: @Spud (Scripting), Princess Kilvas/Great Mizuti/Ninja Pichu(Sprite Sheet), @BlueDruid (palette fix)

Wyvern Lord w/ Bow Palette Fix
Credit: @Spud (Scripting) Princess Kilvas/Great Mizuti/Ninja Pichu(Sprite Sheet), @BlueDruid (palette fix)


Credit: @Feaw


Two hair variants included.
Credit: @FPzero

Troubadour Recolor (Swords + Staves)

Credit: @Teraspark

Lance Knight

Credit: @FPzero

Credit: eCut

Recruit Recolor

Credit: @Spud

Great Lord (Female) Palette Edit
Credit: @Teraspark

Great Lord (Male) Palette Edit
Credit: @Teraspark

Ephraim Lord Palette Edit
Credit: @Teraspark

Eirike Lord Palette Edit
Credit: @Teraspark

***Defective Packages***

Caineghis - @Arch
Credit: Lawliet, ChinaFE
Issue: Palette formatted incorrectly, images are correct size, and some colors appear to have been accidentally made transparent throughout the framing process. Also may be “too big” for FEditor’s current OAM capabilities.


Added my axe knight to the first section.
Sweet great knight screen.

There is no link with Eliwood with short Durandal.

I added a link to fix this issue.

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@dancer_A eric kitty go find those fee3 2013 anims and post theeeeeem

I’m getting a lot of 404 errors from Arch’s links. The pegasus knight w/swords and the falcoknight, for example. Maybe double check links?

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Yeah… The Falcoknight healing with staff link is still broken…

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You’re a lifesaver Agro! Added my Knight Lord revision as well! I should get around to packaging more custom stuff later in the month.

Dope, I should add that Great Lord to EN finally.

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I’ve gone through and fixed all of my links. Sorry for the trouble, guys! I added a folder for battle animations and it threw everything off.

Do we just add our own animations to the OP? I don’t want to fuck up the formatting.
Packages are at, a screen displaying its not great, not terrible palette agreeability is,
and it looks like
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The following contains FE8 compatible versions of the Archsage and Darkdruid animations(they are edited/reduced due to sound and OAM limitations), along with FE7/FE8 compatible versions of the FE6 male and female sages, and an FE8 version of the short haired female sage. Also included are sound edits for three public custom animations, Oracle_of_fire’s Michaiah and Sister animations, and Gabrielknight’s war monk due to them not working in FE8. Frames and scripts are included for editing if you desire to do so:


can you get screenshots/seperate links for all of these and edit them into the post according?

Added them all in.

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Broken link:

Mercenary - @dancer_A
Its link is the same as its image’s.