General FEU Tips Topic

Hello, FEU people!
It’s me, Levin, an iconic spritan

So, are you guys looking for great portraits? Great animations? Patching helps? Or do you just want to lurk and have fun here?

Here are some things you should know around FEU, of course.

  1. READ THE RULES! OMG. No ban evasions, slurs, any forms of bigotry, NSFW stuffs, or just read this thread for better understanding -> FAQ/Guidelines Repost

  2. Understanding F2U and F2E abbreviations.
    F2U means free to use, you’re allowed to use it in your hack. Afaik you can only recolor portraits to match what you need.
    F2E means free to edit; it’s like next level of F2U, is that you can EDIT the said asset to your liking.
    You should watch these above, since assets aren’t things you can mess around without any responsibilities. You need to know if it’s F2U, or F2E, or even not-F2U. Don’t be afraid to ask the state of the assets too. You’re not gonna be judged because of that.

  3. Always credit the original owner of the assets you’re using! No matter what! It might help you:

  • when you have some problems with the asset and you don’t know where to ask
  • as an act of respecting the original owners by putting them in the credits
  1. Hacking help? You need to watch for these points below.
  • Showcase your hack, maybe with screenshots, general structure of the story, or any shape of form from your project. It might attract people to be interested on helping you.
  • Always provide a good medium for your teams so the members can communicate each others without sliding into DMs (ex. Discord server).
  • Always look for guides or any written helps and documentation in the forum before asking people about it. It’s not like people don’t want to help, but if the answers are already provided in the forum, you’re just wasting other people’s time unless you’re genuinely confused or you still cannot understand the guides.
  1. We have lots of F2U assets btw. Mugging Blitzes, Music Blitz, Music Repo, Map Sprite/Class Card Repo and other repos are there to help you with your hacking assets (SEARCH BAR IS YOUR FRIEND). Heck, we even have Ultimate GBAFE Resources (but pls stay alert for the permissions). Unless you have something specific, you can just ask people who’re dabbling on the things you’re looking for (portraits, battle sprites, map sprites) in the DMs, since making posts are kinda unnecessary. Beside, there is a Discord server dedicated for you guys to hang out and ask help. go make an account now lol

  2. Continuing from above, if you just want to hang out, it’s completely okay to make posts in the forums, but don’t do it too much. We have a better platform for you guys to talk and have a good laugh, which is in FEU Discord server. When the forums is like a public park, the server is more like a public hangout place like a pub? Something like that.

Please do correct me if I’m wrong. Any feedbacks or more things to add is completely appreciated.
Have a good day! also forgive me if there are any errors or smth, i’m not a native English speaker T_T


Who’s FEU.


iconic nyaa~



If you’re looking for things, make sure to check the tags/categories as well - some users (like myself) maintain a thread with all of our work in them instead of posting in the Repository topics, so there are more places that you can check (such as the Resources, Assets, or Creative categories to filter down the list of topics).

Adding to 4.3 above, the magnifying glass in the top right can search topics and posts within topics, so maybe another user has already made what you’re looking for or has had a similar problem that already has a solution. Always a helpful place to start looking.


I agree with this vaguepost, you should link to the soundroom instead of the music blitz i was very confused by the thread link notification


(Music repo is linked to in the Ultimate GBAFE Resource link. Imo general gist is “for F2U assets use the search bar first”. Good luck keeping that up to date and yes map blitzes, spell repo were overlooked too.)

Might be reparsing, but general advice

Be mindful of your discussion and try to make it useful for anyone who’s taking the time to read it (the person you’re responding to, the current audience, the audience from the far future who has no context of current climate).

While FEUDiscord is easier to unload wild and free thoughts and get a quick response to it, the forums are ideally a place to show your better front (in terms of assets/projects) or advance the community (in terms of technical advancements, teamwork ventures, documentation). Still some fun to be had, but not so much to the point dramatics drown out the voice of everyone else in the room.

If you’re having a hard time figuring something out, and you’ve tried using the documentation/ searchBar/ guides, please don’t feel any shame in asking. Chances are others have met the same obstacle* and/or there’s value in retreading/forging that path. (*:Not knowing a resource is available is a legitimate obstacle.)

But in the same field, make sure you’ve put forth the effort in research/troubleshooting/DIY and to present any problem/solution in a way that’d help others and yourself later on. Provide a .UPS or report 7z. Explain the scenario: what you’ve done to get there, what result you’re getting, what result you’re expecting. This due diligence is a valuable skill and will help you and others in the long run.

The art of giving and receiving feedback/criticism for creative works is just that: an art. It takes practice to know what to process and what to let go, some people are good/bad at it, some people have different tastes/approaches, so don’t let an opinion go too far to your head (either direction). Create for yourself first, be proud of what you achieve, do what you love as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

idk ideas there but logical ordering hard. Imo, Levin, your post seems solid and they’re all good points. I would try to categorize/sort them with headers by subject, maybe.


i was thinking of Blitzes as one of many sources of F2U assets, and i completely forgot the others, my mistake

and thank you Lenh-- it’s kinda hard to manage the first post to have as much info as I can provide, so big appreciates for you guys for helping out mentioning mistakes and new infos