The Music Repository Reloaded (Very WIP) Current Version: 0.3.1

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Update: This topic is deprecated. Visit the Music Repository V3 instead.

This topic is basically a replacement for the original Music Repository, which no longer works due to Chair retiring (leaving the community? Unclear). With that said, I must highly emphasize that I am not a music guy. I have never inserted a song into GBA. I have nearly no knowledge of soundfonts or anything else. I’m just trying to get what we have sorted and working.

Note: All songs in this repo are free to use. Just credit the original creators. (Their names are listed at the end of each song.)

This is the download for (probably) all of the songs from the original Music Repo topic:


It’s a 300MB .7z file. The original repo is only 2MB’s, this one is much bigger. Why? Because I want to include previews for every song.

Here is the legacy Repo, with no song previews (Only 2MB’s, Sappy files only):


This is not a true Repository, not yet. For now, it’s literally just all the songs thrown into a folder with the previews included. Ideally, this becomes a Google Drive once we have all the previews ready, and then we can maybe even integrate it into the official repo and website. It would be awesome if you could download the .s Sappy file while also getting to preview the song first.

This will be a heavy, heavy, heavy work in progress.

Let me reiterate that I know nothing about Sappy or music. If you want to complain that files aren’t in some… I don’t know… some obscure soundfont or whatever, you’re barking up the wrong tree. In an ideal world, someone with better knowledge would handle this repo. It looked for a while like Alusq was going to do it, but it turns out managing repos is extremely tedious, annoying, and often thankless work… so here I am.

So, yeah. There’s the download. I’ll try to work toward a better format with better organization and whatnot in my free time, which I don’t have a lot of.


Edit: And if it wasn’t clear, to anyone who submitted songs before, please create previews for all of your songs. It would be awesome if every song had a .mp3 associated for it. I literally have no idea (or available time!) on how to do this, so the community will have to help me, or it will never happen.


is it best to link the previews here once we have them ready?

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Yes, just post them here. If you have multiple, zip them up, and please ensure they have the same names as the .s files too!

Like so:

I should probably repost my submissions from Schtick’s thread, in case you haven’t gotten those yet. Too lazy to go through and do MP3s for all of them; maybe later.

Track List

Chrono Trigger - Frog’s Theme
Chrono Trigger - The Trial
FE6 - For the Commanders
FE6 - In the Name of Bern
FE6 - The Last Dragon
FE7 - Rise to the Challenge
Final Fantasy Tactics - Back Fire
Final Fantasy Tactics - Deep Dungeon
Kouryuu no Mimi - The Chapel Halls
Mega Man X - Armored Armadillo
Mega Man X - Boss
Mega Man X - Opening Stage
Ninja Gaiden - Boss Battle
Pirates of the Caribbean - He’s a Pirate
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers - Boss Battle
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers - Growing Anxiety
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers - Kecleon Shop
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers - Quicksand Pit
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers - Sky Peak Final Pass
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers - Steam Cave
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team - Sky Tower
Street Fighter II - Guile Theme
Sword of Mana - Courage and Pride From the Heart
Treasure of the Rudras - Battle Theme
Xenoblade Chronicles - You Will Know Our Names

Download link is here.


Added them to my repo copy.

Plz gib previews eventually.

Thanks for volunteering your time, Klok.


New update. Repo went from 264 zipped MB’s to 313! Saxor submitted previews for all of his work, so I’m bumping the Repo to v0.2.5. You can get these new previews and stuff from the original link.

Reminder that this repo is still a heavy work in progress and I still desperately need people’s help getting previews for all the songs. I can’t do this part myself, not even by brute forcing it, unlike when I did literally everything for the animation repo V1. I could do the overwhelming majority of the Animation Repo’s work because I was extremely familiar with animations and their intricacies, but in the case of music, I know -nothing-.

So, yeah. Submit yo previews people, so I can help shin make the music repo a part of the main repository!

okay, this folder should be everything I had in the repo before + some new ones.

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You even named them to repo standards! Thank you, you gorgeous, wonderful person.

Edit: Ummmm can I get song previews too when you have time? Not to be a doodoo brain but it will help toward actually making this repo complete :sweat_smile:

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is it okay to add new music in?

To your hack? Yes, that’s what the repo is for.

To the repo? Sure, just post it here. Make sure it’s a .sappy file and formatted to the Repo’s name standards.


Here you go I also added a preview.

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Naming style could be better. :man_shrugging:

What is Trails? Is that a full game name or a shortened one? Is Cry for Me the title?

(Thanks for including a preview btw, very cool!)

Yes and yes full name is The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky but its normally just called trails.

First submission in… 25 days.

My list includes:
Animal Crossing - K.K. Condor
Final Fantasy Legend - Battle
Final Fantasy Legend - Final Boss
Final Fantasy Legend 2 - Lethal Strike
Final Fantasy Legend 2 - Dreadful Fight
Romancing SaGa 3 - Battle
Illusion of Gaia - Comet (Short Loop)
Kirby 64 - Miracle Matter

MP3s are included, as requested.

Added your songs to the repo. Only advanced the version by 0.0.1 since I still don’t have previews of allllllll the existing songs.

The repo filesize increased from 320 to 327 MB’s.

Here, have some stuff. Some of it has previews; mostly in .WAV format, though. You might need to convert those ones to MP3 yourself.

Track List

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - Hammer’s Shop
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Big Battle
Live a Live - Cry-A-Live
Live a Live - Megalomania
Live a Live - The Demon King Odio
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team - Friend Area Swamp
Sonic Adventure 2 - A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup
Xenoblade Chronicles - Tragic Decision

Download link here.


Uh, your link is only for one song, the sonic adventure one.

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Huh. Does this link fix that?

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And, updated! We went from 327 MB’s to 331!

I’ll change the version number to 0.2.7

…Still need to get previews for all the existing songs. Anyone wanna help a brother out?