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(Anyone have an idea for a banner?)

Similar to the 1H Blitz one

With the success of 1H Blitz, I’ve decided to take up this contest for now as well. I hope to alternate between the two every few months.


Traditionally this contest has been lead by Ghast or Alusq to great success. Unfortunately Ghast stated that he has no plans to continue this contest. So I talked to Alusq and he provided me some great feedback & advice, and encouraged me to go ahead with the contest. Even though MAFC has had its fair share of drama and setbacks, a lot of great results have come out of it nonetheless. One of its biggest issues was gigantic maps that took way too long to complete, so I’ve banned those. :slight_smile: It seems that the loot boxes with assets that Alusq sent everyone was a fun idea, but it’s too much of a hassle for me. Finally, I won’t be giving any submissions any sort of rating. I’ll generally say a few good words as I play it and that’s that.

We can learn from what has worked well and build on this to create an awesome, positive contest.

General Deadlines: :spiral_calendar:

:snowman_with_snow: January & July :beach_umbrella:: MAFC

:seedling: April & October :fallen_leaf:: 1H Blitz

Expect each one 1-2 times a year when possible.


Rule of Thirties :three: :zero:

Playable in 30 minutes or less :clock130:

I have a short attention span

I may be slower than you! As the creator, you should be able to beat it in 20 minutes.

30 or fewer enemies :timer_clock:

I need 1 minute to kill each enemy

This includes reinforcements!

Max 30 lines of consecutive dialogue :page_with_curl:

Split up dialogue with map cutscenes

Highlighted 30 lines.

Map size smaller than 30x30 :world_map:

No Vanilla fe7 / fe8 map exceeds 31 in a dimension.

I generally prefer smaller maps. If it’s 30x30 I might still complain as I play it.

Make it fun :partying_face:
If you give me troll gameplay, I will probably just stop playing early. :man_shrugging:t3:

If you ignore these guidelines, I may not play your submission. :put_litter_in_its_place:

Original Content? :recycle:

  • Nope! You can use a chapter from your hack.
  • HOWEVER, it must make sense on its own. I won’t be reading up on your project, so we will have no context of your hack.
    • If too many entries don’t seem to make sense as standalone chapters, I may stop accepting these. :expressionless:
  • It should be a fairly :new: chapter, or remade for this contest
  • No chapters that I’ve previously made a video on (eg. “Preview a Hack”)
  • No chapters that were previously submitted for a contest, please

Is this Engine okay? :motorcycle:

I do prefer fe8, but I want to be inclusive.

  • FE6, FE7, or FE8 (but really you should use FE8 - no reskins!) :white_check_mark:
  • Lex Talionis :white_check_mark:
  • SRPG Studio :white_check_mark:
  • Other - probably (but ask me first) :white_check_mark:

(If you aren’t using FEGBA as a base, please share instructions on how to load up your game.)


Clickbait, pls!

  • We want these to be seen :desktop_computer:
  • Include a gimmick to your gameplay :eyes: and help me surpass 19 subs plz.

Document your chapter! :scroll: :pen:

  • Share your experience of creating your entry :rainbow:
  • Post screenshots/gifs of your chapter :metal:t2:
  • Describe the plot / gameplay :open_book:
  • Post the .UPS :file_folder: here

I’m not inclined to play submissions that I know nothing about. :question:

Resources to use

Credits :credit_card:
If you use someone’s :free: to use asset, you must write their name in your credits.


:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

  • We can vote on our favourites :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • People might :heart: like your post
  • I hope to play and upload them to youtube


  • Most-liked reply :love_letter:
  • Top-voted as favourite :100:
  • Fastest any% :snowboarder:t2: (and probably crappiest hack)

The real reward was the :rainbow: friends chapter you made along the way.

In summary:

You make a :pinching_hand: short chapter, and I play it.


January 15th, 2021.

:triangular_flag_on_post: :checkered_flag: :triangular_flag_on_post:


fun is optional, but count me in.


Hoo boy. Time to dust off ye old hack making skills.

my submission for the banner, inspired by the great artist @Pikmin1211


get ready for my fevn submission :sunglasses:


Well, crap. Might as well throw my hat in the ring as well.

You can count me in as well! Now I need to think of something fun though… :thinking:




Now that’s what I call a fun chapter!


what fire emblem was always meant to be

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Update post but basically just bumping this

It’s been a lot of fun to try out the 1h Blitz submissions so far. There’s just a few more of those to do (11/15 done), so I am hoping for plenty of MAFC5 entries to try in the next few months. I’ll probably do them chronologically, so if you want your entry played sooner, you could submit before the deadline. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.


I have awoken

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Well I took a bit faster than I thought, but I have completed my thing. Here’s the Impa to the patch itself, and here’s the credits list.


Convert Chapter Titles to Text by Circles
16 Tracks 12 Songs by Agro/Blender
Anti-Huffman by Hextator
NIMAP2 by Alusq
Toggle Difficulty Select Skip by StanH
DSFE Avoid by Shtick (Hey, that’s me!)
Faster Level Ups by Tequila
Melee Magic Menu Fix by Hextator, Tequila, and 7743
Limit Weapon Rank Display by Blademaster, Hextator, and Tequila
NarrowFont by Scraiza
01 Command Hack by Hextator and 7743
Fix Weak promoted enemies by gryz
Normally Strong Promoteds by aera
3b crash fix by 7743
continue BGM by 7743
CAM1 fix by Stan
26 Crash Fix by 7743
ModularMinibox by 7743/Zane
Battle Stats with animations off
Autosave Killer by Laquieer


Brainiac Maniac ported to FE8 by Shtick (Hey, that’s me!)


Mortal Savant assets by Nura
Ephraim GL Infantry Animations by Nura
Ephraim GL Infantry Map Sprites by Snewping
Wyvern Rider Axes Map Sprites by flasuban
Helmetless Wyvern lord by flasuban
Title Screen by Shtick (Hey, that’s me!)
Wyvern Rider Axes Class by whoever made it (couldn’t find an owner)
Wyvern Rider Axes by flasuban
Wo Dao Icon by Shtick (Hey, that’s me!)

And I guess there is some things I wanted to document about the development.

I usually like to start maps in as clean of a slate as I can without doing much effort. hence, I started with a bunch of plains tiles.
then was the general design of the chapter being finished. Some of the finer details were left out because I still needed to add it in.

I finished up the majority of the fine detail. Enemy placement was mostly done, but the enemy types weren’t. I won’t show what the finished product looks like to avoid spoiling too much.

Now anyways, enjoy this hack, if you can.

EDIT: Check the In-Game guide, as I made some gameplay “tweaks”


funny found

I did mine.


README (Credits, my thoughts, etc.):

Thanks for the experience I had while making this.
Oh, sorry for like, the relatively massive map. It shouldn’t be too bad.

Heres what the hack’s about.

You are a wandering mercenary group, and your goal is to seize the titular fort in this relatively short hack. Every player unit has the skill “Charge”, making you deal extra damage the more you move. You’re encouraged to move as much as possible in order to cover as much ground as possible in order to deal as much damage as possible, but it’s not like you’re invincible if you travel extensive distances, as enemies still have the capabilities to wreck shop if left unchecked.

Heres some screenshots




You should include your thoughts on the process in your post. Would make it easier to read. You could also include a couple screenshots.

That way more people will know what your submission actually is. I like to have a brief overview of each entry before jumping into it. Thanks!

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Let’s say that, hypothetically, I was going to be making a chapter for M5FC (or M6FC/whatever the July one will be). Would I be able to:

  1. Include a small but separate playable prologue map that’s beatable within a minute or two with the purpose of introducing the main chapter’s gimmick and mechanics in a controlled environment? (or do I need to strictly only include a single map/chapter)
  2. Use an existing vanilla, blitz (of either the chapter creation or map kind), or otherwise free to use map for my chapter? (I assume as long as the chapter itself is different it’s fine but just to make sure)

(I have a secret idea I might go with but it would need 1. to work as well as it could imo. 2. is just because I don’t want to map :stuck_out_tongue: ).


You can do whatever you want, as long as it’s within the spirit of the contest (make it fun). There are just some guidelines on what I am likely to find not fun (eg. oversized maps & chapters that drag on).

I’d prefer you use a map from the repo over a vanilla map personally. But ultimately there are no strict rules - I just may stop playing a submission early if I feel that it’s blatantly ignoring my guidelines. It’s really just a disclaimer, haha. “I have the right to not play all of the content that you submit.” :sweat_smile: I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.

I look forward to your submission! :eyes: Your event codes doc has been very helpful to me.


I hope everyone uses their holidays wisely. Which means, of course, creating your mafc5 entry. 30 days left! :+1:


It took me a while, but I have finished it!
I present to you all my entry for Make A Fun Chapter V:

The Marquess Trial.emulator
The Marquess Trial.emulator2
The Marquess Trial.emulator3

The Marquess’ Trial takes place after Fire Emblem 7’s Lyn mode and features Eliwood, Hector and Lyn with their respective little army. Every upcoming ruler in Elibe has to take some sort of trial and for the three main lords this is a big fight to determine if they are strong and intelligent enough to become the next ruler. Join Eliwood, Hector and Lyn on their separate challenges to become great leaders! You will see some familiar faces along the way…

For those of you who want to give this a go:

About the development of this hack/chapter: It took longer than expected, but I enjoyed making it a lot. I was really struggling with the time limit of the map though, so it might be a little longer than 30 minutes :confused:. Go ahead and disqualify me if you must :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Even though this is just one chapter, I tried to add as much detail as possible. This meant importing and exporting a lot of stuff. That doesn’t mean I did not like it. As you will see, I love adding little easter eggs to my projects… Good luck finding them in this one…


**Max 30 lines of consecutive dialogue** :page_with_curl:

This rule is a fairly simple one; it’s meant to keep dialogue from rolling on and on. Going by this rule, the hack’s script should be swift and get to the point.

I, of course, took this to its logical conclusion.

Vesly MAFC.emulator-0

The title is a clean summation of the hack; there is no dialogue, and there will be a whole lot of dying. (Hopefully not your units dying.)

Here’s the plot:
Vesly MAFC.emulator-1
Vesly MAFC.emulator-3
Vesly MAFC.emulator-4

Features include:

  • As aforementioned, zero lines of dialogue in the entirety of the chapter! The story is told purely through cutscenes and map movements.
  • A weapon system inspired by Fire Emblem: Gaiden, and its mixture of basic and advanced weapons.
  • Stat layouts and unit placements inspired by Souls of the Forest; face enemies with high Strength, overlapping ranges, and more!
  • Bow cavaliers. Bow cavaliers are cool.

And more! Feel free to give it a play.

Download link

Gameplay Notes (READ THIS)

Normal mode is the intended difficulty. Hard mode is not tested; play it at your own risk!
Weapon triangle is +/-30 to hit, +/-3 to damage.
Weapon weight is a static “you lose this much speed”. CON is only for rescuing.


Axe Paladin map sprites: L95
Axe Paladin animations: SALVAGED, Leo_link, Flasuban, The_Big_Dededester
Bow Cavalier map sprites: Flasuban
Bow Cavalier animations: Pikmin1211, Maiser6, eCut
Brigand map sprites: Flasuban
Brigand animations: Flasuban
Brigand class card: Flasuban
Deserter map sprites: Alusq
Deserter animations: Alusq
Deserter class card: Rasdel
Knight map sprites: Nuramon, flasuban
Knight animations: Iscaneus, Nuramon, flasuban, Jeorge Reds
Lord map sprites: Leo_link
Lord animations: Mikey Seregon, Khrene Kleaver, Khardros
Runemaster map sprites: Unknown
Runemaster animations: Leo_link, Nuramon, Iscaneus, DerTheVaporeon
Soldier map sprites: Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq
Soldier animations: Alusq
Warrior animations: Nuramon, Spud, Leo_link

Rosalind portrait: Levin
Paris portrait: LaurentLacroix
Elaiza portrait: SSHSX

Fire Arrows weapon icon: Zarg

Tileset: N426, Zoramine, Vennobennu
Stat screen: Epicer

FE2 Boss theme: Hypergammaspaces