Getting Started

FEBuilder, Buildfiles, or what?

Pros & Cons
Pros Cons
Easy-to-use interface Edits are permanent
Beginner-friendly & intuitive Debugging requires your backups to compare data & resolve issues
In-depth documentation of FE8 Testing custom ASM is clunky
Pros Cons
Edits aren’t permanent No user-interface
Organized directory that you “build” Steeper learning curve
Easier to design custom asm

Most users begin with FEBuilder, but some transition over to buildfiles once experienced. Most hacks are made exclusively for FE8U (and it has the most features), so that is the default when otherwise not stated.

Other Engines

Lex Talionis is a custom coding framework for creating fire emblem styled games in python.

SRPG Studio is an easy-to-use all-in-one editor for creating simple srpg projects.

Tactile (previously FEXNA) is a .NET coding framework & all-in-one editor.

Projects that use these engines are welcome on feuniverse, though they generally see a bit less traffic than fegba hacks.

Frequently Asked Questions:


I have a great idea for a hack! How can I get a team of people to help?

99.9% of projects are essentially solo - the creator is the only one actually editing the game. However, there are many excellent free to use (with credit) assets, including portraits, tilesets, battle animations, and asm hacks/patches. So worry not, as it won’t feel like a solo project once you involve yourself with the community.

What emulator should I use?

We recommend mGBA in general, or no$gba for debugging with break points. VBA is advised against because you will miss bugs. VBA automatically turns bad commands into NOPs, so it won’t necessarily crash when mGBA or real hardware would. It is also less accurate, such as how enemy AI may act differently in fire emblem games on VBA compared with real hardware. If you rom hack it’s best to use mGBA so you’ll see any crashes and don’t force your playerbase to only use VBA.

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We have built upon the amazing contributions of many users, making the methods and information below become less relevant. An especially avid reader may find something of interest, though.

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Chapter Maps
Inserting Maps and Tiled Changes in Tiled (ALL GBA) [Tiled/Nightmare] Insert an Image to Use as a Map (ALL GBA) [Tiled]

Niche Documentation:

This thread is a revamp of The Grand Library of FEU by Arch.

Good luck with your project!


I might not be a newbie but I still managed to learn something new like the fact that we have a third music repo.


The guy running Repo v2 was a total asshole; dropped it like a hot potato. Can’t stand him.