Seeking Help For my FE Blades of Armageddon

Thank for taking your time to find this thread on FEUniverse. In case your unaware, I’m currently in the process of creating my very own hack from scratch and to make it a fun, difficult, and “an engaging and emotional journey” to play. That being said, I was working on this hack solo without any help because I thought I could do it myself without any issues or problems whatsoever. Welp. I was dead wrong. I REALLY need help if I going to make this hack + dream of mine a reality.

I probably should say this, but PLEASE only help me if your willing to help and have spare time. And of course, I not going to force you when to help me out as I don’t want to and I don’t want to make you feel that you have some sort of obligation towards helping me when designing this hack. But if you do decide to help me out, please don’t help me out and then not get any work done for like 1 week - 10 days. Because I just don’t like people who do that when they decide to help out with hacks. And I don’t think people are going to be mad because I said that. Now I do know that things come up in life and if something does happen in your life that causes you to be put on pause, that’s understandable and I can relate to that. I’m talking about people who decide to help out, then don’t help out at all, and don’t communicate towards you or anyone else for like 3 months. Maybe people haven’t seen this before, but I have it REALLY annoys me to no end.

As far as hacking goes on my end, I wouldn’t call myself an “expert” or a “professional” in terms of hacking, but I can edit things here and there. I got the basics covered and I’m able to do light to medium editing when it comes to edit ROM’s. So what do I need in terms of help for the hack I’m trying to make?

So here is what I need help with:

  • Event Editor- Obviously, if your making a hack, you need an event editor. You COULD design your hack around the events that take place in traditional FE8, but then your not really playing a hack I feel. I feel like your just playing a different rendition of FE8.

  • Playtester/Playtester’s-I of course would play test my own hack for enjoyment. But I would also play it to discover game-breaking bugs or glitches. But one person can’t do this alone. I would need another person or two to help me on this front. Cause when making a hack, bugs are bound to pop up for I have yet to see a hack that doesn’t have bugs in it. Some are avoidable, some are no big deal, and some just make the hack unplayable. I want to discover the unplayable hack bugs through playtesting

  • Script Editor/Proofreader-This isn’t REALLY a position I was considering making a case for because of Auto Correct and I check my spelling before I make post or send text messages anyway. But I figured that since if I’m writing the dialogue/story for a hack, I’m bound to make spelling errors and phrase a sentence or three that just makes it sound weird or not right. When I play a hack, it bothers/annoys me when I play a hack where they missed capitalization, forget a period, forgot to give comma’s to places in a sentence, etc. So yeah, I figured I would like someone to help me go over a script.

So.As you can see, I need help with this hack and the help I need is major. I wish I didn’t have to make sound like this, but when it comes to stuff like this, I prefer its better to just lay it out all on the table instead of beating around the bush. So if your interested in helping me, you can comment here on this thread or send me a DM. Obviously, you’d want to know what the hack is about so below is a link to the hack thread itself so you can read the hack’s backstory itself to see what you think of the concept.

Link to Hack Concept Thread: Fire Emblem:Blades Of Armagedon (Working Title) and Hack is currently WIP

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Events -
All you really need is to LOAD+ENUN your units + the enemy units. Yes, it is bare bones, but we all start somewhere.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, please watch this video on making a chapter in 14 mins

Map editor -
Fe_map_creator can generate maps for you, and there are some beautiful f2u maps in the Graphics Repo.

Playtesters -
Bring each chapter one at a time into #playtesting on feu’s discord to get some feedback.

on getting a team

Good luck with the hack.


Hi! I would love to help you with the proofreading aspect. As for playtesting, I’ve never personally done it myself. I’m fairly new on this site, so I don’t really know how to do it.
Does it involve merely receiving a patch from you for me to put over a rom? 'Cause if so, that should be no problem. If not, would you please explain what it consists of?