MemeTzar's FEBuilder Tutorial

Hey y’all I’m making a series of FE Builder Tutorials on Youtube for my ROM hacking friends on my Discord. I decided to share that with everyone else and newbies. I myself am not a master but I have made a full fledged ROM Hack for my IRL friends. So I hope to give new ROM hackers a easy to digest guide with custom music!!

Episode 1:Character Customization

Episode 2: Portrait Formatting and Insertion

Episode 3: Text Insertion, Formatting, and Basic Eventing

Episode 4: Intro to Battle Animations and Unit Placer Shenanigans

Episode 5: Music Insertion and Sound Mixing

I’ll be creating a short 2 chapter ROM hack from this series with the protagonist Kazuya!!


I also want you to make tutorials for diff debug tool and report7z.

diff debug tool



Will do!

Are you ever gonna get around into making a tutorial on how to properly insert palettes? So they don’t look like negative contrasts? Like using existing palettes on new, imported sprites?

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Yeah right now I’m in the process of making them scripted so they’re short and concise. Just have to organize all my knowledge first

Ok, you mentioned in your last tutorial video you were gonna teach us how to use palettes, especially on battle animations, cause I really want to use a bunch of new sprites in my own personal hack

Yeah so Imma just make a quick and dirty episode for you then