How to make Range Event and Escape Event

The Range and Escape Event has been asked every month so I created a guide.

This time, the destination is the grassland on the opposite bank on the upper left of the screen.

Range event.

Set the following to fire an event when a player unit waits in a range.


Set the following to fire an event when UnitID:0x01 Eirika waits in a range.


Escape event.

Install two patches.

Install “Simple Escape” Patch.
If you have not installed FEBuilderGBA SkillSystems, install “Display Escape menu” Patch.

//If you don’t have the “Anti Huffman” patch, install it.

If you want to exit when everyone escapes, set as follows.


If Eirika has to escape at the end, set as follows.



Thank you for making this. I’ve needed an escape code for 1 of my chapters for quite a while now but kept postponing making it because of all the issues I had.

I have 1 question though: which flag is triggered when all units have escaped? Is it Flag 6 (Route flag) or another one? This is important for me to know because Flags 2,3 and 6 are all used to end chapters and I need to know which one to have trigger my chapter end event.

Specifically I am talking about the code

Stage cleared when everyone Escape[POINTER_UNITSSHORTTEXT:Units dialogue]

You don’t have to worry about the flags as they are handled nicely within ASM in this patch.

For the time being, the processing performed by this patch is,
When the last one performs Escape, flag 0x03 is turned ON and End Event is called.

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