FEBuilder In-depth Tutorial Videos by XPGamesNL ~ For Beginners and more experienced hackers!

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Greetings Everyone!
After a conversation on a different thread, other members of the community have encouraged me to make a thread for the FEBuilder tutorial videos I post on my youtube channel. That is why this thread is here today and I’m super grateful for the support of this community!

The tutorial videos on my channel tend to be very long and in depth on a variety of topics. My videos are mostly aimed at beginners, who don’t know the hacking scene and FEBuilder too well. This does not mean that there is nothing interesting to see for a little more skilled hackers though! I sometimes do some really detailed and in depth stuff, as well as I go super deep into some topics.

Here is the playlist of tutorials. I hope you find something that helps you with your hacking endeavours!

I’ve come at a point where I don’t have a lot of topics left to make videos of. If you want something specific covered, leave a suggestion on this thread or in the comments and I’ll see if I can make a video about it (if the topic is not too difficult, that is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

Feedback about my current tutorials is also welcome. I’ve heard a few times that my tutorials are helpful, but I’m curious to hear your opinion!


Wait, a tutorial where the uploader speaks perfect English, the microphone isn’t covered in cellophane wrap and/or wasn’t fished out of a crackerjack box from 2003, and he actually knows the subject?

That’s… illegal!


Oh damn… Guess I have to turn myself in now XD

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I will definitely be giving this a watch. Quick question, and if it’s in your vid I’ll watchband learn. Is there a way to export animation and get the frames and gif or do you just get a bin file and what looks like a Mashup of pictures?

Hi Kliss!
Thank you for giving my videos a go!

There is a way to get a gif and all the seperate frames when making exporting an animation. You only need to change the file type when you export an animation and save it.

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Nice! Thank you! I had done it in the past somehow and couldn’t figure out what I did lol

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Nice to hear it helped! :smiley:

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Hey everyone! It has been a while since I posted a new tutorial video, so I thought that now would be a good time to make one or two new ones! After someone asked for a tutorial on conversations in the comment section, I decided to tackle that topic next in two videos:

These tutorials are shorter than most of my other ones. Someone suggested making shorter videos, so I tried that out! Every part will tackle only one specific thing, which allows for quickly finding the information you are looking for in my videos.

Just out of curiosity: What is your preference when it comes to (my) FEBuilder tutorial videos?

  • Short videos
  • Long videos
  • Switch between long and short
  • Something else (please specify)

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@XPGamesNL how about one on how to replace a characters battle animation? (with an animation from the feu repository). Like changing Assassin class Matthew or Swordmaster Marisa to the right hair? Don’t think a tutorial like that exists and it’s given me trouble

What game are you trying to edit, FE7 or 8?

Oh didn’t realize it was a different process based on which game. I’d say FE7 to start

Oh, it’s not a different process, I was just asking so I know what game I need to pull up to get screenshots of the process.

Okay, I had to go and check how do this in FE7 because I’m too use to primarily hacking FE8

  1. Click “Advanced editors”

  2. Look for “Battle animations” and click on that.

3 For the sake of time(and because I haven’t hacked FE7 in awhile.) let’s replace Lyn’s lord animation with one from the repo.

Your screen should look like this, notice the OF Sword and 10 Item? We might need to change those depending on what weapons the new class uses. For future reference, the “10 Item” is just the unarmed dodge animation.

  1. Let’s go ahead and reclass Lyn, shall we? Click the “Import Battle Animation” Button. I’m going to assume you already have some animations from the repo downloaded, so I won’t explain how to download them here.

  2. Find whatever animation you want Lyn to use, for this tutorial, I’ll make her a Lyn style myrmidon. First off, let’s replace her sword animation with the new class.

  1. Click the “Sword” folder, and look for the Sword.bin file. You will also see a sword.txt file, but I’ve only forgotten what’s the different between them.

And boom, Lyn has been changed! I already clicked it before I took the pictures, but click the top “Write to rom” and the top picture of Lyn’s animation will now match the bottom.

  1. If you want to replace her “10 - Item” animation, just repeat was done above except click into the 8 - unarmed folder and look for the unarmed.bin file.

  2. Let’s start up the game and check out our changes!

Help 4

… Looks like nothing changed, but let’s check before we jump to conclusions. Let’s attack the bandit and see what happens.

Help 5

It worked! Her dodge(with a weapon equipped) works as well. But why does her battle palette look so messed up? Simple, the colors haven’t been adjusted to fit her new battle animation.

I can explain how to change map sprites as well if needed. I will say however, it’s recommended to hack FE8, before there’s more documentation for it, and a lot more cool stuff exists for it.


I watched your video.
You show the viewer summary of the changes at the end, but I think you could show them in smaller units.
Rather than doing A, B, and C, and then showing them at the end by executing
I think it would be easier to understand if you do A first and confirm with the F5 key, then B, confirm with the F5 key, and finally C and confirm with the F5 key.
Or, as is often used in cooking videos and the like, you can show the finished product first, and then introduce the process of making it.

I want tutorial for report7z and diff debug tool.


This is a good idea, as those tools are obscure and not well known. They can be intimidating to newer developers, who won’t touch them out of fear something might go wrong. They also might not use the debugging tools because they don’t understand how those tools work.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! It means a lot to me when people give me advice for the things I can/need to improve on! I’ll make sure to try showing off the changes in the game more often. Had not thought of that myself.

I’ll see what I can do with the suggested topics. As always, more feedback is always welcome! :smiley:

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from the comments these tutorials seem well done, I’m usually not one to watch a bunch of tutorials before jumping into things I prefer to mess with something until I understand how it works but I may give some of these videos a watch

quick question though, is this aimed at fe7 or 8 hackers? I’m guessing 8 since that’s the most diverse base game to edit

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These videos are mostly aimed at FE8, as that is the most used rom for hacks and the rom that gets the most new patches. I might do a series on FE7 sometime though, who knows! :slight_smile:

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Wowow. @SilverManedWolf ty for all the help and screenshots, seriously.
I was able to get the Matthew battle animation put in (testing on Lyn just like you suggested) but having trouble adjusting the colors.

I tried using the clipboard copy+paste to upload his palette (from his default promoted assassin appearance) but its still coming out all scrambled…albeit, now in the correct colors it seems? Am I pasting something wrong or is there a color string I’m missing that would make it look like it does in the repo?

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I assume that’s the Matthew battle animation from the Repo by Greentea? That character uses a custom palette. Remove Lyn’s character palette and set his palette to ‘normal’ to see Matthew’s colors.

You can then edit the normal palette in FEBuilder to make a custom palette for non-Matthew characters.

To explain, you said the following:

The default Assassin uses a different ‘palette arrangement.’ Basically, there are 16 colors in use for palettes. As an example, let’s say:

Assassin Matthew Vanilla FE:
1-3: Hair (Blonde)
4-6: Clothing (Red)
7-8: Clothing (Blue)
9-10: Skin color
10-12: Leather color (Boots, belts, etc)
13-14: Misc shit idk
15: Character outline color
16: Background color

If you paste those colors onto Greentea’s Matthew, they might break because the color arrangements are different.

Assassin Matthew Greentea:
1-3: Misc shit idk
4-6: Skin color
7-8: Leather color (Boots, belts, etc)
9-10: Hair (Blonde)
10-12: Clothing (Blue)
13-14: Clothing (Red)
15: Background color
16: Character outline color

By copy and pasting the vanilla Matthew colors over top of Greentea’s Matthew, you’ll totally fuck up the colors. You can switch the order of the colors around until they work, but it’s up to you if you want to do that. I recommend just switching to the basic color palette, assuming you’re only going to use this animation for FE7 Matthew anyway.

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