Spritans Pin Dump

(The pin list is getting mildly unnavigatable.)


Standard GBAFE Hackboxes

All GBAFE character portraits

All GBAFE item icons

Standardized Skintones

Standardized portraits & animation sheets
(All using same palette for ease of splicing)


“The Pixel Art Tutorial”- Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial

On Color Theory- “I don’t get it!” Pixel Joint Forum: COLORING "I dont get it"

“Noobtorials”- Pixel Joint Forum: Noobtorials

General art-- “Art tutorial for the intermediate painter”, very text heavy, by Arne

“Pixel Art Tutorial” from Arne - http://androidarts.com/pixtut/pixelart.htm

“SO YOU WANT TO BE A PIXEL ARTIST”, collection by gas13/Alexey (multiple other tutorials in sidebar) - So you want to be a pixel artist? - Photoshop tutorials and Pixelart tutorials, smiles and pixelart - Gas13.ru>

SF’s spriter’s resource

A compilation of many tutorials, warning of huge gifs:

Mouth frames - Aeorys / AK

Portrait collars - Aeorys / AK

Map sprite timings:
530 - 70 - 530 ms for the idle; or 32 - 4 - 32 counts
330 - 70 - 330 ms for the actives; or 20 - 4 - 20 counts
220 - 100 - 220 - 100 ms for the movement cels; or 13 - 6 - 13 - 6 counts

These are a bit larger so–

Full custom battle sprite tutorial - BwdYeti
Part 2! - BwdYeti


Jesus christ how old is that hack box, I could have sworn it’s the one or very similar to the one I did years and years ago, 'cause it’s done to show how you can 8-pixel-box frames.

Either way, neat collection, should help the newcomers.

(Just as a note on the mouth frames guide sheet, I’d recommend anyone who is doing mug frames to get yourself a spriting program that can preview animations so that you can see how it looks as you go. Also I’d start on the third frame as it’s more key and then do the middle inbetween frame as a blend last.


Could I suggest adding the skin colors image?


Also, kind of found the Full Custom Tutorial 2, the problem is… well… the resolution.


Hey, guess what’s un-navigateable by me again? That’s right, it’s spritans’s pins!

Pixel Logic, an in-depth tutorial – this is a full book!

A direct link to the full portrait repository – make sure to check credits/permissions.

And this animation collection;

This is a 3d model that you can manipulate and rotate to check your poses:

A collection of every battler’s idle for quick reference (There are a few small errors present in it though)

@Levin64 made this excellent post that deserves direct copying frankly;


Mugs :
You can mainly use ol’ reliable MSPaint (there is also a neat eraser trick for MSPaint → http://i1135.photobucket.com/albums/m628/Maklo64/EraserMethod.png )
or you can use Usenti or Aseprite, GIMP, Paint.net, or any graphical editing programs (even Photoshop-- but I rarely seen people using that for sprites)!

Animations :
Since you need to edit each frames, I suggest using graphic editing programs which has layers feature, like Aseprite, GIMP and Paint.net.

Aseprite (Free, old version, 0.9.5) : Aseprite - Older-versions (newest version is not free)
GIMP (Free Source) : GIMP - Downloads
Usenti : Usenti – A bitmap editor | Coranac
Paint.net : Paint.NET - Download
GraphicsGale : Animation Graphic Editor - GraphicsGale
you can find other programs on Google-- technology is out there to help you!


Drive (Ultimate FEGBA Resource Repository):

Weapon Icon → Weapon Icon repository
Animation → Animation Directory
Spell Animation → Spell Animation Archive/Let's Have More of Them Project
Map Sprite / Class Card → Map Sprite/Class Card Repository
Skill Icon → GBA Skill Icons Repo

Useful Links:
Mugging Blitz (F2U mugs)
Round 1 → Mugging Blitz Round 1
Round 2 → Mugging Blitz Round 2
Round 3 → Mugging Blitz Round 3
Round 4 → Mugging Blitz Round 4
Round 5 → Mugging Blitz Round 5
Round 6 → Mugging Blitz Round 6
Round 7 → Mugging Blitz Round 7
Round 8 → Mugging Blitz Round 8


@Wdimta compiled an excellent zip file full of sprites to serve as references;

Remember that sprites in the pins are only for references

unless otherwise stated (as per the graphical repositories and so forth).

@GenericPretsel also created a similar endeavor; (last updated June 26; be mindful that it might be out of date)




Hands & glasses


And finally, my and @Tsushi’s research-obsessed platform/backgrounds (maybe i’ll finish the associated tutorial some day)

The battler’s near foot goes on the bottom line of their box, usually on the outside corner with the body centered mostly in the inner box.
The pre/post scroll labels are for spell animation help.

image image
The majority of battlers stay on the lightest part, but do sometimes go into the darker ones-- I tried to tone them by frequency. No battler uses the darkest segment, and the near side’s darkest segment falls below the battle UI and also is “off the world”.

This file is those three on their own layers + an exact replication of the hit and sparks effects.

Specifically for replicating those on your own; the target flashes for a total of 5 ticks. After the first tick, the screen flashes for 3 ticks, and the hit sparks animation itself plays its first four cels for 2 ticks each, and its last three for 1 tick apiece. This gif is greatly slowed down so it won’t hurtcha to look at. (100ms per tick instead of 20)

All-together that means that the target stops being drawn fully in white before the second sparks cel is done (they overlap like so):


Map sprites, ripped by Lexou (linking to the Spriter’s Resource pages instead of images linked on Discord):

FE7 mugs in FE8 colors by Eldritch Abomination:


A set of pixel art tutorials/resources assembled by Busk('s friend?)

Slideshow : Foundations of Pixel Art - Google Slides

The pixel art tutorial (dives into more concepts covered in the slideshow into further detail) : Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial

Aseprite Tutorial by MortMort : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md6W79jtLJM

Playlist with videos that dive deep into techniques : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR3Ra9cf8aV06i2jKmgKvcYVHI86-4K_b

A set of battle animation palettes from Tsushi:

A demonstration on how shadows interact with a human figure by TESSLYN(?)

FE6 portraits formatted for FE8 by Lenh with edits/fixes by Obsidian Daddy:

A version of one of the animation repos(?) with portraits(?), linked by Nobody:

A portrait skin tone collection by Blade:

Flasuban’s FE5-GBA Tileset Project:

An HD dark theme for Aseprite by MortMort:

Anatomy reference books:

There was a reminder in the pins that this website exists: https://www.spriters-resource.com/

A splice tutorial by Ganzap:

A tutorial on full custom portraits by Asvel:

Zaim/Zmr’s tree guide for the plains tileset:

Template hackbox for Kirb’s(?) halfbody system?:

Browser extension by circleseverywhere for viewing magnified pixel art without blur:
directions he gave:

go to chrome://extensions and turn on developer mode
then click load unpacked
and choose the folder

The statscreen blitz: