Statscreen Blitz


Hello FEU, P33RL355 here, announcing the FEUniverse collaborative status screen blitz. Basically, you have to make insertable stat screens and submit them here / send them directly to me. Deadline is February 1st 2018. GO!!

Link to package:

The State of the Blitz





What happens when one of the regulars makes a thing as a joke?

You go and adapt it somewhat to actually obey limitations.


I love you Darr


Hey, can you remove the black text from that? Donate can stay




Fighting to save FE!


As Seen In FE Destiny and Shattered Stones:


Gonna post this ancient one since there’s no reason to sit on it since the hack it was made for went defunct years ago, though I’m making a “spiritual successor” of sorts to it mostly from scratch since I feel like I can do better nowadays. Was originally made to be very Jugdrali in nature (hence the color palette and the Holy Blood circle with Naga above it).

[This was made for FE8, not that you’d really want to use a different game as a base these days.]


Specifically for use with Circleseverywhere’s statscreen allegiance hack; but you could import it the other way if you wanted:

Single zip download

Demo1, Demo2

(please grab this from the dropbox download, because there was a mistake)


Here’s some things.



A simple one based on Final Fantasy 1’s menu

Based on Shadow Dragon

Based on Persona 3’s menu

Also, is it possible to disable the the glowing rune graphic in FE8?

^That thing


Replace the image with a blank one of the same size.

EA format:

//ORG somewhere in free space
ORG $88620
POIN RemoveGlowy
#incext Png2Dmp "RemoveGlowy.png" --lz77





Good ol’ Awakening boxes.


If possible, you should move Status to the left side. Just my opinion.


Statscreen Blitz #1 has ended. Please get the package from the OP.