Mugging Blitz Round 14 - The Return [Compiled]

Time: March 13 to March 20

Goal: Make as many free-to-use mugs as possible
COMPLETE!! Download here!

Damn, 2 years since the last one. Anyways, we’ve been through this by now - create as many mugs as possible in the span of a week.At the end of the week all of the submissions will be released as a package free for anyone to use in their projects.


  • All skill levels welcome! Even if you’ve never made a mug, this is a prime opportunity to get started!
  • Anything is allowed; Splices, full custom sprites, memes, halfbodies, and all others.
  • Images should be insertable in GBA or similar format like the halfbody format.
  • Using TLP minis or not including frames or minis is discourages, but not forbidden.
  • You are free to use any existing sprites you have made. If they’re edits of a previously submitted sprite, specify it.
  • Submit by posting in this thread.
  • Joke or meme mugs are still perfectly okay to submit! In the package, mugs like these (as well as any mugs not in the GBA insertable format, or aren’t properly insertable) will be placed in a separate folder from the regular mugs, just like in Mugging Blitz Round 4.
  • Halfbodies will also be placed in a different folder.
  • Edits or revisions of your past submitted mugs in the same thread will be replacing the old version you’ve submitted.
  • AI generated and AI assisted artwork is permitted. However, you are not allowed to submit them if they are not insertable.
  • Submitting someone else’s sprite as your own and not crediting them, splicing from a sprite that is not free to edit, or submitting someone else’s sprite that is NOT free to use is art theft and will not be tolerated.
  • Make sure to name the file by this format before uploading: [Creator] - [MugName].png
    Example : serif - Funny Man 420.png

Useful Resources


All of these are F2E as well.
amema003 - Cavalry Grandma
Cavalry Mamaw on the Sethamphetamines. She had a red-armored husband whom she fucking TAMED.
amema003 - Based Great Knight Gatekeep Girlboss amema003 - Cringefail Paladin Boymilf Malewife
Christmas Oifeys (their daughter is their Yellow Third Wheel like Lowen, M*kalov, or Kagero)
amema003 - Big Sis Est amema003 - Lil Sis Palla
Didn’t join the forums in time for CCC 15, so have these.
amema003 - Noble Bishop Maria amema003 - Terror Child Michalis
Inspired by CCC 14, a doting bishop and her spoiled pegasus knight brother.
amema003 - Mysterious Elder Mage Forest Maid
When the machine gives you a character dissimilar to the one you prompted it with, give her to the Repo.
She gotta find out who killed her friend *bitcrushed DON’T LOSE YOUR WAY intensifies*
amema003 - Master Knight Regent Sister (scarlet) amema003 - Master Knight Regent Sister (violet)
The first post made to GAMERS in a whole year.


Shouldn’t this be Round 14? I believe Round 12 and Round 13 already happened.

In any case, I’ve been building up a small mountain of splices to release as F2U eventually:tm:. Here they are.

Section 1: Play Absolution by ZessDynamite
For reasons known only to me, I spent some time working on a project where I made splices inspired by each random chapter boss in Absolution by ZessDynamite (linked above). I ended up getting to Chapter 12’s boss before losing interest. A few of them - the ones inspired by the bosses of the Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 5 - are being used in other projects and are not available here.

Section 2: Graveyard of Dead Projects
In the wilderness of FEU, projects rise and fall beyond the imagining of any mortals. For a few such fangames (some mine, some other people’s), I put together portraits for one reason or another, which happened to outlive the hack they were created for. Put these sprites to a better use than their original, dead projects.

Section 3: Miscellany
BaldewynBalduviaBanditDiogenesDreegEsmarckHaryldLyriyliidk who this isMartial ArtistSorceressWorlds Angriest GrandmaMonsieur de Stachio
Not all portraits are created as something as lofty as a “hack” or a “coherent theme” - sometimes you just get a dumb idea and feel compelled to make it a reality.

Section 4: why
blindclopsButtchininoDanzmannHood Knighthorrible beta zakawhatManaketeethNovalotNovalwade
"Forward, the Horrible Idea Brigade!”
Was there a nerd dismayed?
Not though the hacker knew
Someone had blundered.
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to splice and die.
Into the valley of #spritans
Rode the six hundred.


Alaife Lanor Lontius von Vixam Johannes Post-timeskip Morgian
Mundus Pre-Timeskip Mundus Post-Timeskip Prann Tolmann Wosluurs
A collection of splices I made for a project but don’t plan on using.
The Boy
And one I did cause I was bored while waiting for Engage.


Sorry, thank you. I’ve made the correction.

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Dusted off some old splices I made a few years ago
JiroPaiPai-Serious guyJiroPaiPai-Dwarf knightJiroPaiPai-Blue fighterJiroPaiPai-Red priestJiroPaiPai-Christmas cav


It’s finally done. What is, you might ask? Why my side-project. It’s no secret that I love the villager designs in Conquest, so here’s a villager pack to gussy up your fangames!

Village Boy(Conquest)CanDyVillage Man (Conquest)CanDy
Village Older Woman(Conquest)CanDyVillage Elder (Conquest)CanDy
Village Woman (Conquest)JeytheCount,CanDy

The last one(the young woman) is an edit of an old Jeythecount mug.

And since it’s tangentially related, my old village elder mug with fixed blink frames.
Viillage Elder CanDy


Its been a while since the last mugging blitz

WoL HackboxWoD HackboxMizuki hackboxalphinaud EW hackboxAlisae EW hackboxEna hackboxhermes hackboxlorenz hackboxthancred hackboxYshtola hackboxUrianger HackboxCitrinne hackboxKagetsu hackboxMerrin hackbox

Venat hackboxhythlodaeus hackboxkurokami hackbox


Have these Anna’s I made for the blitz a while back but never ended up posting
anna dancer
anna finance
anna hunter
anna sage


I see the last Anna has her sixth finger.


welp I have a bunch of portraits so might as well put them here
samurai guyyoder the greyol franzoldmanloldance danceaxellee 2 scarlee1Leeloyal lee

quanxi 2
an alterantive design of my quanxi portrait


Wanted to contribute something so I rushed out two portraits today:

Each comes with a palette variant to make recolors easier


Well, I was going to up all of this stuff anyway so may as well do something more with them than just tossing them.

Newest three, falling into various forms of respriting AI stuff.
VelvetKitsune - EloiseVelvetKitsune - RowenaVelvetKitsune - Sionnach

And the rest are really old stuff I’ve no real intent on updating any further, sorry to disappoint. First is from the series itself.
VelvetKitsune - FE Fates Nishiki

And the rest old random versions of OCs.
VelvetKitsune - KeithVelvetKitsune - LennaVelvetKitsune - MimiVelvetKitsune - Zeta


Three splices I made some time ago for a dead hack. F2E.
Frog - Splice 1Frog - Splice 2Frog - Splice 3
I used Blade’s skin & hair colours, Eldritch Abomination’s FE8 colours, and Obsidian Daddy’s blinking FE6 frames.


Here’s a couple of splices i made for fun this week, F2U & F2E

UnbalanCedric - LancerGirl
UnbalanCedric - MageGuy


The plan was to have an edited version of every FE8 Character in the game by the time one of these rolled around, but seems like I didn’t make it in time. All of these are F2E:

Ereshkigal - Aias Ereshkigal - Amelia Ereshkigal - Bandit Ereshkigal - Breguet Ereshkigal - CaellachEreshkigal - Carlyle Ereshkigal - Colm Ereshkigal - Colm (Closed Eyes) Ereshkigal - Cormag Ereshkigal - Dozla Ereshkigal - Duessel Ereshkigal - Duessel (Knight) Ereshkigal - Eirika (Eyes_Closed) Ereshkigal - Eirika (Flashback) Ereshkigal - Eirika Ereshkigal - Eirika2 (ALT)(Flashback) Ereshkigal - Eirika2(ALT)(Eyes_Closed) Ereshkigal - Eirika2(ALT) Ereshkigal - Ephraim (Eyes_Closed) Ereshkigal - Ephraim (Flashback) Ereshkigal - Ephraim Ereshkigal - Ewan Ereshkigal - Franz Ereshkigal - Garcia Ereshkigal - Gerik Ereshkigal - Gilliam Ereshkigal - Moulder Ereshkigal - Orson Evil Ereshkigal - Orson Ereshkigal - Seth
Ereshkigal - Artur (Freckles)


An updated edit of my previously posted Avatar:
Ereshkigal - Sirian
and 2 more splices I forgot about:
Ereshkigal - Liliana Ereshkigal - Ayla

These 3 are F2U


Whoops! Sorry, I was out for some time. The blitz is complete - give me a day to compile everything.

“Compile when”

Ok, so there was a bit of a life crisis, and I’m sorry it took this long. I’m not able to disclose the details however, just know everything is okay.

Here’s the compiled folder, plus a commission I got from Quotedotlass of Five-Anna Firefight’s Anna design that I’m going to be including, because I forgot if it was available. F2U/F2E and all.

Download here!