GBA Skill Icons Repo

Took a bit, but here they all are. Credit to @Rubber for doing like 65%

Null	Acrobat	Adept	Aegis	Aether	AlertStance	AlertStance+	Amaterasu
Amische	Anathema	Aptitude	ArcaneBlade	ArmorMarch	ArmoredBlow	Armsthrift	Assassinate
Astra	Axebreaker	AxeFaire	Axefaith	Bane	Bargain	Barricade	Barricade+
BattleVeteran	BlackMage	BlackMagic	BloodTide	Blossom	BlueFlame	Bond	Boon
BowRange+	Bowbreaker	BowFaire	BracingStance	BreathOfLife	Camaraderie	Canto	Canto+
Capture	CatchEmAll	Celerity	CertainBlow	Charge	Charisma	Charm	Chivalry
Colossus	Corona	Corrosion	CorrosionB	Counter	CounterMagic	CritUp	CriticalForce
Cultured	Cunning	Dance	DartingStance	DartingBlow	Daunt	Dazzle	Deadeye
DeathBlow	DefiantAvo	DefiantBase	DefiantCrit	DefiantDef	DefiantLck	DefiantMag	DefiantRes
DefiantSkl	DefiantSpd	DefiantStr	Demoiselle	Desperation	Despoil	DevilsLck	DevilsPact
DevilsWhim	Discipline	Discipline+	DoubleLion	DownWithArch	DragonFang	DragonsBlood	DriveDef
DriveMag	DriveRes	DriveSpd	DuelistBlow	ElbowRoom	Enrage	EvenRhythm
Expertise	FierceStance	FieryBlood	Flare	Focus	Forager	ForeignPrincess	Foresight
FortressDef	FortressRes	Fortune	Frenzy	FullMetalBody	Fury	Galeforce	Gamble
Gentilhomme	Glacies	GreatShield	Gridmaster	GrislyWound	Hawkeye	HeavyStrikes	Hero
HeroesDeathBlow	HeroesLifeNDeath	Hex	HolyAura	IdentityProblems	Ignis	Imbue	Impale
IndoorFighter	IndoorMarch	Infiltrator	Insight	InsightAlt	Inspiration	Intimidate	KeepUp
KestrelStance	KillingMachine	KnightAspirant	Lancebreaker	Lancefaire	Lethality	LifeAndDeath	Lifetaker
LightWeight	LilysPoise	LiquidOoze	LiveToServe	LockTouch	Loyalty	LuckySeven	LullDef
LullDefB	LullLck	LullLckB	LullMag	LullMagB	LullRes	LullResB	LullSkl
LullSklB	LullSpd	LullSpdB	LullSpectrum	LullSpectrumB	LullSpectrumC	LullStr	LullStrB
Lumina	Luna	Lunge	MageSlayer	MageSlayerAlt	MaleficAura	Mercy	Miracle
MirrorStance	Moonbow	NaturalCover	NatureRush	NiceThighs	Nighttide	Nihil	Nullify
OddRhythm	Opportunist	OutdoorFighter	Outrider	Paragon	Pass	Patience	Pavise
Perfectionist	Personality	Petrify	Pivot	PointBlank	Poise	PoisonStrike	Powerstaff
Pragmatic	Prescience	Provoko	Puissance	Pursuit	PushDef	PushLck	PushMag
PushRes	PushSkl	PushSpd	PushSpectrum	PushStr	QuickBurn	QuickDraw	QuickRiposte
RallyDef	RallyLuck	RallyMag	RallyMov	RallyRes	RallySkl	RallySpd	RallySpectrum
RallyStr	RandomMug	ReadyStance	RedMage	Relief	ReMove	Renewal	Reposition
Resolve	ResolveAlt	Resourceful	RightfulArch	RightfulGod	RightfulKing	Roll12	SavageBlow
Savior	SealDef	SealLuck	SealMag	SealRes	SealSkl	SealSpd	SealStr
Serenity	Shade	ShadePlus	Shadowgift	ShortShield	Shove	SilentPride	Skybreaker
Slayer	SlowBurn	Smite	Sol	Solidarity	SpectrumStance	SpurDef	SpurMag
SpurRes	SpurSpd	SpurStr	StaffSavant	SteadyStance	Steal	StealPlus	StrongRiposte
SturdyStance	Summon	Supply	SureShot	Swap	SwiftStance	Swordbreaker	Swordfaire
Tantivity	Tempest	Thighdeology	Thotslayer	Thunderstorm	Tomebreaker	Tomefaire	TomeRangeUp
TowerShield	TowerShieldPlus	Trace	Trample	TriAdept	TriAdeptB	UpWithArch	Vanity
Vantage	VantagePlus	Vengeance	Vigilance	VigorDance	VoiceOfPeace	VoidCurse	WardingStance
WardingBlow	WaryFighter	Watchful	WhiteMage	WhitePool	WindDisciple	Wrath

Not the cleanest way to organize but that should be all of them. Feel free to update this post when more are added.

Also do not ask me what half of them do, as I do not know lol



should tell you what all (or at least most) of them do.

I was actually thinking about making a thread like this for the purpose of people posting skill icons for skills that are not in the skill system, possibly as inspiration for someone else to then make that skill. If those also ended up here I’d be grateful


dark_green_blow dark_brown_blow 2 Blow repalettes. Fiendish Blow, perhaps?
green_dragonskin red_dragonskin Dragonskin in 2 colors. The green one looks better IMO.
green_lad Green Life and Death (creative, I know), use it to separate the 2 or give it the opposite effect?
triangle_breaker Triangle Breaker / Cancel Affinity: Ignores the Weapon Triangle.
triangle_breaker_plus Triangle Breaker+ / Cancel Affinity+: All weapons are treated as reavers.
quick_riposte Quick Riposte, but more faithful to the original icon.
pursuit_siegmund Pursuit (Heroes Siegmund): Quick Riposte but on player phase.
draw_back Draw Back, I’m surprised it’s not in yet.
drag_back Drag Back: After initiating battle at 1 range, both unit and foe move 1 space back.
special_spiral Special Spiral: Doubles Skill activation rate (excludes Lethality).
kamikaze Kamikaze: When unit dies, foe loses up to 50% of total HP (non-lethal).
kamikaze_plus Kamikaze+: When unit dies, foe’s HP is reduced to 1 if their current HP >1.
fishious_rend Fishious Rend: If unit hits before foe counterattacks, Might is doubled (works with Vantage).


lmfao gotta get that dracovish meme in there


Thank you Mr. Fish

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alert_stance alert_stance_ex alert_stance_plus Alternative Alert Stance (1, 2) / Alert Stance+ (3).
spur_special drive_special Spur and Drive Special, allies in (1 / 2) spaces get +10% Skill activation rate.
heavy_blade spell_blade flashing_blade shielding_blade rune_blade Heavy/Spell/Flashing/Shielding/Rune Blade: If [stat] is higher, +15% Crit.
dragonhaze Dragonhaze: Add unit’s Speed to damage dealt. (Skill % activation)
tigerstance Tigerstance: Add unit’s Skill to damage dealt. (Speed % activation)


sure i’ll try some

Glimmer - Multiplies damage dealt by 150%
Ice Mirror - Decreases damage dealt by 30% and adds 50% of enemy’s damage to unit’s counter attack
Iceberg - Adds 50% of unit’s res to damage dealt
Quickened Pulse - Increases unit’s critical ratio by 20 when they are the first unit to attack during their phase


adaptability Adaptability: The user targets the lower of foe’s Def or Res during combat.
bonfire Bonfire: Adds 50% of unit’s Def to damage dealt. (Skill x1.5% activation? Same as Iceberg)
divine_counter green_counter Divine Counter: If unit is attacked while unarmed, foe recieves half of damage dealt.
glacies Glacies sprite, because you didn’t have one before.
gold_ignis Ignis (Heroes): Add unit’s Defense to damage dealt. (Skill % activation)
no_guard No Guard: +10% Hit and Crit, -10% Avoid and Dodge.
no_guard_plus No Guard+: +15% Crit, -15% Dodge. Unit never misses but cannot avoid.
quick_salve Quick Salve: Drinking does not end your action.
sacrifice Sacrifice: Drains the user’s HP to heal allies and cures status conditions without HP cost.
short_fuse Short Fuse: If unit’s HP <100%, Crit +10%.
static_shield Static Shield: Unit cannot avoid or be doubled.
underdog Underdog: +15 Hit/Avoid when opponent’s level is higher (promoted units have +20 level).


Oh, nice. Skill icons.


image Sword Crit +10: Grants +10 Crit when equiping swords.
image Lance Crit +10: Grants +10 Crit when equiping lances.
image Axe Crit +10: Grants +10 Crit when equiping axes.
image Bow Crit +10: Grants +10 Crit when equiping bows.
image Magic Crit +10: Grants +10 Crit when equiping tomes.
image Human Virtue: Grants +4 Str/Spd to adjacent human allies at the start of the turn.
image Radiant Aether: 2 consecutive hits; First strike uses Sol and second strike uses Luna. (Skill x 0.75 % activation)
image Bonus Doubler: Doubles stat buffs on unit for each respective stat.
image Penalty Doubler: Grants penalties on enemy as buffs for each of the unit’s respective stat.
image Alert Stance: If unit takes no action except Wait, grants +30 Avoid for 1 turn.
image Heal: Allows unit to cast Heal. If Heal is already available, then unit can cast it for half the HP cost/cast it twice.
image Offensive Tactics: Allies within 2 spaces deal 4 extra damage during battles.
image Defensive Tactics: Allies within 2 spaces recieve 4 less damage during battle.
image Regnal Astra: Allows user to perform 5 consecutive attacks. (Skill x 0.75 % activation)
image Ostia’s Pulse: Grants adjacent allies +10 Crit.
image Close Counter: Unit can counterattack adjacent foes.
image Counterattack: Allows unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker.
image Miasma Δ: Allows unit to cast Miasma Δ. If Miasma Δ is already availabe, then unit can cast it for half the HP cost/cast it twice.
image Quick Riposte: If foe initiates combat while unit’s HP is ≥ 50%, unit makes guaranteed follow-up attack and foe cannot follow-up attack.
image Heal +5/+10: Unit heals 5/10 extra HP.
image Weight -3/-5: Reduces equipment weight by 3/5.
image Perfectionist/Confidence: Grants Hit/Avo +15 when unit is at full HP.
image Bow Range +1/+2: Increases bow range by 1/2.
image Tome Range +1: Increases magic range by 1.
image Fire: Allows unit to cast Fire. If Fire is already availabe, then unit can cast it for half the HP cost/cast it twice.
image Heavy/Shrewd/Flashing/Stout/Buoyant Blade: If unit’s [stat] is greater than foe’s [stat], unit deals 4 extra damage. (The Shrewd Blade is in case there’s a Str/Mag split)
image Triangle Attack: Unit alongside other 2 allies who share the same skill must surround a foe to perform this advanced technique.
image Songstress: Adjacent allies recover up to 10% of max HP at the start of each turn.
image Wrath: If foe initiates combat while unit’s HP is ≤ 50%, grants Crit +50.
image Philanderer/Rivalry: When an ally of the opposite sex is adjacent, unit deals 2 extra damage and takes 2 less damage during combat.
image Desperation: If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 50%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit’s attack.
image Vantage: If foe initiates combat, and unit’s HP is ≤ 50%, unit always attacks first.
image Pursuit: If unit initiates combat while unit’s HP is ≥ 90%, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack and foe cannot make a follow-up attack.
image Triple Threat: If the user’s HP is > 50%, the user deals half the damage received by Swords, Lances, and Axes to the enemy.
image Close/Distant Guard: Allies within 2 spaces recieve 2 less damage from close/ranged attacks during battle.


I updated my previous icons, even though some could be considered obsolete. Here are some new ones to make up for that:

haste Haste: If the objective is Seize/Escape/Arrive, +10 Avoid and +1 Move/+15 Avoid and +10 Dodge.
revolutionary Revolutionary: If there’s a throne within 3 spaces of the unit, +2 Str/Mag/Skl/Spd.
loyal_guard Loyal Guard: If there’s a throne within 3 spaces of the unit, +2 Str/Mag/Def/Res.
gatekeeper Gatekeeper: If there’s a door within 3 spaces of the unit, +2 Str/Mag/Def/Res.
boar_tactics Boar Tactics: If the objective is Rout, +15 Hit and +10 Crit.
defiant_spectrum Defiant Spectrum: When HP is ≤ 25%, gain +3 Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res.
demolition Demolition: OHKOes Walls and Snags and opens doors without Keys/Lockpicks. (Command)
bold_turtle Bold Turtle: If foe’s Move > unit’s Move, +4 Damage dealt.
wise_turtle Wise Turtle: If foe’s Move > unit’s Move, -4 Damage taken.
frightening Frightening: Dual striking and guaranteed follow-up skills/effects are nullified.
(For example: Brave Weapons, Adept and QR)


I really love that concept of turtle skills :turtle:


Love Demolition.

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Defiant Spectrum is just Resolve

Not exactly, but I just wanted a Defiant skill that didn’t suck.

EDIT: But at that point it’s better to have Brazen skills:

brazen_basebrazen_atk_defbrazen_atk_resbrazen_atk_spdbrazen_spd_defbrazen_spd_resbrazen_def_res Brazen [Stats]: If unit’s HP ≤ 50%, Gain +4 [Stats].


Oh yes, Sacrifice.

But overall so many damn skills, keep up the great work guys!

Some of these aren’t exactly new, but I had to compile all of them together so it looked perfect:
From right to left:
Death Blow (Str version), Fiendish Blow, Darting Blow, Armored Blow, Warding Blow, Duelist Blow (Raises Avo), Uncanny/Certain Blow (Raises Hit), and Death/Fierce Blow (Crit Version).
Rallies: Str, Mag, Spd, Def, Res, Luck, Skill/Dex, Mov, Spectrum, Heart, and Charm
Lulls: Str/Mag, Str/Spd, Str/Def, Str/Res, Mag/Spd, Mag/Def, Mag/Res, Spd/Def, Spd/Res, and Def/Res.

EDIT: By the way, I just noticed there were Lull and Push skills already in the original post. I feel baffled as those are pretty recent in Heroes, especially the Lull ones.


Nah lull was out like… Right before three houses and push is super old, like at least 2018 because summer Tana is from 2018

Yeah, Dimitri and Claude introduced Lulls iirc

I dropped the game on january 2019 and pretty sure lulls were ingame when I still played it

Introducing the Special Abilities and the Fighter Abilities.
Quickened Pulse, Special Spiral, and Time’s Pulse.
Wary Fighter (not mine, but need to show the whole set), Bold Fighter, Vengeful Fighter, Special Fighter, and Daring Fighter.

Oops, almost forgot:
I gave each blow a corresponding Stance Skill. (As always some of these already existed.)