FE5-GBA Tileset Project

Looks absolutely fantastic. I love FE4/5’s Artstyle a lot. Wish I had a project that would use these tiles. :slight_smile:

I was going to make a improved version too…
I think i’m gonna make it anyway, because more outdoors terrain isn’t what the tileset needs.

What exactly are you thinking of doing for your tileset?

Mainly do more custom walls, columns and floor tiles.
In other words, increase the variety of indoors tiles, which is what the tileset needs.

Alright. I might try to do the same for mine as well, in that case, if you feel that the indoor section is lacking. I believe I added a couple new floors in my tileset, and introduced more wall varieties. I might look at more vanilla GBA tilesets to see what else I can add. My intention was not to add more outdoor tiles, but that’s what I ended up doing when I was at the end.

Well, this has been a long time coming.

Ever wanted to have ships (both vertical and horizontal), mountains, forests, desert, castle, village, ocean, and cliffs all in one map? Look no further.

The Everything tileset. Get it now.

Have some preview maps as inspirations.



That horizontal boat is really jenky, especially juxtaposed with the vertical one

I didn’t have much room in the tile map to make a horizontal boat. I had to make do with what I already had. Part of the reason it looks janky may be because there isn’t much on it compared to the vertical boat.

While I prefer the GBA tilesets for their more stylized and colorful palettes, this is some impressive work and I’m curious what a hack with these would look like.

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Palettes shouldn’t be an issue since you can easily change the palette in the editor.
I made a lighter version precisely to solve this issue.

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If the lighter version isn’t light enough for you.


Crap I worded that really poorly. I mean I liked the cartoony stylization of the GBA game tilesets. They both look great in their own rights, but I think GBA’s tilesets stand out a bit more. Palettes wouldn’t really be an issue in the first place since people can easily edit them.

Alright. Though plenty of my tiles are about the same or similar to GBA, like the regular grass, mountains, rivers, floor tiles, and seas. Really only the ship, the wall tiles, and the light grass feel radically different to GBA-style to me.

I feel my tiles are graphically superior to vanilla and the palette is easier to work with, but I see how the simpler vanilla tiles would fit more with that style. You could only use the more vanilla-styled tiles and it would fit better. It’s kinda all up to preference in the end.

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I’ve never unstalled a tileset before, but upon reading I still can’t figure it out.
I’ve added the tile config in the bottom right, and the image in the bottom middle.
But still the mountains are all off colored and parts of the map aren’t paletted properly either.



So I haven’t touched the bottom right import palette. Even if I do it still isn’t right.

For whatever reason the lighter palette reminds me of the N64 FE game that was scrapped.

This is a problem many people have. Swap palettes 0 and 4 to fix the issue.

Right, and I would switch the palettes by, clicking every tile and switching all four courners from 0 -> 4 and vice versa or is there a faster way that I don’t know?

Copy one of the palettes into a spare text area using the clipboard option. Copy and paste the other palette to the copied palette area in the editor. Then copy the saved palette using the clipboard into the second palette area.

I’m sorry that still doesn’t make sense to me.

Copy one palette using the clipboard option.
I assume it’s the like 20digits code?

Copy and past the other palette to the copied palette area in editor?
That completely lost me. What other palette, how do I find it, and copy it where?

Then Copy the Saved Palette (first instruction?) using the clipboard in the second palette area?
Once again lost, what second palette area?

Go to palette 0, copy the palette away using the “clipboard” option.
For this, it should be 007EEE412B26993E585FCF188E324D1DE71857365B43D025A6147A7B935A371D
Put it somewhere where you would want to save it, such as a text file or doc or something.

Then, go to palette 4, copy the palette using the “clipboard” option, then paste it into the clipboard of palette 0.

After that, go into where you saved the first palette. Copy it, and paste it into palette 4.

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