Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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Please contribute rips. I’m just dropboxing them.

Ripped Map Sprites:

Custom Map Sprites:

If you need help with the insertion process, a tutorial can be found here.

Class Cards:

People with custom ones too should be generous and open-source their non-super special shit.

Resource Directory

Oh, are you asking for my help? That’s funny, I didn’t see a question mark there.

Sword Armour: Standing, Moving

Axe Armour: Standing, Moving

Bow Armour: Standing, Moving

Lance Armour: Standing (vanilla lance armour looks out of place compared to the other new map sprites; Moving frames are the same)


Love you too, but I made it a generic call cuz who knows who has what?


Do you still have those axe knight and sword knight ones? Or are those under wraps?


The axe knight one is Krad’s, but I can certainly give you the M/F sword knight ones. I’m not exactly proud of them, whicis why I didn’t think to share them… Still, they’re available if you want to use them.

Sword Cavalier (M): Standing, Moving

Sword Cavalier (F): Standing, Moving


Totally forgot I had this one too:

I know Dei/The Blind Archer made one for this as well, but it has a few issues here and there which I’ve hopefully made up for in this version.


I’d like to add to that with Deiberdier 2.0’s map sprites:

And hell have this Balistician card too for kicks.

I wish more people made class cards.


Axe Cavalier Standing

Axe Cavalier Moving


Armor Brigand Standing

Armor Brigand Moving

Hawkzerker Standing

Hawkzerker Moving


Female Paladin:

Female Cavalier:


Why are these cut in half on the moving frames? Do you still have the full sprites?

Edit: Oops, meant to quote NYZ’s Hawkzerker map sprites. My bad.


Lenh fixed the walking frames so they weren’t diced up. For everyone else, here are the frames.

Hawkzerker Moving:


It’s a shame that’s totally useless for our purposes, but it’s nice to see what the thing looks like! GBAGE diced it up that way, I’d surmise he ripped it from his own game to share.


These aren’t formatted, but here are my fem pally weapon variants that I made for Klok because boredom.

(Will make male… eventually)

Free to use don’t need permission, etc.


You just inspired a new pipe dream: map sprites that change based on the weapon equipped ala SNESFE

FUrther expounded on that today in my little book of scribbles: basically, adding another layer to the map sprite display with a new array (this frees up the “standing map sprite” byte in class data array).

Each entry would be: XX (ClassID) YY (MapSpriteID) ZZ (WeaponType) 00 (Seperator?). With a value on the weapon type for the eight types, “all types” and “disarmed.”


Possibly I can find when the graphical data is being read and then use a table lookup. it’d have to be very structured though, because drawing graphics could possibly be time sensitive.

idea --> table entries are 18(decimal) bytes each, start at some offset. Each class has an entry, no exceptions. entries in the table have sub-entries 2 bytes each corresponding to the map sprite entry to use for each weapon type (2 bytes because possibly more than 0xFF map sprites?). The 9th entry is the default – if I load an entry and find it to be 0x0000 (or 0xFFFF if there is a map sprite that is 0x0000) then I just load the default and display that. Load the entry in the table based on the type of the equipped weapon.

edit: also, possibly, the table pointer could just be a pointer to an entry of this style anywhere? So we don’t need consecutive table space (would save some time dereferencing and multiplying, and there’s space in the structures for such a thing anyway)

Possible only issue - the functions used to call the methods might not pass in the memory location of the characters (in which case I suppose I can modify the callers to pass it in somehow).


080259E6 - loads the index and palette of the standing map sprite to draw. I might be able to change this to a table lookup, but I don’t see a way of knowing what item the unit has equipped.


My original writeup had it as a “one entry per class” as you’ve outlined, same as the moving map sprites. Didn’t know if we needed the clearest structure or the most compact array. You’re the professional, I just scribble :P.

It could be a one pointer per class setup that just points to the list, yeah. Whichever way works and would be the most efficient.

EDIT: Mmm, that’s definitely an issue if we can’t get it to lookup the equipped weapon though.


No worries, from what I can tell, the 0xA byte of the struct is unused (how odd?) so i’m going to jack that to give the deployment number of the unit in question. Then I can just look that up.


That sounds like it could be potentially useful in a ton of ways.