Mugging Blitz Round 2

Circles has given me permission to do this so let’s do it.

Time: February 18 until February 25
Goal: Make as many free-to-use mugs as possible

All right guys you know the drill - same as the Chapter Creation Blitz and the Mapping Blitz, our goal is to make as many mugs as possible in the space of a week. At the end of the week all of the submissions will be released as a package free for anyone to use in their projects.


  • All skill levels welcome - DON’T WORRY if you’ve never made a mug this is the perfect chance to start!

  • Splices are allowed, existing characters are allowed keeping in mind your submitted mugs will be free to use and edit by anyone

  • Images should be GBA insertable format (including eye/mouth frames and minimug)

  • Please no TLP style minimugs (lazy face cutouts)

  • Credit MUST be given to the original mug creator if any mug is used.

  • Submit by posting in this thread, the corresponding SF thread, or directly sending it to me

Useful Resources for Beginners:


It was inevitable


In order: Young Bede, Plum, Echidna in FE8 colors, and Rebecca in FE8 colors.


Obligatory Gromell (Praise NickT), Shanna Black, and Shaman!Sain.


(fe6 bartre, roy, and slater respectively)

Some blinking animations I whipped up, roy’s looks a bit odd on the fully closed frame, but the blink looks good in motion

(also tried to give them some fe8 colors)


Made this adorable fe7-styled splice for a friend of mine IRL, who’s fine with releasing it for free-use.

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Heather from RD


Have archer Zane

Also, the ones who didn’t make it to Mugging Blitz 1 in time


Praise NICKT for first two. Also, Dory recolored with FE8 colors and framed.


Beta Eirika, now with mouth and eye frames!
I’ve also done her port with FE8 colors, as seen on the middle.
On the right is Eirika’s vanilla port for comparison.

Maybe I’ll redo her mini port at a later time.

EDIT: Put Eirika’s vanilla port for comparison.

FE6 Eliwood with blinking animations, with fe 8 colors, enjoy!

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I got Louise in FE8 colors on the right, and on the left is Nagito. I’m sure you know what was used in their splicing. (Obviously my first time here. :confused: )


I’ve done more frames for beta portraits!

On the left is Beta Amelia with frames, the right being her final portrait. This took about 20 minutes.

Here’s Beta Garcia on the left. One of the only differences he has from the final is his eye position, and I mostly did it for shitpost reasons anyways. This took me about five minutes to do.

Ah yes, here’s Lute, one of my personal favorite characters of all time. Portrait on the left uses full Beta colors, midleft with FE8’s skin tone. Mid right has FE8’s skin tone and hair color, and portrait on the right is Lute’s port in the final.
I’ll likely do a mini port later getting rid of the braids. This surprisingly took me only ten minutes to finish.

TL:DR giving frames to beta ports is easy

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I also managed to piece together Iona (Left) and Shaman!Lute (Right) with a helping hand included.
(Just a bit of a tune-up there.)


Takumi and Possessed Takumi respectively (from Fire Emblem: Fates). Based off of a portrait I saw in the NES FE style, now resized and edited for use.

(You can see the original, and a few others, here:


I’ll finish this off with General DiCaprio (Left) and High General Pesaro (Right). Quite a blitz this has been, but don’t expect anymore from me this time around.


Have a King Bors splice i made.


I bring you Ogier in FE8 colors…!

And a pair of funny memes before the meme era, from Age of Empires. Praise Lehn for the first one.


I have with me Red Cavalier Fir & Green Cavalier Wil, I’m sure some of you have a thing for tan women. Don’t you? Just use these two together. Or you know, whatever.

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Package has been released. Get from opening post. Mugs submitted after this will be put in Mugging Blitz 3, whenever that is.

:grimacing: Y-you made 80’s Shredder!? And…and Age of Empires soldier in Fire Emblem!?

I love you.