Mugging Blitz Round 7

Time: September 15th to September 22nd
Complete! Download the compilation here!
Goal: Make as many free-to-use mugs as possible

All right guys you know the drill - same as the Chapter Creation Blitz and the Mapping Blitz, our goal is to make as many mugs as possible in the space of a week. At the end of the week all of the submissions will be released as a package free for anyone to use in their projects.


  • All skill levels welcome - DON’T WORRY if you’ve never made a mug this is the perfect chance to start!
  • Splices are allowed, existing characters are allowed keeping in mind your submitted mugs will be free to use and edit by anyone (with credit)
  • Images should be GBA insertable format (including eye/mouth frames and minimug)
  • Please no TLP style minimugs (lazy face cutouts)
  • Submit by posting in this thread or directly sending it to me, either through messages here or on Discord.
  • Joke or meme mugs are still perfectly okay to submit! In the package, mugs like these (as well as any mugs not in the GBA insertable format or aren’t properly insertable) will be placed in a separate folder from the regular mugs, just like in Mugging Blitz Round 4
  • Halfbodies will also be placed in a different folder

Useful Resources

  • post reserved for miscellaneous information later


Remind me to put in some splices later. I’ll probably be very lazy about this.


these are posted in creative but I thought I’d put them here so people know they’re free to use and edit.
Restoration%20Lord Restoration%20Lady gozo%20remastered mecr Ken%20The%20Wolfboy Ken%20The%20Wolfboy%20-%20Copy SamuraiWIP Smoked%20CDXX%20%20-%20Copy SWORD%20-%20Copy%20(2) Lizard%20person Coldsteel Alester Your%20Cool%20Dad Your%20Punk%20Son Big%20Guy Dickhead%20-%20Copy%20(2) Raphy Warrior%20man%20-%20Copy wind%20mage Your%20Goofy%20Uncle%20v2
EDIT 9/9/19: Have a girl
EDIT #2 9/23/19:may be too late but have another one of my mug post time skip


I guess I’ll submit my Linhardts.


Timeskip version



I’ll just bop in these ladies
image image image image
And I’ll throw in my OC because why not
And finally some half bodies
image image image


Have two meme mugs to start this off!

The Purple Jaguar. Yes, this is supposed to be a jaguar. I don’t get it either.

And the Money Man, which is a meme that really should’ve died long ago.

I’ll probably put in a few competent splices later. For now, you’re stuck with these two.


Gotta get something in here fast, and I had this laying around.


I wonder if I can post mugs I have already made. They are in my thread if you are wondering. And, can we make whatever? The splices can be random?

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Manzana Snacky IsThisGordon
Dancer/Performing Arts Anna, Sanaki and Gordon Ramsay.


>a good Sanaki mug


Ex-f*cking-actly, the only thing that bug me.


Absolutely! Feel free to post whatever you like! Just remember that what you post will be made free to use and edit by others (with credit).

nothing’s stopping you from tlp mugs… just don’t do it

Awesome! Hey, I am not that good at mug making yet, and surely not with the mini portraits. Are they a must? I see some free ones are missing them, so do I really need to worry about them?

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Mini-mugs aren’t a requirement but it’s highly recommended (and appreciated) to do them, I usually make a 64x64 cutout of the sprite, resize it to 32x32, and clean up from there


Oh, ok. I will work them like that. Thanks for the tip.

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pin Trivver%20base Midgard3 Brunhilda Mercury
the bottom left-most one was made from a sprite LaurentLacroix made, just wanted to give him the proper credit.


I present to you Donovan
Post timeskip


Here are some mediocre splices.
%204)%20Jareth%201)%20Norbert %202)%20Credence
Three boss splices I originally made for @Schall_the_Deacon. The last one is currently being used as a placeholder for Mundo “The Sucker” in my hack. (I’ll replace him later.)
Torag Varosh
The Cain/Abel archetype bandit twins, from a hack I started that never really got off the ground.
the%20thief Agnys
Some random thief guy, I guess. And a fat old lady Fighter made for @Johns, although I might use her in my own project.
Azloram spliceyboi
My unfinished submission to one of @ErrantDShepherd’s splicing competitions, completed and given a lot more polish. Use him if you want. And also a completed submission, who is… not very good.
trash dead_meme_dot_jpeg
Two meme mugs: The Purple Jaguar (no, it doesn’t make sense in context either), and the zombified Money Man.
An old boss portrait from my hack, who I’m considering replacing with someone more interesting.

Enjoy! I might submit a few more bosses later, but for now, we have these. I hope they see use in hacks somewhere down the line!


Here’s some reshaded FE8 portraits, since I didn’t like how dark the original skin tones were colored and shaded in.
62 63 64 65 66 67
Here’s some old splices I made for one of my projects. Top left to bottom right: Aridon, Connor, Jeff, Helman, Carrie, Ellie, Lydia.
68 69 70 71 72 73 74
General Wire, some reshaded FE6 mugs, Jagen, and Darros.
2 50 52 53 58