CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Twelve: Anna, Ryoma, Hinoka!)

Welcome back, everyone. Enjin’s internet has turned to crap, so I’ve taken back the CCC for now. If anyone else is interested in hosting, send me a DM! I’ll be happy to teach you.

The goal of this contest is to take an existing character (posted at the bottom!) and reimagine, reinvent, or rework them into a new form! What sort of new form? Taking inspiration from FE Heroes and other similar media, you simply redesign the character in one of (but not limited to) the following ways:

  • De-age or age up the character. Make them lively, or make them cranky.
  • Turn them into another character! These ‘cosplay’ edits are not limited to mainline FE games or fangames, you can even do characters from other series, TV, etc.
  • Give the character a new design! Make them jacked, give them cool armor, redesign them from scratch, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Genderbend them! Turn Lucius into a boy, or Jaffar into a girl! The possibilities here are endless!
  • RADICALLY redesign them: Make them into crazy demons, the Joker, Kirby(???), but try to keep the ‘essence’ of the original character in some way.
  • Heck, why not just take a regular character’s design and make them into a halfbody? That could be fun too!

This contest is very free-form. You come up with the character’s redesign and try your best to get people to vote for you!

  1. All submissions to this contest will be F2E! This contest involves expanding the resources available for the Portrait Repository, so this is mandatory.
  2. Each round of the contest will feature two mugs; a male and a female character. (Unisex characters can count too; they take up the male or female slot at the host’s discretion)
  3. Artists may create an alternate outfit/design/etc for one or both characters, if they wish.
  4. You may submit multiple designs, if you wish. They will all count toward your one submission vote. (Voters will vote on all of the works you created for the two mugs at once)
  5. No pre-existing artwork! The point of this contest is to expand the repo, so we want new art. Also, it’s unfair to compete against artwork that may have had weeks or months of editing work put into it.
  6. Eye/mouth frames are preferable, but optional. They aren’t necessary, but it would be awesome if you included them!
  7. Characters must either be from Fire Emblem 1-16 (Or whatever the current new game ends up being) or one of the Fire Emblem spinoffs, such as Heroes.
  8. All characters must be sprited in GBA format!
    (Hackbox size is not necessary)
    (Halfbodies/fullbodies are A-OK!)
    (Do try to keep the color count at or below 16 though, that would be great)
  9. Submissions must at least somewhat resemble the original character! Even with the Demon Anna example earlier, it’s still possible to see that she looks like Anna; use that as the extreme guideline.

The winner of each round picks two mugs for the next round! If you want the community to work hard toward making designs for your favorite waifu/husbando, you’ll have to get that top vote!

This competition is very casual. It’s not intended to be a hardcore demonstration of spriting prowess or anything, though that can be fun, too. The primary purpose is to create lots of cool mugs for the community to use.


Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Round Four
Round Five
Round Six
Round Seven
Round Eight
Round Nine
Round Ten
Round Eleven

Here are some designs currently listed for each character.

Character 1: Anna from ALL the Fire Emblem games! Anna was in the first round of the CCC, and now she makes a reappearance in Round 12! She has a ton of designs in the Repo due to the first round of the CCC, but we can still add even more!

Character 2: Ryoma, from Fire Emblem Fates! He has no mugs in the repo (That aren’t intended for this round of voting) so let’s make some!

Character 3: Hinoka, from Fire Emblem Fates! She has no mugs in the repo (That aren’t intended for this round of voting) so let’s make some!

For those of you who aren’t quite sure on what sorts of designs you could make, here are the characters’ wiki-pages, complete with alternate designs and artwork.

Anna’s Gallery: Anna | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom
Ryoma’s Gallery: Ryoma | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom
Hinoka’s Gallery: Hinoka | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom

Remember… really wild designs are amazing too! Let’s get some wild, extravagant, and unique character designs going! Reach into your imagination, and first place could be yours!

The deadline is the 7th of October.


im participating in the ccc for the first time yay

anyway, have a ryoma


Alright this time I came prepared, because I dont forsee much chance to work on these in the upcoming month.

FE Ryoma
I decided if I wanted to try and fit it into the hackbox I had to make his pose face towards the screen more so you could shift the volume of the hair to more behind him.
I also did in addition to his Crown Hoshidan Prince garb I did a alt in the Crown Nohrian Prince clothing (Xander’s) and just for fun because of his hair, I also did an SSJ (Super Saiyan) colouring of his hair (it wasnt quite a 1 to 1 recolour because some of the colours didnt quite fit).

+Ryoma Nohrian Alt
FE Ryoma Nohr

+Ryoma (SSJ), Ryoma Nohr (SSJ)
FE Ryoma SSJ
FE Ryoma Nohr SSJ

+Fullbody (Raijinto is sheathed)
FE Ryoma Fullbody

FE Hinoka

I also did an alt of Hinoka in Camilla’s outfit.

+Hinoka Nohrian Alt
FE Hinoka Nohr

Anna (Askr)
FE Anna Askr
FE Anna Askr Hand
After this CCC contest I think I’ll focus on using some other colours besides red. Part of the reason for doing the alts of all these submissions is because of the abundance of Red in their base designs.

+Anna (Shadow Dragon Jake Alt)
FE Anna Jake Alt

EDIT: As requested here is a compilation image
Garytop CCC 12 Submission


neco anna
no eye sparkle
no wink
neco anna hackbox no blink

compiled ver.
neco anna compiled


guess i’m just going to repost my stuff over here:

» Supreme Samurai Ryoma (default + maskless)
FE Fates - Supreme Samurai Ryoma Fenreir FE Fates - Supreme Samurai Ryoma(Maskless) Fenreir

» Princess Hinoka
FE Fates - Hinoka Fenreir

it seems we have quite the high quality sprites this time around.
keep up the good work bois~ :+1:


Even though I’ve already started my submission weeks ago I still fell behind dang it ;-;
but nonetheless, here’s my Anna fullbody which took a almost day to finish


sysly y no ppl make a maid version


For those of you submitting a bunch of sprites, please also make a single Compilation Image with all your work together. Otherwise it’s hours of effort for me to do that for all the entries. You can also make your entry look really fancy if you like, which might get you more votes :eyes:

Edit: Also just edit them into your submission posts please :stuck_out_tongue:


alright then~

FE if showcase Fenreir


We’ve got a little over a week before submissions end and voting goes up!

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I would like to submit this female Ryoma


F!Ryoma_Halfbodie - copia


So, eh
Hinoka or something.


A few more Annas because why not

Pegasus Knight Anna
Pegasus AnnaPegasus Anna8
Shaman/Manakete Anna (+hand alt)

Ghostface/Masked Anna
Suspicious Merchant Anna nomouthSuspicious Merchant Anna nomouth7
Suspicious Merchant AnnaSuspicious Merchant Anna7

Obligatory compilation image


you know, it’s always all fun and games until…


here comes Anna, the most beloved FE character in all her glory, ready to help you by defeating every enemy, monster, boss, demon, god, whatever all by herself:
Smug version | Smiling version
socio anna violent anna

i wonder wich one is creepier? well, you decide.
anyway, last minute and last submission from me, totally not because i’m held at gun point right now ahahah…ah…

[edit] i almost forgot to put everything together, here’s the updated sheet:



Ah, yes, a fellow Advance Wars enjoyer.

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Three more days to submit! The Klok is ticking, Yugi!


Tried recreating anna’s awakening sprite.
Anna sprite
well uh, one of them.
(why do they all have little bears btw?)

Edit: Now there are two
Anna sprite
Anna sprite v2


Welcome to the 12th round of CCC voting!

Round 1: 44 entries submitted by 21 contestants.
Round 2: 21 entries submitted by 13 contestants.
Round 3: 34 entries submitted by 14 contestants.
Round 4: 49 entries submitted by 15 contestants. The biggest round yet!
Round 5: 39 entries submitted by 13 contestants.
Round 6: 20 entries submitted by 9 contestants.
Round 7: 12 entries submitted by 7 contestants.
Round 8: 24 entries submitted by 10 contestants.
Round 9: 26 Entries submitted by 19 Contestants
Round 10: 24 Entries submitted by 10 Contestants
Round 11: 20 Entries submitted by 12 Contestants
Round 12: 25 Entries submitted by 10 Contestants

Today’s vote is for your favorite Anna, Ryoma, or Hinoka! Maybe even someone submitting a bunch of them! FEU polls now shrink the preview images when they definitely didn’t last year, so click/tap an image to enlarge it for a better look. I don’t have a way to fix this, unfortunately.

Pick your favorite contestants! Vote for everyone you like!

0 voters

Who will win? This poll will conclude in about three days! Let’s get to voting, folks! Pick as many as you like!


Anna sprite v2
Just about missed the poll but still wanted to do a 2nd anna sprite.
(yes this one has a little bear too)


You would’ve gotten my vote it looks so pretty.

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