CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Seven: Mia, Astram, Flavia)

Here’s a NES-styled Flavia (I don’t know how FE1/2 portraits internally work, so I based it on another NES-styled game’s system).

What about rule 8? Well, I don’t have the skill nor patience to increase the size for GBA, so have a half-lazy conversion to GBA format (increased color count and added frames).

It looks really bad on the status screen for some reason (not really familiar with GBA rom-hacking), but I doubt anyone will use it anyway.

Edit: portrait compilation: F2E.


Mostly custom Flavia portrait (some parts of louises sprite were used here and there)
Flavia sprite sheet

Sprite compilation:
Flavia sprite sheet
Lucina mia sprite sheet


Isn’t this your first submission to a CCC? Great work!

She reminds me of characters from the indie game, LISA.

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GameBoy-styled Mia, based on her FE9 portrait, with short hair because it kept blending with her cloths. I’ve actually never played a GB game with portraits, but I they’d probably be 32x32 pixels due to the low resolution.

And a conversion to GBA:


There are the Gameboy Dragon Ball Games. They Include Portraits.

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Still got a couple of weeks before voting. Anyone working on some cool mugs?


mia dressed as one of the Flavia’s solider.see the TCG art for reference


I got something in the works


Saving the best for last, Game & Watch style Astram.


This time, I didn’t bother with actual technical limitations, but rather tried to recreate the art-style (think Mr. Game & Watch) in the GBA format.

@Rawr776 - I’ve never heard of them before, but I googled it, and they have pretty incredible portraits using so few colours. Thanks for the heads up!


One more week before the deadline!

I guess I’ll just make this announcement here: This is actually the final CCC for me to run. I might do another in the future, like months down the line, but I’m looking to cut back on anything that eats up my time. If someone else wants to run the CCC in the same vein, feel free. But as far as I’m concerned, this will be the last one for the immediate future.

I don’t even have time to keep the repo’s animations updated, let alone run contests. I’m pretty much at the busiest point in my life, yet.


Maybe it’s for better - it looks like people just lost interest in them anyway.

Nah. I think the issue is that I just don’t have time to promote the CCC. I’ve barely talked about this round anywhere, because I’m busier than I’ve been in a long time.

Waning interest plays a part, but it’s waning because I’m distracted by too many responsibilities.

Well, i got done with this, I like both Mia and Nephenee and always kinda put them in the same category of fast but squishy, so i thought why not combine them and give Mia a Lance instead of a Sword. Didn’t even take anything out of existing FE characters this time apart from looking at Nephenee and Mia’s PoR Half bodies for reference. So i guess its fully custom made and not a splice? Whatever it is, its obviously F2U/F2E.


I swear i don’t like armpits, just didn’t know what/couldn’t be bothered to make a good looking minimug, so Armpit memes it is.

I think it could definitely use some polish, but i still like the result. Should be insertable into GBA just fine, although the outline may look weird in comparison with other portraits.


You guys like Mia? Well here’s two of them!
Mia (Wasdye) Orie Mia (Wasdye)
First one, kind of obvious, Mia’s FE9 design
Second one is actually based off of

This character

from Under Night In-Birth


Astram CCC Kopie

Sad to hear this is the last CCC from you, Klok. I really like the idea. Maybe someone else will continue? Now I wish I had submitted more but atm I spent my time with lots of other things.

I wanted to do an Astram. I might polish it more in the future but for now this is all I managed to do in this time. Especially those damn eyes. The OG plan was to use Percevals Eyes but that didn’t work. I think I need to completly redo the eyes in order to make it look good. The edit is mostly a Franz with the spikes from Dozlas Potrait added in and the colour palette of Kyles Armor.


Lucina and Mia outfit swap based on them being harmonized heroes in well… heroes.
Lucina mia sprite sheet
Edit: Now with eye and mouth frames.


Great submission, Cathreen. Love it!

One more day before voting. I’ll post the poll in 24 hours :slight_smile:

The last CCC…


I accidentally missed Donlot’s sprite, so I deleted and reposted the poll. Whoops.

Not quite 24 hours, but hey, I doubt anyone has another sprite to submit.

Let’s begin!

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Only 6 contestants this time, but honestly, some really good sprites in general. I see a tough battle for first place!

Voters get 1-2 choices. Pick your favorites and pray! This contest will end in 72 hours, on the 23rd!

PEACE! Let this finale be a nail-biter!


Well, guys, that concludes the CCC Round 7.

Our winner is @Wasdye for the second round in a row! With an excellent Astram and a couple of cute Mia’s, Wasdye takes the lead!

I loved Wasdye’s 1-2 combo, though my number one favorite sprite was easily @Cathreen’s Flavia. What a fantastic rendition of the character, and Cathreen seemingly popped out of nowhere!

Redbean’s Mia came in third, and I liked her too! Everyone else did great, and I feel this was a good way to end the CCC’s run.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: This is the final CCC… for now. I don’t have time to properly run it, but I’ll probably bring it back in several months, possibly next year. I have too much on my plate and I’ve been scaling back to focus on the more important projects in my life, all of which involve my writing.

IF anyone wishes to pick up the CCC and run it in my absence, feel free! These sprites are all here for the community anyway, and my eventual inclusion in Super Lex Talionis, the Repo, and other similar projects. If you want to run the contest, you have my blessing.

For now… I plan to take plenty of time off from my usual work here. I’ve got shit to do, my dudes.

But I’ll be back eventually… don’t you think for a second I won’t…


Good luck with your projects, Klok.