Zoramine's Bucket Of Many Random Things


I guess if everyone else has one of these, I should put one here too.

I’ll start off my bucket of stuff with a collection of all of my animation gifs for my mapping projects that can be found by clicking here. Wan told me that it’d be helpful to create animation gifs for all of the maps that I create, and so I agreed. However, you can’t find the download link here, its in the one earlier in this paragraph.


Then the few portraits I’ve made (request before using if at all, most likely will turn it down)

A man named Dave. Based off a Twitch streamer that I loved watching when he did mostly Smash content. Was originally just a dark-skinned Garcia recolor that I made before I could properly rip sprites, so I had to manually piece together the sprite by hand! Was a nightmare, better times though.
Generic villager given my favorite jacket and a hoodie. Used as an OC for quite a bit.
OC with hoodie up. I like hoodies.
Linne sprite ripped directly from (if memory serves) Dustloop and then tinkered with to fit the 16 palette limit. I still find it amusing, even if it’s definitely artstyle-breaking.

Here’s some battle animations (all available via Emblem Anims.)

Hawkzerker but with

Female mermaid, easily one of the works I’m happiest with for just how funny it is.


Adventurer animation (Male and female animations included, with Bows and Staves, listed under Rogue.)

Kitsune animation.

Nobunaga Animation was also helped out by Wan.
Here are some links to other things I’ve done.
Revamped Castle Tileset.
Revamped Fields Tileset.


Im a fan of your sewer map and the uphill castle map, they look neat!


Ancient Sewer-style map with flooding built in. You’d get a warning as the characters hear a rumbling a distance off, 2 turns later it’d flood to max, 1 turn after that it’d be at half flooding as it trains through the rocks, and then 2 turns after that it’d be at 0 again.




And, for those who love my animation gifs:


很厉害,pretty good


really neat concept! Only thing is that i wonder what would happen to the units who got submerged by the water? :thinking:

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I’m sure that they won’t be able to move until the water goes away, unless they are flying units

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Same thing that happens in that FE7 chapter, they’re just stuck and useless unless a flier comes and saves them. Would definitely recommend giving ample warning on water level changes in maps like this (or better yet, making it manual.)


Awesome stuff, the gifs in particular are a lot more fun to watch than expected.

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Realized that was literally what I said earlier, so lemme re-edit this.

Basically what Pik said, or since its Water tiles and not Sea tiles they could probably have very restricted movement if infantry and completely stopped movement if armored or horseback.

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A very nice Arena map from my updated Stronghold tileset which this totally isn’t a shill for. You can find it by those words which are a different color.
Plus, animation gif!
Unfortunately, about half of the stills during this map’s creation got deleted through annoying means so I cant share all of the map’s development.


Castle of the Water Queen, a flooding map that utilizes time-based triggers to close off paths for a turn.

A Merchant village where my main goal was to use the fun fence wall tiles along with having an Inn very close to sea. More like a Tavern for a D&D campaign.

‘This Was A Bad Idea’, a water map which required several triggers to raise the water, trapping units on either side of the map as they progressed upwards. No Fliers Allowed!


And a ‘flashback’ style palette for Fields, which lacks one. Mountains are a bit rosy.


I see a lot of your progress in spritans. It really is amazing and I can’t wait to see more!

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Thank you very much.

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That “DnD campaign” map reminded me how useful fe maps are in making a makeshift dnd campaign map. Already said how i like your water maps so yeah, keep it up!

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