Updated Village Tileset

For a quick way back into my main thread, for those either curious on what else I’ve done or who just want to hop to my main page, here’s a backwards link to my main ‘Bucket’ which features all of the other stuff I do, including tilesets, battle animations, portraits, and occasionally stupid things like recreating all of Thracia!

Big thanks once again to Venno for helping out with this!

Updated Village is super simplistic but it never actually needed anything more than this. The original forests have been replaced with standard Fields ones, stairs have been added that are wider and vertical, the missing ship parts have been re-added and more house combinations, such as buildings on wood or inns next to walls, are possible. The tileset’s opened a lot more to creativity thanks to these adjustments.

Not much more needs to be said, although I can also recommend checking my Fields thread to see the Fields Village, and see if having mountains, rivers and better trees is worth sacrificing the ship parts.

For sake of recordkeeping, here’s the older version of this header.

EXTREMELY old introduction

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Adds two different styles of stairs, puts in the waterfall, adds the metallic fence tiles, a few variations of house-armory and house-forests in the top right, and then I updated all of the forests to make them a lot less awful and more easy to understand and work with (they’re the same type as the Fields tileset, which theres a few guides on I’m sure of it.) Also, it enables certain palettes to work better with the

Also, if you want the autumnal palette (based on Nickt’s Fields tileset), the Thracia-inspired palette, or a few others, in my Bucket of Many Random Things™ in a bit I’ll be posting all of the palettes that I’ve used for my current and past projects, mapping or game-wise. Yahoo.

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I’ve made some changes to this tileset, mainly to add FE7’s ship tiles like the curtained doors, railings and a couple other doodads. To fit everything in I used up practically all the free space outside of the animated zone and sacrificed a few redundant large brick tiles; there’s still lots of unused space in the animated zone for rivers or other animated tiles. I also added tiles for an Inn on planks and some sandy shore tiles.

DL Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbpq2h7019zsa8o/Updated%20Village%20v2.zip?dl=0

Updated 07/05/2020 to add a few sand/grass transition tiles, a fence/water transition, a centered deck hatch, and a couple other miscellaneous tiles.


hmm i wasn’t aware there was a loose floorboard tile. is it used in the gba games or is it custom?

If you mean the wall tiles near the fences, those were in the FE7 tileset; they were used as walls underneath railings. Just about everything new here is formed by combining the smaller 8x8 tiles in new ways.

I also updated the tileset to make the railings more flexible (and to fix some alignment/lightning errors - directed lighting and horizontal flips don’t mix!)


Hey y’all, it’s me, XxEpicGamer69420xX, back at it again with another MVM live commentary

It’s really a testament to how versatile this tileset is where it’s now one of my oldest tilesets that I haven’t ever needed to touch. However, with a recent request and my ability to create things having skyrocketed, I quickly added a few patches I’ve been running with and s i d e w a y s s t a i r s.

That’s pretty much the only addition I needed this time, although I added a few more transitions for certain things like the tavern and being able to put the Vendor/Armory on wooden planks.

I also included 2 alternate colors, a truer green instead of aquamarine grass + darker blue water and the FE7 Village, which lets you utilize the grassy cliffs. Lattermost one may require some darkening of colors, however, so be warned.

Also, all previous palettes should still work with this, as no colors were shifted around in the creation process.