Updated Village Tileset


…I’ve done this a few too many times at this point. I’ve honestly run out of funny jokes so please tell me some more on Discord…

Adds two different styles of stairs, puts in the waterfall, adds the metallic fence tiles, a few variations of house-armory and house-forests in the top right, and then I updated all of the forests to make them a lot less awful and more easy to understand and work with (they’re the same type as the Fields tileset, which theres a few guides on I’m sure of it.) Also, it enables certain palettes to work better with the

Also, if you want the autumnal palette (based on Nickt’s Fields tileset), the Thracia-inspired palette, or a few others, in my Bucket of Many Random Things™ in a bit I’ll be posting all of the palettes that I’ve used for my current and past projects, mapping or game-wise. Yahoo.

EDIT: I forgot to link it lmfao

Zoramine's Bucket Of Many Random Things