Updated Cave Tileset (From FE7)


[[EDIT: Please scroll to post 4 to get the most recent update along with the tileset animations provided by Der!]

I’m on a rolllllllllllllllllllllll

Comes with more walls for both the cliff faces and actual stone walls, several extra cliff additions (such as floor to cliff transition tiles), more stairs, a shit ton of water tiles (I think I can animate them within a week maybe?), and doors. Oh, and Chests are blue now, but you can still change them back to green.

Fog palettes are immediately functioning, even with the water.

You can also change the palette of the floors/walls back to the original, as the current colors are stealthily stolen from the Desert tileset that I posted about a week ago.

something something water belongs in caves because underground water water cave thing. i can’t make transitions. something.

Zoramine's Bucket Of Many Random Things
Zoramine's Bucket Of Many Random Things

Turns out Der had a cave tileset that I totally could have just worked off goddamnit.

I’ll be updating this with a few missing pieces that I’ve gotten from a bunch of people!


Have you done the updating yet?

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Please use this updated link! Thanks to Der for sending me their Cave tileset which has animated water and darkness tiles, and RodgeAurablader for giving me their idea to add carpet floors and the bridge tiles!


Well, fuck. Turns out updating to the new version of the tileset broke maps made in the old one, so now I had to redo part of it from scratch.

still a cool tileset though

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Please use Der’s Cave Water animations. Should that not work I’ll contact them and make sure it works.


I actually updated the tileset anims in this one. Should work now. Might tinker with it some more in the future though

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