Updated Desert Tileset (Feat. Sme)

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This tileset is outdated!

Thanks to Gamma, Venno, etc this tileset is completely irrelevant as two significantly better versions exist. However, if you want to keep to the standard GBA stuff, the download link will still remain, but only in the previous header version at the bottom of this page.

Instead, I shall promote the better versions, two alternates on Desert Bastion!

First, we have the standard Desert Bastion, but with my edits to give it wider bridges. The credits for this original, along with the edits following it, are to Gamma and Venno. There should be several Gamma posts in the main repo thread that you can follow to see if there’s an improved version since this post.

Alternatively, the Desert Village is virtually the same tileset but swapping out many miscellaneous pieces, ex. bones and the previously existing buildings, with village houses.

For purposes of recordkeeping, here’s the older version of this thread’s header.

Very old version of this page's header

Y’all liked Sme’s updated desert tileset which makes it less awful? I got just the thing for you!

Featuring sand beaches, a slightly different coloring on the several cliffs, many more walls that were lying in the object image, floor tiles that were also in the object image, sand shadows, and pillars! It’s simple, gets the job done, and didn’t take any longer than half an hour to figure out how the fuck to fit in an extra two colors, and then another hour making all of it work!

Example map of what can be done with this tileset:

Props to Sme’s original of this, since his is what I started with to keep adding to it. Can’t ever hurt to have more things, right?