Updated Stronghold Tileset


Thanks to Wan for doing the grass and pushing me a bit further with this! This, like many other things, couldn’t have been made with their help.

Unlike my ‘Revamped Tileset’ series, this is actually compatible with all previous Stronghold maps (although goodness knows nobody besides me actually likes it.)


New features include a secondary color for the roofs in the bottom left, additional brick walls (see a bit below the emblem on the rug), a tiled metal wall, several sets of doors including vertical doors that were lacking in the base tileset, sideways stairs, lots of half-stair tiles for all your half-stair needs, grass, half grass half tile tiles,and water! A majority of palettes for the original tileset still work, but will need modifications (which are included in the download link) for either grass or water.

This all makes the Stronghold tileset a lot less ass to use, making it a bit more like a mix of the Castle and Fort tilesets. I originally tried to add even more tiles but they kept fucking up so i gave up.

Although I’m ass at colors so the water probably looks bum to everyone else sorry for the water palette.

And you want it? It’s yours, my friend, as long as you have enough Rupies.

edit: will I animate this? Maybe! I kinda suck at that type of thing! If anyone else feels like taking up that torch, fine by me.

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i can try to mess with the water, but I dig this