Updated Stronghold Tileset

For a quick way back into my main thread, for those either curious on what else I’ve done or who just want to hop to my main page, here’s a backwards link to my main ‘Bucket’ which features all of the other stuff I do, including tilesets, battle animations, portraits, and occasionally stupid things like recreating all of Thracia!

Thanks to the intervention of N426, this version of the ultimate Stronghold tileset is… amazing! There’s straight up very little to compare between it and the original.

Of note, the flames will not flicker, as the tileset animations are for water only.

As for credits:

  • Wan was the original pitch for the concept of adding grass to this tileset.
  • Flasuban was the help for the original updated version of the tileset, followed up by…
  • This tileset ain’t really mine anymore thanks to how much N426 edited it! It’s… actually intimidating, honestly.

For the tileset animations, Flasuban made updated ones for Thracia-based tilesets, and it should work here just fine. Please contact me if is not so!

Here’s a convenient storage into a look at the past - previous versions of this intro!

Very old version of this header page

Thanks to Wan for doing the grass and pushing me a bit further with this! This, like many other things, couldn’t have been made with their help.

Unlike my ‘Revamped Tileset’ series, this is actually compatible with all previous Stronghold maps (although goodness knows nobody besides me actually likes it.)


New features include a secondary color for the roofs in the bottom left, additional brick walls (see a bit below the emblem on the rug), a tiled metal wall, several sets of doors including vertical doors that were lacking in the base tileset, sideways stairs, lots of half-stair tiles for all your half-stair needs, grass, half grass half tile tiles,and water! A majority of palettes for the original tileset still work, but will need modifications (which are included in the download link) for either grass or water.

This all makes the Stronghold tileset a lot less ass to use, making it a bit more like a mix of the Castle and Fort tilesets. I originally tried to add even more tiles but they kept fucking up so i gave up.

Although I’m ass at colors so the water probably looks bum to everyone else sorry for the water palette.

And you want it? It’s yours, my friend, as long as you have enough Rupies.

edit: will I animate this? Maybe! I kinda suck at that type of thing! If anyone else feels like taking up that torch, fine by me.


i can try to mess with the water, but I dig this


Well I originally just wanted to add some wooden floor tiles to this, but ended up adding a bit more…

Now featuring tiles to make a stereotypical treasure room covered in gold coins, the much needed horizontally opposed broken walls, a handful of missing shaded floor tiles, a couple more tiles with water, a few missing wall pieces, more stair/pillar variants, and a couple new floor tiles to boot.

True to fashion, tilesets with both the green and blue palettes for the grass/water. I also fixed the fog palettes which were a bit broken.

Here are the green/blue palettes in string form for easy switching

normal: B34A714B524A95460F43AD311036CD296B250A21B43A8C320B36556F396FE74D
fog: 6921CC2969292B2D081E06252A1DE410820D420CCD216821662DAC4510462001

normal: B34A9366524A95465166AD311036CD296B250A21B43AAE59483D556F396FE74D
fog: 6939CC4169292B2DA83506252A1DE410820D420C6D3908390645AC451046E024

There’s a bit more space in the object file to add more things after a little consolidation, which I may end up doing eventually. Especially if your castle needs more than just a single room for your treasure… May also try to add some more features from the village tileset that weren’t quite as easy to add as the wooden floors without some extensive palette tweaking.

And here’s a fun little map I just may be adding to my project with some of these new features.

Updated Stronghold Map


With Flasuban’s permission, I’m actually getting this setup soon-ish to y’all.


So look forward to that!


fuckingd cdsqyvdgbuyivfdyuiabinvfsdayvcbxosn vcoanvocsdbqan8v cfbfdsv fdgtrfd7bfevbfyiyufifabvby fhdnybhfubmgfuobnvjbvcnxbnvclxbnlkvcxbnklcv

this was not fun, the little i continued to add made me get a headache worse than ive already had

EITHER WAY, Welcome to the new and updated Stronghold tileset for hopefully the last time until Flasu gets another idea! Featuring pretty much everything you could want. It’s got tons of outdoor and indoor assets and (using Flasu’s Fields’ animations) is ACTUALLY ANIMATED. I’m a huge fan of the blackened walls and the similar torches on the wall combined with the giant ass bonfires.

In other words, I didn’t do most of the heavy lifting this time, that was done by Flasuban and N426 (thanks especially to Flasuban for starting work on a TON of this and being my middleman when trying to ask N426 one or two things late into this).

Specific things I’ve added, though, include 3 sets of GBA trees right above the bronze large door (2 Forests, 1 Thicket) so you don’t HAVE to use the SNES ones. I’d have added more, but not only is there not really enough room, I hate doing trees. It took a solid hour to make them look decent due to palette issues. I also made sure that certain palette shits were fine.

Subject to change within a month or so, after that don’t expect me to touch this anymore because i still have nightmares of the base tileset lmao

Either way, enjoy thing while I go make myself busy working on other bad tileset like FE6 Village and attempting to still find my flashdrive.

still reading? then enjoy something else i guess, a progression of this tileset i suppose.


Hey @ZoramineFae, I heard you like GBA forests…

Presenting the now hopefully final iteration of the updated stronghold tileset. Now featuring 6.66 times the number of previous forest variants, and the return of the treasure room/golden floor- which pretty much kicked off the development of this new update. Animations to be added eventually.

And to celebrate the (doubtful) completion of this Zoramine/N426/Flasuban (mostly Flasu) tileset, here’s a quick and dirty map I made that doesn’t come close to doing it justice.

Elincia's Gambit 2

Have at it folks.


elincias gambit is indeed a kickass chapter

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Been a while with this one, huh? Here’s another update, with the animations this time.

I added a bit more at the expense of some of the redundancy, so this update shouldn’t necessarily ruin existing maps, but just require a bit of updating for them. For starters, I removed the second palette tiles of water, roofs, dragon murals, and probably some other things that I can’t remember. When I say second palette, I mean you can revert the existing tiles just by changing which palette they’re assigned to since the color ramp is identical for a few. In their place I added: sand, sandy paths, sand/sea tiles, sandy cliffs, railings, carpeted stairs, and my bouncy flowers you may have seen in Sacred Echoes, and probably some other little things I’m forgetting. But more importantly, animations are in the download folder finally.

There’s still a surprising amount of free space in the map config/meta tile/object image/whatever you wanna call it for future updates, that I may come back to in the later. Or you can too of course. Maybe one day I could even organize it…




"Lava Cave":

This swaps the lava and water, if you want perhaps want an alternative to the existing lava cave tileset. This also has the treasure room floor recolored to imitate a pool of lava on the ground (albeit those aren’t animated), as seen in my “To the End of a Dream” demake in my other thread. Plus changes the torches to spooky blue torches. Be mindful that you’ll need to change the terrain data between the lava and water from the config I’m providing. It would probably also be a good idea to really slow down the animation speed to slightly better simulate lava flowing.

Sample Maps

Duma Temple from Echoes
Duma Temple gif - Berkut Rinea

The Lair of Fire from Shadow Dragon
The Lair of Fire

Some other map:


I’m definitely using this for my lava maps instead of the atrocious volcano tileset.

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