Revamped Fields Tileset

For a quick way back into my main thread, for those either curious on what else I’ve done or who just want to hop to my main page, here’s a backwards link to my main ‘Bucket’ which features all of the other stuff I do, including tilesets, battle animations, portraits, and occasionally stupid things like recreating all of Thracia!

Hello, welcome to FEU if you’re new folk. This is my Updated Fields - a still work-in-progress but basically complete update to the standard Fields, originally created way back in the early stages of March, 2019, the scope of which has far gone beyond normal tilesets.

Thanks to interventions from a bunch of contributors, this tileset has nearly everything that the basic Fields would be cool if it had, such as tall cliffs, fences, pine trees, wide bridges, more peak variations and a helluva lot more!

Credits for this are as follows.

  • Vennobennu fixed a bunch of early issues and was/is a consistent contributor across multiple tilesets.
  • Flasuban, who contributed many of the changes in a quality shift, along with being the current ‘creator’ of the tileset animation currently in use, found below. His FE4/5 tilesets were a driving inspiration in many changes, such as the normal/sand tall cliffs.
  • WAve, who was the original source for w i d e bridges.
  • Wan/Wasspix for pitching ideas during development of the Thracia project!

In addition, a Fields Village, a conjunction of Village and Fields featuring mostly the same tiles but with added Port capabilities, large houses, a Mansion with a seizable gate straight out of Thracia 776, and sandy mountains is possible! Im the sole contributor for this segment, although cheers to Peer for constantly telling me that the mansion looked too dark.

For tileset animation, Flasuban contributed a redux of the standard water flow, as he broke it in the first place with his Thracia water.

Here’s a convenient storage into a look at the past - previous versions of this intro!

Previous version of the intro

oh hey it me

This page has LONG been overdue for a header change, and like my main thread it deserves a full revision.

Hi! I’m Zoramine. This was one of my first tilesets and one of my worst when I’d first made it, and thanks to contributions from Flasuban, Vennobennu, things ripped from one of SME’s desert tilesets (aka the rock), and so on.

Originally, this tileset was a long effort to reorganize, and now it’s this giant all-encompassing tileset with pretty much fuckin everything. Brilliant.

Thanks to fixing all the tileset animation errors, I now have this basically complete!
Here’s the current version. Tileset animations are right below.

Very old version of the header page

Praise be to Neil Ciceraga’s endless supply of music that i suffer to.

Today I’m happy to drop my totally not delayed an incredibly long time, over 10 hour project to make the Fields tileset less of a piece of shit to work with. The Revamped Fields Tileset!

You might recognize my Revamped Castle Tileset and figure that this is the same concept, and you’d be right! Featuring a better organization, lots of extra beach tiles, several more mountain tiles (whether or not you use them), beach rivers, and even a sand rock! Yes, that’s a rock over by all the weird plains parts that nobody ever uses. You’ll understand soon.

The biggest goal behind this was to get a certain someone to stop bothering me about ‘all of my straight beaches’ when theres onLY SO MANY BEACH TILES IN THE BASE GAME. Also because I like organizing and doing long tedious tasks. Aspergers is beautiful.

Most of the blue tiles remain whatever they were before I turned them all into blue tiles, so you’ll just need to note that should you change any of them later.

Several tiles that I deemed unnecessary or believed/knew to be repeats were also omitted, but if you pester me, I’ll add it in if there’s room. Or you can change it yourself, either’s fine by me.

If you intend to use the beach rock, I recommend using FE8’s base Fields 2 palette:

I also recommend using it because green grass looks far better than bluegrass. heh.

You want to download? Well, you can download it Right here if you want it! It comes with both the tileset and the object image to add the Rock in, since that’s normal.

Credit goes to Wan for being there to be booped every 5 minutes I need mental help, DerTheVaporeon’s Cave tileset for the rock, and Sme for actually responding to my request for help.


Is it worth switching to this version of the tileset, if it means redoing my existing Fields maps?

Probably not. It’s best (and made) with the intention of starting a hack with this, same with my Castle tileset. However, it does make maps nicer looking!

I don’t know why you thought this was even necessary, the original was organized…
but whatever, if it helps you or anyone else, it’s still a win

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ya get used to it but honestly the original is a bit counter intuitively placed in its organization, and this one is a lot cleaner in that regard and has a few custom tiles from the looks of it so A+

There’s extra tiles added, I hate the base game’s ‘’’’’’’’’‘organization’’’’’’’’’’, and because I can.

I mean, why do people port music that is basically non-insertable into a proper game?

Yeah I hate the organization of most tiles. The fields especially the Mountains help alot. Because it’s hard for me to determine what mountain part goes with what and what is similar to each other. But this is great


way to go off track
i literally said

I’ve since updated this with several missing pieces (several peak variations, most of the River tiles, some of the roads & then added a few extra peak/beach tiles).

Here’s the new download link for those that care.

A return link to my bucket of random things.


Oh my God, it’s so wonderful on the eyes.
That being said, I wonder if there would be a way to use these as a reference instead of starting maps from scratch using them.
Perhaps @7743 could implement a system in FEB where the Map Editor displays the tileset you made but knows to actually place the tiles according to its original tileset? That would have to involve a lot of work, though, as you’d have to number every tile on the new one and correspond where it goes on the original.

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This looks really great so far!
Would it be possible to add the bridge (seen in chapter 13) and the gate (seen in chapter 5) from FE6 to this?

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It is theoretically possible to create a correspondence table for all tiles.
However, it is not realistic.
Perhaps it is faster to rearrange them by hand.

If you output in a format such as tmx format, it will be output as text data.
If you make a program that arranges and cures this text data according to the conversion table, it will be possible.
assembling it will require tremendous effort.
I think it’s faster to reorder existing maps manually than to make it.


Technically yes, but there’s extremely limited room in the object image of the fields tileset as is. I can see what I can do, but I have 0 promises on this front.

Actually, the bridge might honestly take up too much room. The gate though… I can definitely find a way to fit that in.

Don’t forget the water tiles need to be where they were supposed to be at, or else their animation gets really funny, since the tile animations are fixed to some tiles.

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I found some terrain errors in this tileset - peaks classed as rivers, plains classed as peaks, various water tiles with no terrain type, etc. I also found it awkward how the shore tiles are just “Water” terrain, so I made separate copies for Lake and Sea terrain and fixed all the terrain errors I could find.


Thank you for the contribution to this (long dead) thread. I’ll credit you in the pain post and put a link to this. I do wish there was a ‘Shore’ tile or a ‘Beach’ tile so that I wouldn’t have to list it under Water, but I felt that Water got the job done as a transition better than just ‘River’ or ‘Lake’ when that isnt always applicable.

It’s a matter of taste for me - I find it weird if a single body of water is both Water and Lake.

Also updated the tileset (same download link). I added some more sandy trail tiles from the vanilla tileset that were missing in the revamped one. Almost all of them are in now, which is good since there’s no more room to put them without spilling over into other areas. One of the fallen snag tiles was still listed as a Peak so I fixed that too. The tileset looks like this now:

You can see how the plains section is full up now (plus a stray one at the end of the roads).


Another update from noticing stuff as I draw maps.


-Fixed a temple corner tile using castle tiles; ported over missing closed temple door from vanilla Fields
-Ported some peak tiles, including bottom corners, peaks-with-plains background and a few inner peaks
-Added north-,west- and east-facing river dead end tiles
-Ported some broken road tiles
-Added alternate grey castle top tiles from unused OBJ data

Starting to get crowded now. Link is the same as before.


The third ‘generation’ of the Updated Fields Tileset is here, props to Vennobennu and Flasuban for assistance in making this update possible!

Major features include trees that can clash together nicely (SNES trees, pine and standard), hill tiles (best shown in the map at the bottom of this post), fixed diagonal rivers, improved texturing on the peaks (an extra shade is used on the side) and quite a bit more that I’m a bit too tired to showcase due to so many fuckin projects college is a thing sometimes.

Within a few days due to my current setup not having certain tiles (I’m a genius and misplaced my flashdrive with all my files), I’ll have everything looking fine along with 4 additional palettes (Autumnal, Wintry without being snow covered, aquamarine grass ala Fields1 in FE8, and a special one that I haven’t experimented with too much.)

The original link to Vennobennu’s work will be preserved as base FE8-graphics suit some people more than me; personally I love this.

Example Map


This dumb lil’ project of mine has come so far, and it makes me extremely happy to be able to release yet //another version. Really does make me appreciate y’all.

Current updates include the removal if nearly all remaining space (If you need to add your own tiles, replace the 2/3rds of the castle in the bottom right as it’s fairly useless).

This void has been filled in with BIG BRIDGES: If you’ve ever seen an actual bridge they’re more than 1 person wide. And now, you can make them more than 1 tile wide!

Here’s them in action on a painstakingly re-created Chapter 13 of FE6 (look it up on Serenes if you need to remember). They nice.

In addition, a few grass tweaks were done (adding in the flat lines for top and bottom for where sand is most of the tile but the rim is a bit of grass).

Credit goes to WaVE for the beeg bridges since I’d have fucked them up had I made them myself.

Even MORE importantly are 4 other dazzling palettes!

All alternate palettes

This way, if you like the aquamarine grass in the normal FE8 tileset like I do, or if you’re a sadist who enjoys the purple water and stark grey mountains, you now have easier access to them since my tileset breaks standard palettes. My Autumnal palette, pictured above in that map, is included too.

It also includes a deeper Evergreen palette, which I already know most won’t like but I enjoy it. I should have made the sand a bit more shadowed on the shadowy bits but I got a bit lazy and it’s 2:37 in the morning and honestly lll update it later.


If you’re a true sadist who likes piss water well make that yourself I dont feel like doin that.