Revamped Fields Tileset


Praise be to Neil Ciceraga’s endless supply of music that i suffer to.

Today I’m happy to drop my totally not delayed an incredibly long time, over 10 hour project to make the Fields tileset less of a piece of shit to work with. The Revamped Fields Tileset!

You might recognize my Revamped Castle Tileset and figure that this is the same concept, and you’d be right! Featuring a better organization, lots of extra beach tiles, several more mountain tiles (whether or not you use them), beach rivers, and even a sand rock! Yes, that’s a rock over by all the weird plains parts that nobody ever uses. You’ll understand soon.

The biggest goal behind this was to get a certain someone to stop bothering me about ‘all of my straight beaches’ when theres onLY SO MANY BEACH TILES IN THE BASE GAME. Also because I like organizing and doing long tedious tasks. Aspergers is beautiful.

Most of the blue tiles remain whatever they were before I turned them all into blue tiles, so you’ll just need to note that should you change any of them later.

Several tiles that I deemed unnecessary or believed/knew to be repeats were also omitted, but if you pester me, I’ll add it in if there’s room. Or you can change it yourself, either’s fine by me.

If you intend to use the beach rock, I recommend using FE8’s base Fields 2 palette:

I also recommend using it because green grass looks far better than bluegrass. heh.

You want to download? Well, you can download it Right here if you want it! It comes with both the tileset and the object image to add the Rock in, since that’s normal.

Credit goes to Wan for being there to be booped every 5 minutes I need mental help, DerTheVaporeon’s Cave tileset for the rock, and Sme for actually responding to my request for help.

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Is it worth switching to this version of the tileset, if it means redoing my existing Fields maps?


Probably not. It’s best (and made) with the intention of starting a hack with this, same with my Castle tileset. However, it does make maps nicer looking!


I don’t know why you thought this was even necessary, the original was organized…
but whatever, if it helps you or anyone else, it’s still a win

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ya get used to it but honestly the original is a bit counter intuitively placed in its organization, and this one is a lot cleaner in that regard and has a few custom tiles from the looks of it so A+


There’s extra tiles added, I hate the base game’s ‘’’’’’’’’‘organization’’’’’’’’’’, and because I can.

I mean, why do people port music that is basically non-insertable into a proper game?


Yeah I hate the organization of most tiles. The fields especially the Mountains help alot. Because it’s hard for me to determine what mountain part goes with what and what is similar to each other. But this is great

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way to go off track
i literally said