Snowy Bern / Snowy Peaks Tileset

For a quick way back into my main thread, for those either curious on what else I’ve done or who just want to hop to my main page, here’s a backwards link to my main ‘Bucket’ which features all of the other stuff I do, including tilesets, battle animations, portraits, and occasionally stupid things like recreating all of Thracia!

Snow Bern, based off this post by FEAW from 2015 is one of my particular favorites of all time, thanks to a combination of snow, mountainous and temple assets along with wooden floors and tons of compatibility with wonky stuff.

Rather than my own custom link, Vennobennu’s post suffices, as he was the one that last touched the tileset and it contains a bunch of updates to the original, such as the aformentioned doors, more water and made the water function properly in animation. He even included the Shrine of Seals.

Very old version of this header

Due to having various (and i mean quite a few) errors during making it that I couldn’t resolve it’s not perfectly accurate to the source, but alas.

Original post that inspired this is from Sme on the Discord and then sourced in this post by FEAW from 2015.


As close to a faithful recreation to the source material as I could possibly get. Has a few additions which are from my personal edits on the Mountainous tileset such as peak caves, an extra house (seen next to the peak caves), a bunch of extra stairs into water tiles, and vertical doors, but also utilizes a snow covered generic house, the newer forests (EDIT: while making this I realized the trees were a bit shoddy and had to work with the whiter snow. Now they should mold better into either.)

This was also partially made for esteemed user 2WB/Wan. And because it looks fuckin COOOOOOOL.

Example map, which is a previously made map for Wan that demonstrates at least decently how the tileset works. Do note the trees were really hard to fit in easily so they look a bit funky. Just don’t shove too many in one spot like I tried doing in the bottom left and u good.


You are on fire right now!

This is dank.


I made an edit of this tileset:

Noteworthy changes include adding wooden floor tiles, the full Shrine of Seals pedestal, some alternative water tiles, including my shallow water tiles, and fixing up tile animation compatibility. Some tiles like the forests were in the animated zone and thus would be overwritten if tile animations were on, so I shifted things around to put them outside it.


e: Added some more wall tiles & variations
e again: added a pillar-in-shallows tile, wall version of mural tiles, fixed and added waterfall tiles incl. animations (will need to use separate animation entry for snowy bern, FYI), and included a buildfile installer for the tile animations