[FE8] Modular Minimug Box 2018: It's here!

The goal of the Modular Minimug Box (henceforth called the MMB because the whole thing is a mouthful) is to provide a fully modifiable window that can display information to the player without them having to view the unit’s R-menu.

Here’s an example:

GitHub repo


Pretty sure affinity uses same palette as weapon icons

I’d love to see skill icons there too

And perhaps a menu option to have a compressed version or a large version? the large version could include extra details like attack, skills, inventory etc.

What if the menu only displays the equipped item with the icon and the text? I definitely that’s more aesthetic than just the icons

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It uses [weapon icon palette+1], unfortunately.

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Conditions/StatusText as a module, and weakness icons (i.e. horse/peg/wyvern/armor) ?

Skill icons would be great.

Icon of the type of enemy AI (whether it is a Thief, Waiting, Not Move or Charge).

Whether there are people who can support conversation.(bool value icon)

Also, although it is an element which does not exist in FE8U, there is an extension to display the command level in status like FE5 in FE8J.
It might be good to be able to display whether it is a commander or not.


The wanbox but with a bit more breathing space? Mostly for the stats module to have almost all different stats.

Updated the planned features with your suggestions. Thank you all!

As for the command level/leadership stars thing, I think I’ll consider it if I get around to porting the hack to FE8J, but it isn’t a priority right now.


How about a display for Att, Def, Hit, and Avo?

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Can issue a mark if the remaining number of weapons is small?
For example, when breaking at 9 times, show “!”
Of course, it is not necessary to display in the case of items that can only be used nine times.

Sounds like a good idea. I’ve updated the main post with the suggestion and I’ve also added another example configuration.

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Ability to display the “Rating” on units on a similar way to the simplified UI of the 3ds games, and maybe do the same for any other stats, showing speed could be useful for doubling threesholds for example.

EDIT: Would it be possible to just show Attack Speed directly?

How is rating calculated?

When it comes to displaying numbers, anything easily fetched or calculated is fairly trivial to display. To get a good idea of the kinds of things that I can work with easily, check out the section of these notes marked CHARACTER AND BATTLE STRUCT.


I saw your code.
I thought that this project was not yet open.

#ifndef ItemImage
	#define ItemImage 0x85926F4

#ifndef ItemPalette
	#define ItemPalette 0x85996F4
#ifndef ItemTable
	#define ItemTable 0x8809B10

When these programs are created with pointer reference,I think setting is unnecessary.

ldr r0,ItemTable


ldr r0,=0x08016410
ldr r0,[r0]

0x08016410 is a reference to the item table called in function 080163F0 (StatBonusGetter GetItemHPBonus).
If we have re-point the item table, we need to rewrite this address.

Therefore, by referring to this address, setting is unnecessary.
It will be able to endure the re-point.

Or you could use the 080177B0 (GetROMItemStructPtr) function.

Even for the other two pointers, if you use pointer reference, we do not need to set it.
By this, the code will increase by 2 bytes, but I think that it is acceptable range.


Rating = Sum of unit’s stats.

Is the format of each module pretty similar to the Modular Stat Screens? If so, I’ve got a macro to calc/display Rating for the latter already:

[details=Rating macro] .macro draw_rating_at, tile_x, tile_y
push {r4}
mov r4, #0x0
mov r0, r8
blh MaxHPGetter
add r4, r4, r0
mov r0, r8
blh StrGetter
add r4, r4, r0
mov r0, r8
blh SklGetter
add r4, r4, r0
mov r0, r8
blh SpdGetter
add r4, r4, r0
mov r0, r8
blh LuckGetter
add r4, r4, r0
mov r0, r8
blh DefGetter
add r4, r4, r0
mov r0, r8
blh ResGetter
add r4, r4, r0
mov r0, r4
pop {r4}
mov r1, #Blue
draw_number_at \tile_x, \tile_y

When will Modular Minimug Box 2018 be released?
I want to transplant to FE8J.
However, it seems that the currently released version is the one in 2017.
When will the latest version be published?


Since this will be presented at FEE3 2018, I suppose it will be ready by mid October.
I’m sure @Zane has a more precise answer, though.

Planned release date is tomorrow, if nothing breaks.

I’ve tested the most recent version with the skills system and things have been working well. Mystic was kind enough to let me test it with REDFE, too.

That being said, I’d still like to push out some updates between now and FEE3.


Link to the github repo is up! I have no experience with github, so let me know if anything is wrong.

I’m going to get some example configurations and info on making your own modules posted soon, but hopefully this will satisfy the curious.