FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

Good to know - thanks!

And is there a recommend number of chapters that we demo for this should we choose to do an LP ourselves?

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there is someone i know with a YT…though not popular at all. I could ask hi if he could LP the projects blind if ya want. If so, he is my age and has a cracked voice, so try to ignore that.

Sep. 30? Oh, well heck, in that case I’m pretty confident I’ll have something worth showing that’s ready in time. Let’s see here…

Project Name: DSA
Platform: All GBAFE (but mostly FE7) supported out of box, but theoretically usable for literally anything.
Showing: This cryptically-named project is actually a new hacking tool. (I’m keeping the details a secret for now, sorry.) In addition to a normal release, I will prepare a tutorial for an LPer to test-drive the tools on screen-share. I’d also be happy to do an interview by text or voice (not video) if it can be arranged in time (and my internet connection cooperates).

P.S. Sorry I’ve been missing, I got accustomed to the Discord chat and forgot about actually checking the forum for I don’t even know how long. x.x


Project Name: Modular Minimug Box 2018
Platform: FE8
Showing: Some kind of tech demo featuring some minimug box configurations, including one chosen by whoever decides to record the footage of this (Shoot me a reply if you’re interested, I guess). Should be fairly quick considering it’s just a window, but it’s highly configurable.


I’m down to showcase that Zane.

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Sweet! I’ve got a thread for suggestions if there’s something specific you want to see.

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Project Name: Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest.
Platform: FE8.
Showing: Let’s Play.

Not much in the way of story yet, but it’s a gameplay focused hack that will be 14 chapters in length for the FEE3 release, 16 in you include gaidens.

I have a couple of friends that want to do a small gameplay recording, but if anyone else wishes to volunteer, you’re free to ask!


Project Name: Fire Emblem Battle Royale
Platform: FE7
Showing: LP

In short, a GBA crossover with almost all of the characters available and with a cooperative or vs mode included.

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When are we getting the LPer’s announced for what projects? I’d like to prepare a save for the LPer at C5 but I want to know whether I should prepare a Normal or Hard save. I’d prefer a hard save but I’d also like to know who’s playing it prior to that decision.

(copied from Serenes Forest)

Project Name: Sanctaea Chronicles

Platform: SRPG Studio

Showing: Let’s Play of Chap. 1-4 (preferably by Mekkah) with a little something else at the end.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the deadline for submissions has been extended, please send your patches or video footage to me no later than October 14th.


Some things never change.


Okay, then.

So how exactly do we send them? E-mail?

PMs are usually how it goes

…I feel very damned stupid now.

I will use this extra time to get DSA as good as I can get it (it will still be an ongoing project).


Where can I find a LPer? 96% of demo and really need LPer ready to make LP

There are a handful of volunteer LPers in the main post, try contacting one and seeing if they’re able to play your demo.

Once you finish off the last 4% of your demo, just send Arch a PM with your patch and he’ll sort things out for you.

Oh boy oh boy time to extort work from other people while my pc’s broken

Dumb question, but are you allowed to edit a submission you’ve already posted? I namely want to include @WhydidImakethisaccount and @MrKarkino as the creators of RR since, well, it’s not my project anymore now that my computer is broken.