Dance of Glory [Demo] [CANCELLED]

In a world in bad condition after a severe war, leading to monsters persisting and bandits abusing the land, you play as Zuiho, daughter of a town prostitute on her quest to beat the prince at chess that quickly turns into a chance for Zuiho to rescue the prince and become a hero.

Fire Emblem - WIP.emulator



Fire Emblem - WIP.emulator
Fire Emblem - WIP 2.emulator
Fire Emblem - WIP 3.emulator
Fire Emblem - WIP 4.emulator
Fire Emblem - WIP.emulator 5
Fire Emblem - WIP.emulato  6r

Current Contents:
-6 Maps
-15 Playable characters, including a dancer lord and playable monsters.
-Unbreakable iron and slim weapons
-15 Supports (Can be viewed anytime in the main menu. Please give feedback.)
-Supports that grow simply by deploying folks in the same map

My discord server

It is still early in development, but I would appreciate some of you trying it out. I would like to make it balanced and good. I will make more advertisements stuff later.

If anyone wants to help me feel free to ask! I can use basically anything and the game is still early enough in development that plans can still be shaped.

CREDITS (If I missed anything please tell me, it seems like certain patches install other patches):


Writing, Map Design, Unit Design, Ideas, Game Design: Tritra Serpifeu

People who gave pretty valueable feedback:

People who helped me when I asked questions:

Made using FEBuilder
Used patches:
Author / Source:Credits:
Monkeybard & Black Mage for most of the skill icons; Blaze for Stances skill icons
Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1 for skills
Primefusion for the test map
-Toggle New Game
Credits: 7743
Melee and Magic
-Hextator,Tequila Port:7743
Leadership skills
Convert Chapter Title to Text
Full class rell
Show Heal amount
-Author / Source:Pandan,Scraiza, ZaneAvernathy [FE8] Modular Minimug Box 2018: It's here! (MIT License)
Monsterweapon display
-Author / Source:Brendor FE8 Monster Weapon Display Fix
Casual mode
-Author / Source:HyperGammaSpaces ,7743 ,Vesly Hypergammaspaces' assorted ASM - #10 by HyperGammaSpaces
-Author / Source:circleseverywhere Native Instrument Map - #2 by Agro
-Author / Source:Alusq Native Instrument Map - #9 by Alusq
Max Weapon rank unpromoted
Prevent Freeze for Unit State Event
Sound Room fully unlocked
Damage Number Pop up
HP Bars
-Circles and Zane
HandAxs Wildcard
Gain Support At Various Ranges:
-Venno Venno's small ASM hacks and notes - #46 by Venno Transport:7743
Support Room Fully unlocked

Dancer Animations:
Vanilla animation by IS
Sword by Circleseverywhere.
Refresh (FE7) by Marlon0024.
Refresh (Fixed) by Kao.
Magic Animation by SaintRubenio.

Knight using Axes Animation: TheBlindArcher.

Ephraim sprite variants: DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211.

Lord (M) Ephraim Bow sprites: SSHX

FE Map Creator by BwdYeti

Celica Enemy Phase .s file: hypergammaspaces
Celica Map 1 .s file: Sme
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Shop .s file: Sme
Sonic and Knuckles - Flying Battery Zone .s file: pandan
Baba is You - Space MIDI: Theopold the Gamer
Earthbound - Treasure of the Rudras .s file: Pikmin1211
Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks Remix .s file: pandan
Super Metroid - Lower Brinstar .s file :MrGreen3339
Persona 3 - Aria of the Soul .s file: MysteriousDancer
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Forest Interlude .s file: pandan
Mario Party 1 - Wario Battle Canyon .s file: pandan
Miitopia - Event Battle .s file: Sme

Zuiho Portrait: Tritra Serpifeu
Amy Portrait: Relic
Artemis Portrait: An odd Dutch Introvert
Detective Ayana Portrait F2E base: Levin64, BatimaTheBat and Obsidian_Daddy
Maaz Portrait: Levin64
Delores Portrait: BatimaTheBat
??? Portrait: RandomWizard
Aharon Portrait: LaurentLacroix
Edmund Portrait: Sphealnuke
Laurel Portrait: JiroPaiPai
Anna Portrait: Wasdye
Ana Portrait: Wasdye
Ann Portrait: Lonkfromcalifornia
Melor Portrait: LaurentLacroix
Prince Von F2E base: Levin64
Nen Portrait: LaurentLacroix
Vineet Portrait: Goldblitzx
Raisa Portrait: LaurentLacroix
Ferrah Portrait: LaurentLacroix
Duncan Portrait: L95, Alexsplode

Game is cancelled now.
I will be moving some of my progress on this game to my new project, which will be taking over SilverRoy’s PME “The blazing silver.”
I will reuse some characters and maps in my progress of making the PME an unique game so you can look forward to Dance of Glory having a completion in a strange sense. Zuiho will be the Nils replacement and like super important to the story! Hooray!


The premise looks quite interesting, so I will give it a try.
Btw, would be nice to see some screenshots of the game.

Thank you.
I hope that the game will deliever on the premise, even if I may need to do some rewrites.

And yeah, I will add screenshots eventually. I will probably do so soon.


I did a quick run through on difficult

As a general criticism I would recommend cutting down on the map sizes early on. It was definitely hard to move throughout each map


I definitely liked the use of the cyclops to punish turtling. But it was definitely too close at times and really relies on whether or not Amy and the Spider can hit the enemies. I saw that the cyclops has a droppable hammer, but I see that as impossible at the moment considering Artemis and Amy were too weak to kill him reliably with limited healing. I had to “train” the cyclops to circle the map for Zuiho to seize.

Chp. 1

One problem I saw was that there was a skeleton just sitting in the void north of the map unable to move. A peg knight with an ability to steal was fun. The only problem i can think of was again, the map being too big to have Olive circle to all three chests which was a bit of a drag

Chp. 2

The shops were nice but due to only having 2500G with the red gem, it would of been impossible to buy any of the nicer equipment unless you had to sell weapons, which were also relatively low in price to reach a net gain. The never ending reinforcements was pretty easily exploited by having Amy stand in the forest to left of the village and having the archer sit on the forest to the right to bait out the mogalls. The brigand/skele archer/ spider spam on the south east and west started to become an actual problem around turn 6/7. I would recommend again, condensing the map and maybe having a few squads already on the map to not need to have the reinforcements spawning each turn.

Chp. 3

The shadow killers were definitely hard to work around with Ana and the spider. My unit’s stats were still relatively low and had some problems tanking the large amount of units that immeditely charged at you. I would recommend changing the ai, I had to ditch trying to get to the western chest and rushed the boss, which was still risky as it was.

And finally, I would recommend boosting the starting stats of later units. With the amount of enemies present and no healers it will be hard to manage what you have with the enemies all rushing at you. Even the “tanky” units were still susceptible to getting one rounded

Hope this helps, good luck on the project!


Alright, played the avaliable chapters. Overall, it was a fun experience, with some aspects to improve.


Not a bad first chapter. The units are surprisingly good, and a monster Jagen is an interesting addition. The map itself, while not bad, I think is far too big for what the objetive is. The cyclops chasing you was a nice way to make the situation more tense. Also, be careful with the houses. They can be re-visited again, so they gave you the same item each time you enter.

Chapter 1

Not bad, a little bit weird having a promoted boss at this point, specially with such a HP and stats. The new units gained are fine, but nothing too spectacular.

Chapter 2

A little bit dull for a defense chapter. The overload of bandits are not a big deal, since they can’t reach the village in time, and while the monsters that spawn at the top of the map had me busy, it wasn’t much of a challenge. A little advice: you could re-design the map with the village on the center, and different routes that arrive to it. That way, it can be a more dynamic chapter.

Chapter 3

No way! The Anna Sisters!
Now, in terms of the chapter, it was a little bit too long. The boss was also a tough one too. But nothing terrible.

Overall, it was a fun demo. The units where a little bit lacking in terms of presentation or personality, and while usable, they were rather squishy, specially in chapter 3. Also, not having a healer really hurts at that chapter. And since is just a demo, I won’t go into the writting, that while not terrible, it felt a little bit… rushed(? Like, things happens so fast and with little context to go on. But then again, is just the demo, I guess this details will be improved in new upgrades.
Anyways, keep working on. This project has potential with some reworks and improvement on the writing.


Gonna give it a try!

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Thank you for your feedback.


So to summarize:
-Smaller Maps
-Stronger starting stats.
-Less mean AI in Chp. 3
-Less exploitable AI in Chp. 2

Anything else I missed or is that it?

How would you suggest I change the economy so the player can have more money in Chp.2?


Okay, so to summarize:


-Fix Repeatable houses in Prolouge
-Give story more room to breathe
-Chp. 2 designed around village in the center.

Anything else or is that it?

And don’t worry, I plan to add supports and other things to give the characters more live.


what monsters are you planning to add if ya don’t mind me asking?

I am not fully sure.
I want to make a balanced cast with each class being unique so I will probably adjust myself to that. I may add a dark magic monster to have more than just the shaman for dark magic or something like that.

Flipping finally someone does dancer lords

Wait, am I the first to do dancer lords?
(I am not very experienced in the rom hacking scene.)

TLP did it but anakin is flavored as a motivationql speaker. he fulfills the dancer role though

got it as an idea years ago since i started hacking thinking it was cool, it might be me but i have no motivation on finishing it.

Well… that happens sometimes.
Even though I finished some big projects (like a giant deltarune fangame I worked on over a year) sometimes my projects also end up in the dust.

I actually already had an old version of this game, this being a complete remake from scratch. (Old Version was never released but I may as it is interesting in a way.)

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Pretty much.
And the house problem also affects the one that gives you the devil axe at chapter 2. You could either change it to a town or make the house items obtainable in another way.

That’s all of them!

While some of the items are nice, it feels weird to get anything at C or above level items for earlygame. I would hold back on some of them for now and maybe give gold/gems as rewards for later on

If you really want to give the player those options, you could probably set a house reward/ end event reward as gold for completing objectives. I’m sure there is also a way to give your group gold as an event as well

Sorry I confused the post. My internet have been trolling me. I’ll give this hack a chance when I can.

So i start playing and found most scary bone walker in Universe (chapter1)

Yeah gotta fix that.
I have no idea how my man flying skeleton got into the game.

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