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Hey, been wanting to try this out
I mainly do portraits, the other stuff that isnt portraits are mostly pastimes or doodles
Here’s a gallery of my works!

Commission status: Closed!
Slots: none open

Contact me via either FEU pms or on Discord: Generic Pretsel#2523



There are a TON of portraits to do, esp since nearly everyone will be voice acted. The usual portrait artist is super busy with tons of battle sprites and there’s a pile of portraits, so we need new blood.

Our portraits are 178x178 plus structured a bit differently than FE portraits.

Example set:

Basically, there’s a few key facial expressions I use to animate a believable talking animation. Plus a few others to illustrate emotion, but we mainly just use talking frames and neutral (mouth closed frames). Really, you are just changing the mouth on each frame.

Then, there’s the 3 eye frames: open, squinting, and closed to animate blinking

Already favoring @L95. @Nobody, if I could get a hold of him.

Looking to do $50-$70 per animated portrait set. Blinking and talking. There’s like 20+ portraits to do by April.

Map Sprites

Looking to for a really good animator and pixel artist to help us revamp and create new map sprites.

Trying to achieve this quality level:

The frame size is 35x48 and our style is pretty close to Suikoden.

You’d either be creating new sprites or remastering old ones. An example would be creating sprites based off this concept art of Teagan and Kenzo.

A remaster would be the sprite for the Fort Valestone Boss.

Most of these are 4-8 frames. Most cases, 4 directions (really just 3 – up, down, and left. right is just left flipped horizontally).

Paging the famed @Obsidian_Daddy and @Plant_Academy. Anyone else who makes cool battle anims, this might be up your alley.

$20-25/hr is the usual but negotiable.

Can PM me here or hit me up on Discord: Copywright#3697

moving pretty fast on the portraits, though – likely to start by next week.


I do icons, be it custom or working from source material.



Contact me via pm or Endelphia2.0#0701 to discuss business


Asset: Portraits (Illustrated / GBAFE)
Status: OPEN
Contact: via twitter (iamblz_twt), via discord (abzelcomms)



Don’t see other people really doing this in the community, so I’m going to try!

I’ve been doing writing for years, and have spent my time in the FEU community helping new writers learn the craft while also joining various group projects to practice writing under other writer’s constraints. With both group projects releasing this month, I’m opening up my writing commissions.

Asset: Romhack/fangame writing, including chapter writing and supports (see below for prices). Willing to write more specific material, such as more involved plot documents or other material I haven’t foreseen, if discussed prior (pricing pending discussion). Please note: I am not an editor; I am a writer.
Portfolio: Lady of Masks (read the incomplete script here!), Ch 17, 22, and Endgame + some of the supports (Nahiza/Hornet only) for Bells of Byelen, and Ch 6 / 12 / 15 of Embers Entwined.
Status of Commissions: Closed for now
Preferred method of contact: Message me on Discord at Xilirite#4899 (preferred) or by DMing me on FEU if that’s not possible.

Currently starting out at 2-3 cents USD per word ($20-30 USD per 1k words) for chapter writing/supports. This price covers time spent discussing the commission, researching the existing script or any other reference materials, etc – higher prices for any commissions that require an abundance of research to handle, decided on a case by case basis during preliminary discussion. If you want to keep it at 2, please provide me with as much relevant and specific information as possible before I begin. Contact me through the methods above if you need any additional info.


Hello! I am here to announce that I have commissions open!

Assets: I primary focus of Sprite stills and animations.
Portfolio: My sprite thread! (ToS/prices in thread)
Commission Status: OPEN! Will be mainly taking 2 animation commissions and an undecided number of still sprite commissions
Contacts: DM me here, Twiiter @ SageofPixels, Discord @ sage_tempestsage(preferred),or Email @ without the spaces(also preferred)


Not seeing a post for this, so I’d like to make a request on this thread. Let me know if I should go about this differently.

Looking to commission someone for a battle animation! Not looking for it to be too complicated, I just need it to do one big flashy attack. It’s basically of a werewolf. Also planning on making it public to the repo afterwards, if that matters to anyone. Please DM me if you’re interested!

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Maybe what you want already exists?

Hmmm :thinking::thinking:
Well if no one accepts my request then I could def modify this, if the creator is okay with it of course.

Thanks for this!

Heyo! I am opening up sprite commissions now as well.
I mostly do portraits and other sprites in the GBAFE style.

Full Info

Payment is to be made through my ko-fi:

You can see examples of my past work on my Twitter:

… or in my creative thread here on FEU:

You can contact me through FEU PMs or Discord at ZessDynamite#2180

Commission status: CLOSED
Slots available: 0/4


Is it possible if my way of “paying” someone would be in the form of an art trade? (Example: I make a portrait, commissioner trades any type of asset of choice).

It’ll vary by creator, so you’re better off messaging them directly.

By the way, open your DMs; because your messages were closed, I had to also post in a thread that is for listings and not discussion.

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I never respond to any sorta DM’s for…personal reasons. And I still do. Unless it’s for business. So thats why.

And by the way, thanks for the answer! Duly noted!

Edit: Thanks for the catch @Vesly!

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I take commissions for sprite animation in the vein of Fire Emblem GBA battle animations.

Here is a link to my commissions page and examples of the work that I am capable of.

Status of Commissions: 2/2. All currently filled.

Payment is done via PayPal. For more details, contact me on Discord as @sphealnuke. Former name was Sphealnuke (Juggernaut) #3801.


I’m Lily/Kappa, and I’ve been in the community for a while and decided to start writing commissions for hacks, even if I don’t have a lot of credits to my name quite yet.
When commissioning me, I ask that you give me as much information as possible on the world/characters I’m writing with when you want me to write for a story you’ve made. Otherwise, it gets extremely hard to write a satisfactory product.
All my prices (listed below) are in USD.


I do romhack scriptwriting, support writing, story outlines, and proofreading/editing of scripts. Note that the prices are determined purely by words and I wouldn’t charge any extra unless you wanted to extend the commission. I generally ask that if you commission me, have a $15 minimum.

  • Romhack/fangame scriptwriting & support writing - 5¢/word ($50/1000 words)
  • Story/Plot Outlines - 3¢/word ($30/1000 words)
  • Proofreading/Editing - 7¢/word ($70/1000 words)

I’ve worked on mostly outlines for hacks that either haven’t seen the light of day or haven’t been started, so I don’t exactly have permission to prove that I’ve worked on those, but outlines are mainly what I’ve been asked to do.
Other than that, I have a DeviantArt where I’ve posed examples of my writing.

Status of Commissions: Open

Preferred method of contact: Discord DM. Discord tag is gultykappa. I’m also in the FEU Discord. If you absolutely have to, DM me on FEU messages.


Hi, I’m opening commissions for portraits and icons!


You can contact me on discord via @cardcaph
All payments are through Paypal for the time being.

Terms and Conditions (please read)


Addendum: progress on all work will halt on Sundays. I will, however, still accept commissions on this day.

More Portrait Examples

Art Thread


Alright. I’m gonna start doing comms too.

You can contact me here on DMs or on Discord @ thealice


I’m starting to take music composition commissions! I’ve worked with FEGBA’s NIMAP for like 5 years and have expanded to non-soundfont composition as well.

I do not do transcriptions.

Commissions Status: Open



Legend Of The White Knight OST


Project Lose OST

Preferred method of contact: Discord a_reliable_chair




I do Mugs and Item icons, mugs start at 30 and and icons start at 3, both are base prices! please contact me here or Endelphia on discord if you’re interested in my work!