[FE8][Hackers Wanted] Buggophone 2!

Hullo! I’m Queen Buggo!

You may or may not have heard of me, I was in charge of Embers Entwined for a while. In case you aren’t aware, Embers is what we call a “telephone” hack. There are other well-known projects of this nature, such as Call of the Armor, Bells of Byelen, and Tales of Kotor. Each hacker in this collab format creates a chapter, then hands the ROM to the next hacker, so they can create the following chapter, and so on.

Check out the first chapter here!



Somewhere far above the clouds lie treasures untold, cities of gold, civilizations lost to time… And none of this matters to the spunky and upbeat Dahlia – the hiker, who is destined to climb the peak of a seemingly endless mountain!

Join her and her gang of social outcasts and… a talking broadsword, as they make their way through the wacky wastelands and ruins scattered by the foot of the mountain, scale the illusive First Gate, pass the Bridge of Death, and venture into uncharted territory…

If you are interested in joining, there are a few things to note:

  • The hack uses FE8U as a base.
  • Generic enemies are as strong as in the vanilla game, albeit with some alterations to growths and mage classes in particular.
  • The Skill System is used to allow for more unique and interesting unit designs, but we aim not to overuse it. No generic enemy will have a skill.
  • You must have made something playable and fully scripted in FEBuilder in the past. Please provide a link to your project, if you decide to message me on here or over on Discord (@queenbuggo)

As of today, we have enough peeps on board to go ahead! Thank you to everyone who applied for the project.

For any additional questions, leave a comment on this thread, or just ask me directly! Whichever works better ^^

Check out the first chapter here!

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We’re phoning? I can phone.

I just played through it. I like where it’s going. There’s some graphical things, but those can be fixed. I imagine you know what they are.