[FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (v3 by Pushwall - 1-Oct-22)

Actually, I figured it out! I’ve never done things like this, so I didn’t know that your game is a patch to the sacred stones lol. Found a sacred stones rom, patched it with NUPS, and then used NewSuperUltimateInjector3DS to make it a .cia which I was then able to install on my 3DS w/ FBI and boom! It works! Maybe this’ll help someone else in the future lol. Thank you for your quick response! Look forward to playing more of the game.


Thanks for explaining the process after finding the answer yourself!


Of course!!! I wanna ask @Pandan when they first began work on this! It’s really impressive & I’m excited to play & see what’s in store

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Glad you were able to figure it out. Thanks for sharing.

I started drafting notes in October 2017 and started building in January 2018. The first release of part 1 came in May 2018, with the first complete release roughly 2 years later.


@Pandan I have played a loooooot of hacks since I played this one and this is still my most favorite hack. Do you plan on doing any other projects or have you done any other projectsI don’t know about?


Thanks! Glad you had a good time.

Here’s a few others I was involved in:

Here is the VQ sequel that was canceled, but quite a bit is playable if you’re interested in getting a sense of what I was planning.

I have a few things on the backburner right now. Don’t have much time to dedicate to the hack as I did when I worked on VQ so everything takes longer. Hopefully will have another project down the road.


You can do that…?

I never noticed qwq

Thank you Iliterally just downloaded Bells as I saw it FEE3 today so knowing you’re apart of it and it’s complete makes me happier! I for sure will check out the sequel thank you so much!

@Pandan Made an account just to compliment you on the rom hack.
Real Nintendo seal of approval type work. My hesitation to play other hacks comes from disjointed stories or unpolished character sprites, so this hack blew me out of the water with how engaging the story is and official the sprites and animations are. The added gameplay elements borrowed from other games make it feel like such an upgrade of the regular GBA titles while retaining the same charm.
Definitely recommending it to anyone I know who’s a fan of the GBA games.
Looking forward to any of your other projects.


@Pandan its possible to buy the S Rank sword ik chapter 3?

no, it’s a fake S-rank weapon that is impossible to get the funds to buy, the latest update even increased the price.

But you can get one eventually?

when the game wants you to have one, you’ll get one.

Its illegal. He legally cannot do what you’re requesting.

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As stated by Gold that is illegal and against site rules however you can easily patch a rom on smartphones using online tools.
this site here allows you to patch roms on both pc and mobile, just download the patch and apply it to a US FE8 rom and you’re all set.


But there are such roms on this site as Juistice&Pride and The Four Kings, well, if this cannot be done, please tell me how to patch the rom from a smartphone.

Those are…UPS patches though.

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there are no roms on this site. Only patches are here and if there are roms they must be taken down. I edited my comment above with a website that can help you.

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@Germes I use Unipatcher for mobile, which can be downloaded from the app store if that helps.


Asking for roms is strictly forbidden. Distribution of roms is illegal.

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