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Hey folks, I figured I should put things I make in my own thread, possibly for organizational things, such as ASM/Eventing things and other aesthetic endeavors. But for now, I figured I should open with this.

DSFE style avoid, FE8 edition

First off, huge thanks to Sme for helping me out with making this work.

In vanilla FE8, Avoid is calculated by 2(AS[Attack Speed])+Luck. By default, Eirika with a Rapier has 9 AS and 5 luck. So if you input the numbers into the equation, you get 2(9)+5=18+5=23. As you can see, Eirika has 23 avoid.
In the DSFE games, the formula is only a measly AS + (Luck/2(rounded down)), which makes dodgetanking in those games largely unreliable, if not impossible. Because FE8 has an exponent function for calculating speed’s contribution to avoid, and the base value is 2, I can set the exponent’s value to 0 so the game reads that as 2^0=1, meaning that the raw AS value is used instead of its inflated value. Now, with the new formula, Eirika’s avoid is now 9+(5/2, rounded down)=9+2=11

How to: Kill Dodgetanking, Ephraim Style

Here’s the link to the event file. Just use EA to put the code into the ROM and everything should be fine and dandy. Just make sure that the .dmp is in the same place as the event file.

DSFE style avoid, FE7 edition
Landing the Final Blow with a Specific Item Check
Increasing EXP gained from fully healing a unit
DSFE style avoid, FE5 edition


Male Swordmaster Alt
Dragon Fang Proc Animation
DS Style Myrmidon Still
Seperate Monk and Priest Class Cards
Clean Shaven Moulder
Clean Shaven Beta Moulder
Gaiden Dread Fighter
Bald Moulder
FE6 Mugs without Facial Hair/Hair Thingies
FE7 Mugs without Facial Hair/Hair Thingies - Part 1
FE7 Mugs without Facial Hair/Hair Thingies - Part 2
Hawk Animation
The Fighter with a Staff
Joshua’s hat and Baldshua
Ewan all grown up


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Red/Blue/DX - Defy the Legends
Plants vs Zombies: Brainiac Maniac
FE12 - Timeless Bonds
11 Songs
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers - Don’t Ever Forget
Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen - Battle! Vs Champion
Pokémon Emerald - Battle! Vs Frontier Brain

As an FYI, everything here is F2U/F2E unless I say otherwise.


I just wanted to let y’all know that I was able to make actual DSFE avoid so I replaced the old link with the new one, thanks to Sme’s help. For reference, DSFE’s avoid is


Nice! I’ve always hated how broken Avoid is in the GBAFE games. Thank you for making this patch :smiley:


this patch is very very useful. Thanks!

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Is there anyway you can provide the source ASM for this?


Do you mean like the actual coding? Or how I edited the routine?

I guess either would work. If you didn’t create separate code to make it, that’s fine.

Also, I think there is a typo in the event file and the closing parenthesis is missing for when the .dmp file is loaded.

All I did was take the formula used in the game, and edited out the part where speed is multiplied by 2 and I put in a part which divided luck by 2.

Also, I tried out the event just now and it works just fine.

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Male Swordmaster Alt
I was never a fan of why the male swordmaster had such long hair, then again, I always liked having shorter hair. Even so, I did like the robes that vanilla had and I felt like making a short hair version. The end result is this animation that sees the swordmaster get a haircut.
Here’s the link to the animation package, it should have all the assets relevant to what you need.


Dragon Fang Proc Animation <- that’s the Darunia

So I noticed a proc skill doesn’t have a proc animation, figured I’d fix that.


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Tesm Red/Blue/DX - Defy the Legends.
This sentence is the Rayquaza.

I figured about doing it but was only really motivated to do it because of RTDX’s remake being released. Video if you want to hear it for yourself.


Hey guys, I had this super cool ASM I wanted to get ready in time for tommorow but I don’t think I’ll have the time for it, but I’ll leave you this clip and here’s hoping this month is better than the last few.


Ah neat I’ve been seeing your progress on that in the spell academy channel, nice to see it’s functional. Could have some cool applications for my own hack.


DS Style Myrmidon Still
I was trying to make an animation for it but I got very demotivated or something. If anyone wants to do whatever with it, here you go.


DSFE Avoid in FE7
Remember the time when I made the ASM for DSFE Avoid in FE8? Well here’s the variation for FE7!
With Vanilla avoid calculations ((2*AS)+Luck), Eliwood’s avoid is 2(7)+7=14+7=21.

Because I made a AS+Luck Variation last time, I made one again. Here, Eliwood’s avoid is now 7+7=14.
Speed Luck

Now, onto the hot tamale, or however you call it, for DSFE Style avoid, it’s calculated as AS+(Luck/2), rounded down. In this example, Eliwood’s avoid is now 7+(7/2)=7+3.5=10.5, which rounds to 10.
DSFE Avoid

How to: Kill Dodgetanking, Eliwood Style

Here’s the Vah Medoh

Just remember to apply the event files through EA


Seperate Monk and Priest Cards

Have you hated that monks and priests use the same class card? It’s true, and I have come to fix it. These guys are F2U, just so y’all know.




Well it’s been a while since I contributed anything, so here’s some nostalgiabait for those that liked a botanical solution to zombies. [Yuga is in video description]


FE12 - Timeless Bonds

Here’s a thing I made not too long ago. Use it for some lovebirds or something.

Y’all know how Moulder has a mustache, right?
Well not anymore!


cursed image.